Monday, April 28, 2014

Just Call Me "Bored, Anonymous and Pathetic"

I didn't really care that BS lashed out at bloggers, it seemed like sort of an ordinary thing for her to do. Just another taping of "The Palin Reality Show". And some of the criticism is fair. She is right about the fact that bloggers are not usually regular journalists. And the Trig rumor is a bit of a yawn. There are too many factual ways to bring Sarah to a halt without wasting time on suspicions that apparently cannot be proven.

Funny though, Bad Sarah attacks bloggers because they are really more powerful than print journalists in certain ways - they are usually not muzzled by an employer or organization, and they reach everybody right away. They can be opinion shapers. Also they can be effective propagandists, along the lines of speechwriters.

Speechwriters are in every politician's arsenal - a tool used to sway the masses. BS doesn't like it when the masses fire back at her with speeches as well.

This does not go along with Bad Sarah's vision of how the media should be - a politely muzzled group of orderly people who go to church regularly and vote mostly Republican. In this vision, I doubt if any of the media smoke, either.

But these days, "the people" are becoming the media. Despite her glasses, the lines are blurred, and Bad Sarah doesn't realize that she is actually lashing out at thousands of individuals who
speak up out of frustration and outrage. When their opinions coalesce it can be powerful because it means that tens of thousands of other people probably feel the same way, day in and day out, and just don't bother to write it down. Bloggers are just - people.

And where does it end, BS? Do you despise and insult commentors too? After all, they are the blogger's direct and often loyal aud

Memo to BS: Bloggers and commenters are also voters.

(Click on "Just Call Me..." above to see a story about how effective kids in their pajamas - um I mean bloggers - can be.)


CaribGirl said...

She has been effective in muzzling the articles on ADN and most of the blogging activity that used to take place there has died off.

Helen said...

All ADNers are most welcome here.

OhCrapIHaveACrushOnSarahPalin said...

Lol your site is hilarious. Linking, immediately.

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ryan said...
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