Saturday, February 6, 2010

NPN Palin Resources and Links

I have a very good friend who has a very good phrase that has granted me much peace in various situations over the years.  He says, "People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime."  For me, blogging about Palin has been the occupation of a season, and thankfully, not a lifetime. 

Although Palin is still an active celebrity politico, in my heart I do not believe that the Bitter Quitter with the mealy-mouth charisma will ever again actually capture public office.

Nevertheless, interest regarding Palin's bizarre and operatic dance in the American political theater remains strong, and even this inactive blog receives hundreds of hits a month. I do receive your emails and questions and am aware that the archive system on blogspot is awkward at best.  So if you have landed here out of curiosity, or while surfing or searching, or just want to know about Palin stories of 2009, I'd like to make the research, links and essays of NailinPalinNow easy for you to use and access as a resource. (Items are cross referenced, so you might get the same post for different subjects).

Below is a linked Index of what you can find at NPN: 

Palin Scandals as Governor:

40+ Palin Scandals as of early 2009
each with a supporting link

Promotion-gate, Prison-gate and Pension-gate
were added later

Palin's March Meltdown, "Palin's Ides of March" 2009 - a detailed accounting of the amazing two weeks when Palin really lost it as a sitting Governor, with supporting links for each event - Alaskan protestors, fighting with legislators, media bashing, stimulus rejection, legal fees, etc

Palin and:

Alfalfa Club Dinner & History
Biblical War, Endtimes, Apocalypse
Blagojevitch, corruption, grifting
Bloggers & Palin Blogiverse
      Murdoch as
Big Oil & Rural Alaskans
China Speech/CLSA/Hong Kong
     China Speech twitters
     Wall Street Journal flushes
Church Fire

2008 campaign
Country Of Africa
& Levi
Diva "No Show"
     7 Cancelled Events with links
Emmonak & "Palin's Katrina"
& toxic dumping
      Beluga Whales
      Arctic Wildlife Dying
      Wildlife "Jihad"/Bears/Wolf puppies/Alaskan Board of Game
Evangalicals & Tax Fraud, Voter Fraud
, Focus on the Family/Dobson
Excuses by Supporters
, C4P (Conservatives For Palin)
"Falafel Lady"
, Andree Mclead & Ethics Complaints

     Female Power Brokers
Fiscal Irresponsibility
& city, state budget
Highway Funds
& redecorating
Forbes "Most Powerful Women" List

GOP Infighting

GOP "Kingmaker"/Nixon CREEP Malek
March Meltdown, 2009  
Malek, Fred
     Palin not on list

Murdoch, Rupert
    deals, Palin as employee/puppet
Pit Bulls
Rape Prevention Programs Blocked 

Scientology & John P. Coale/Greta Van Sustern/Scion Primer/Scientology in Politics/Clintons/PsychRights/Third (3rd) Party/Lobbyist Lawyers
Schaefer, Frank & Evangalicals, home schoolers, fundamentalist, violent Christians, Dominionists, liberal blindness
Schaefer, Frank & "not real Americans", Obama haters, cracker south
Shadow Political Life, political half life, holidays 2009
Twisted Patriotism
White Supremecists/Obama Death Threats/CIA

Humor (It wasn't all bad):

Your Palin White House Headlines
w/ Commenters
Top Ten (10) Reasons Palin Really Really Quit
w/ Commenters
Palin Nicknames, Quotes and Videos, Palin Detoxing

Palin's Hong Kong Speech - Leaked By Tina Fey

And For Those Interested, A Few Further Notes:

I very often see very heartfelt comments like, "Thanks to all the Alaskan bloggers for exposing Sarah Palin" on blogs that originate outside of Alaska.  While the general sentiment is what is important, perhaps it is time to point out that since at least 2008 the web-famous Alaskan efforts of the Immoral Minorty, Celtic Diva, Shannyn Moore and Mudflats have been joined by other blogging voices from all over the world, including activist anti-Palin bloggers in many US states, Canada, France, Britain, Australia and New Zealand. Until Palin's political corpse is finally put to rest once and for all, Palin remains the world's problem, and so for those of you that wish to send thanks, be sure to give it to "the worldwide Palin bloggers" when you do so.  Your thanks and the satisfaction of doing the right thing are all that most bloggers receive in return for their work and it means a lot to them!  So think and thank globally.

Of course the silver lining about the general alarm raised by Palin's careening fortunes over the past year or so is the formation of the quite brilliant and energetic online community that holds a lively first line of defense against the Granny Grifter.  Hat Tip to all of us commentors and bloggers, followers, researchers, lurkers, "Pee Watchers" and readers - I love being a part of us and my too-bright orange pic will be bobbing around just as usual online.  If I make a point to disagree with something, please understand that my aim is to keep the liberal community strong by keeping it attractive to moderate voters, as well as flexible enough to embrace the full spectrum of liberal thought. 

The effort to keep Palin out of public office has exceeded my wildest expectations with the breaking news, detailed research and incredible and numerous commenters at my pal the celebrated Regina's Palingates site with her partners Patrick and Kathleen.  Bree Palin has also stepped strongly into the spotlight - congrats my friends!  If you want to scare yourself and drop down the rabbit hole of the religious Dominionist, Evangelical and End Times side of Palin, I urge you to read anything by Frank Schaeffer as well as visit the excellent God's Own Party. The venerable Palin blogs of record are the many Alaskan blogs which are mentioned above and listed and linked to the left.  If you are new to the Palin blogiverse, whatever your question might be you will find answers at these resources, and an active online community more than willing to listen and exchange ideas.

~Happy Palinthropology~


Helen said...

If there are faulty links, please let me know here. cheers!

Chenalt said...

Groovy. It takes courage and time to stand up and join your voice with others. Thank you. The days of liberal complacency are over.

Anonymous said...

Just don't leave us. Please.

Anonymous said...


jEDI said...

I had actually forgotten about the March Madness stuff...when will the madness end?

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? All hands on deck, FAUX Noise is practically annointing Quittypants tonight as their "Most Desired Leader"!

I'm going to relieve myself now I'm sick.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your time and effort - you specifically, and you in general (i.e., everyone who is searching for and spreading the truth about Palin, the Tea Party, the religious cults behind both and so much more).

Thank you for the list you just gave. It will help direct us, educate us, and promote understanding so we can better address the threat that Palin and her ilk represent.


Helen said...

Thanks to you 7:09 for your peaceful message.

I hear you 6:35 and I am listening to the speech right now. Faux may very well anoint her, but I don't know, she just wasn't that good. And the audience should have just been in her hand, and it really wasn't. I really believe that it is going to look dark for a few months, but that will just make the majority of common sense Americans more determined.

regina said...

Thanks, Helen!

When we both started blogging a year ago, you were my "reference library" and helped me find many of the "gates".

It's great that you put together a comprehensive list of topics covered this past year. It makes it very clear that you were right on the money, you could always read Sarah Palin very well.

It's been a bad week for Palin and even Fox News slammed her teabaggers' ball speech.

She should take the money and run while she still has the chance.

Cheers, Helen, and thanks again.

allison said...

i just want to say welcome back. i missed you. i said it before; you are one of the bravest! mad props.

Helen said...

LOL Bev just emailed this -

You may want to correct your front page - PUBIC to PUBLIC. LOL.....she might actually be in some "pubic office" one day, the way she stirs some of those old men up - Chris Matthews and Chris Wallace to name a couple!

" my heart I do not believe that the Bitter Quitter with the mealy-mouth charisma will ever again actually capture pubic office."

We can add McCain and probably Malek to that list. Thanks Bev : )

Kat said...

Thanks so much for all you've done and continue to do for us Helen. You're great and I look forward to seeing your continued feedback on the other great blogs. You've really been missed here! Peace & Hugs!

Mac And Cheese Wiz said...

Thank You! I followed your blog when Sarah first got picked by what's his name to be a candidate for Vice President, and found your body of work an excellent resource to educate myself on what Palin was all about and about politics in Alaska.

Glad to see you're back!

Anonymous said...

Here's to the efforts of ALL those who work to keep the truth about Palin and other corrupt public officials PUBLIC - including readers who pass on the knowledge they gain to their friends by word of mouth. EVERY effort is needed to keep information flowing so that nothing like the Bush years will ever happen again to the U.S. or the world.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your wonderful writing and research. You can keep the Blog name and write about other topics besides Sarah Madness. Sometimes, it does us all good to wonder at the marvels of nature, the selfless acts of noble people, simple acts of love and other things that are good for the spirit. All things Sarah all the time can eat a hole in a healthy body. Please continue to write! Much appreciated!

Craig Rainey said...

You and I have one thing in common: You know nothing about Sarah Palin and I know nothing about you. I could make assumption s all day about you and I might get one thing right out of a hundred.

I do know that Palin is a true intellectual. She has been painted by the media otherwise and you, like the sheep that you are, have chosen to follow the herd rather than do your research. I am too lazy to debunk every point you have made with fact. Rather I will tell you this: Sarah Palin will run for President in 2012 and win. You will have to deal with this whether you like it or not.

Helen said...

Thanks for stopping by Craig.

I'll pay your blog a visit after the primaries for the 2012 election and see if you still feel the same way.

karen marie said...

Thanks for coming back and posting the update and linky-links. I stopped by to see what was up because I like to remove really inactive blogs from my blogroll, but you still have plenty to offer here, so you're staying in.

Thanks for all the work you put into the articles here. You have a lot of talent as a writer. If/when you start another blog, be sure to let your readers here know about it.


P.S.: It's pretty obvious that Craig didn't provide examples of Palin's intellectual prowess, because there aren't any. I've seen her record in office and watched several of her gubernatorial press conferences. She's a moron, plain and simple.

Helen said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment KM - though I'll mostly keep it inactive, I recently did a guest post at Palingates blog on how Murdoch was involved in Palin's Discovery Channel show here:

And at times I will probably add info to this page, such as how to boycott sponsors of The Discovery Channel and TLC if they go ahead with the Palin show, etc...

Lol at least Mr. Rainey admitted he was too lazy to do any research, one of the first honest Palinbots I've seen. He was not abusive either - maybe there is some hope for him yet.

Craig Rainey said...

Thanks Helen. High praise from a veteran. I'll keep at it. Thanks for the encouragement. We may have varying viewpoints but I appreciate the demeanor and honest facts way you have. I respect a good conversation.

PS: As governor she zero'd out the state debt using oil proceeds and everyone in Alaska (natives) get a check annually based upon economic growth. She became governor after uncovering governmental corruption as a Mayor and defeated an incumbent in a landslide victory. She is outspoken on empowerment of women and she is a constitutional conservative. The media paints her an idiot as they did George W. Bush who graduated with honors from Harvard. Those who know Bush know him as a different man than the liberal press paints him.

Helen said...

Glad you brought that up - Craig, you've GOT to start looking for news more recent than the early 2008 election cycle! Deal?

The fact is that Palin left Alaska awash in unheard of debt. From The Washington Independant"

"Less than a year after then-Gov. Sarah Palin (R-Alaska) quit the government to pursue other projects, Alaska leads the way in its debt-to-GDP ratio when its unfunded pension obligations are taken into account, followed by Rhode Island, New Mexico, Ohio and Mississippi. And although Alaska’s ratio is far lower than Greece’s, it does give the state a debt-to-GDP ratio similar to that of Jordan and Palin’s favorite health care resource, Canada, and a higher ratio than Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, India, the Philippines or Uruguay." Here is the link -

Alaska's debt is 70 percent of its economy.

The New York Times shows the info in a graph at

Craig, this is not glib liberal posturing - these are facts that you should be aware of; you claim to respect facts and I believe you. Please go, read, take a moment. You are the one who is going to find out that what you believe about Palin is a pack of lies.