Thursday, October 29, 2009

Palin's "Undead" Political Career Has Malek Looking For Clues

I will be taking a break from blogging for a while for very happy personal reasons, and I've got to say, it couldn't happen at a better time.  Every single day lately the news about Palin must look more horrific from the viewpoint of her Klassless Kooky Klan.

In a playful mood the other night I posted a comment on Fred Malek's blog asking him what he thought about Palin's predilection for 3rd parties. Now I can't presume Mr. Malek took notice of my question, but nevertheless his next post pretty much answered my query.  Malek just posted his "Top 10 Republican Leaders Who Could Be President" and Palin is nowhere to be seen from 1 to 10.

GOP "Kingmaker" Fred Malek knows a dark horse when he sees one, and he also knows when to stop flogging a dead one.  He still gives an obligatory nod to Caribou Barbie in his list of influential Republicans, "...Romney, Pawlenty, Barbour, McConnell, Boehner, Gingrich, Palin, and others."

Palin, and others.

Women that Malek places ahead of Palin on a list of GOPers who "Could Be President" include Meg Whitman, who he says "has a long road ahead", and Kelly Ayotte - "The young and proven Attorney General of New Hampshire is poised to win this Senate seat next year. She has the friendly and reasonable comportment of an Olympia Snowe or Susan Collins but is more center right in her philosophy and thus better positioned for future leadership."

Young.  PROVEN.    Reasonable comportment.  Center right in her philosophy.  Future leadership.  

As we all know so well, not one of those words describe Bad Sarah. And the unspoken criticism is there - Ayotte is a woman who has held and kept a responsible position.  Ahhh, back at the AK pad this has got to be stinging the papery thin-skinned One and her Stapletongued sidekick.  Palin's only DC ally - aside from mad-Scientologist Coale - looks forward to reasonable leadership in the GOP, much like reasonable people from both parties do. There is no place for Palin on his list.

Palin fills a space at the bottom of the post along with a couple of other flops - a no-name-recognition diplomat in Singapore and Marco Rubio who is poised to lose in a Senate race against Crist in Florida.  Here Malek describes the GOP Goodtime Girl as "charismatic", "effective" and someone he "likes a lot." And apparently someone who is so out of touch that he will be perusing her book for "some clues" as to what the heck is going through that "effective" little head of hers.  Malek has telegraphed his meaning very well.  Palin is as much of a strange brew to him, long time GOP insider, as she is to the rest of us. 

Palin's flamed-out comet is becoming just a memory of a bad omen. 

Here's a final likely denouement for Palin's vampiric political career - a career that is already dead, but lives on "undead" in the minds of fantasists, extremists and C4P creepy cringers.  Already forced to dwell in a self-imposed political twilight half-life of Facebook posts and carefully orchestrated appearances, Palin's thinly shrouded and monsterous personal and financial scandals must vigilantly be kept from exposure to the light of day.

Her dwindling faithful may not question her, Team Sarah is melting into the floor, her few close associates are either falling away or considered "muzzled" and "leashed".  She can only hope to live on as a sort of "immortal" in the minds of her cultish clique, whose cash she regularly feeds on through her ungodly speaking fees, corrupt PAC and AK Trust, and pre-orders for propped up book sales.

Palin's ghastly personal scandals could very well finish her off quite soon.  There is a hunter in her woods, and he's got a silver bullet with her name on it.  Palin's phantom hopes are to vegetate in this undead fashion until the US Presidential primaries give her one last stand - a chance for drawing the last precious monies from her charismatic cult.

The spotlight clearly isn't as appealing anymore, as any focused attention could result in a slip or exposure, a release of the bats, the inner demons, the lie that unravels the tattered web.  And yet Palin's Boogeyman will always be the media she despises, who will cover her whether she gets plastic surgery, fights with Levi, or stages a run in Iowa.  These days she prefers the shadows.

If Palin somehow makes it to 2012 without a humiliating exposure, her inevitable defeats in a few primary races will decisively drive the stake through her corpselike political career, finally ending one of the downright spookiest public tales in the history of our country.

On that scary note - I wish everyone out there a delicious and fun-loving Halloween.  BOO!

UPDATE:  Of course everyone is giving thanks to S-error P for once again "Snatching Defeat From the Jaws of Victory" as her hotly backed radical right wing candidate Hoffman lost a New York Congressional seat that has been held by the GOP for over 150 years to a moderate Democrat. For this we liberals heartily give "thanks" to Palin for wielding her anti-matter political clout in reverse as usual, and firmly consolidating her pariah status with the GOP - the party that last night won Governorships in New Jersey and Virginia with candidates that specifically asked Bad Sarah to stay away, please.  (With her usual bad manners Palin actually ran uninvited and possibly illegal robocalls at the last minute in Virginia, no doubt in order to be able to claim some influence in a race that had the winner with a double digit lead two weeks before election night.)  Finally, liberals across the land will also find themselves folding hands in thanksgiving to John McCain, who has anti-heroically managed to unleash the best weapon against the GOP that America has ever seen.

Next the spotlights will shine on Bad Sarah as she boogies with the media to flog her ghostwritten memoir beyond her shrinking sub-base of avid Facebook readers.  Oprah first, then Barbara Walters and a self important march across the land to visit her favorite rabid right conservative holier-than-thou radio and TV hosts that will ask her only fawning and adoring pre-arranged questions, plus stops at air force bases and conservative towns via bus. This will no doubt give the comedians and the rest of us a jolly holiday season filled with gaffes, La Palin word salads, dish on family scandals, and a hissing cameo appearance from Meghan "Scrooge" Stapletongue.  Palin's hasty-pudding of a book is already competing with several other tell-alls and is starting to be a hard sell, even to conservatives. FreedomWorks is now advertising the Newsmax pre-holiday price of "Going Rogue" of "Just $4.97, Best Price in the World".

$4.97 sounds like a lot for a pack of lies, refrigerator magnet wisdom and painfully extended basketball metaphors, but after all it is probably a sort of bargain.  Palin's version of events will to some degree be nailed down in writing, and any subsequent scandals that emerge will show her vividly for the purveyor of falsehoods that she is.  First the 2008 Presidential election, next the splintering of the GOP, and now the superpower to get Republican moderates voting Democratic when she weighs in on local elections.  For liberals in America, Palin truly is the gift that just keeps on giving.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Schaeffer Scorcher: This is rube white America...the cracker fundamentalist South...the Sarah Palin "He's Not-A-Real-American" Obama haters.

Rumors are bounding around the net of late - "The Trig Truth scandal is about to go viral", "An illegal fundamentalist adoption played a part""Alaska Fund Trust and SarahPAC are tainted and not generating enough $$$, hence STUFON..."

Meanwhile Frank Schaeffer continues to warn Americans and support a campaign to warn specific government officials about his very real fears of brewing violence: "I fear another Oklahoma type bombing, and most of all the assassination of President Obama."  As usual Palin plays a part in the nastiness, and now Rupert Murdoch is also named.

"If we take bin Laden seriously when he talks about God hating America's sins, we should take the America extremists as seriously. There should be no free ride for these idiots carrying weapons near presidential or other political gatherings."

"People like Operation Rescue should be investigated to see how many of their members are planning to murder more abortion providers. And if you want to know what the greatest threat to our president is, look no further than where evangelical "Christianity" intersects with Glenn Beck's fans. The FBI should seize his fan letter email. I'll bet they'd find some very interesting folks out there, people in militias, far right hate groups, and all the rest."

"They want revenge on all people not like them -- forever."

"Most of the media have ignored the looming threat of far right violence while conservatives deride those of us who link crazy talk to the potential of crazy actions."

Read Schaeffer's new interview with Raw Feed, and beware, some of the quotes from the rabid Christians threatening Schaeffer contain expletives.

If anyone thinks Schaeffer is being shrill, please note that apparently the White House itself feels "South Carolina Too Dangerous For Michelle Obama" to visit.

"Let’s get this straight: The White House has allowed first lady Michelle Obama to tool around Moscow, the Czech Republic and even Ghana in the past year, but officials are a little worried about her coming to South Carolina.

They consider the atmosphere here too dangerous.

Just when it seemed the summer of shame was over, House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn says the White House is wary of bringing the first lady to the state because of the attitude of some of its residents.

Even if they are overreacting, or if Clyburn is overstating the case, it’s embarrassing. If security professionals, who apparently have reservations, actually believe it is too dangerous for the first family to visit a U.S. state, then we have dropped below the status of a Third World country.

It makes us look like buffoons, racists and backwater morons."

(Sorry about that pic everyone.  Like the fundies, it just won't go away.)

Read about fundamentalist religious adoption ring abuses here

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Devils Advocate? Palin Or McCain Should Have Won Obama's Peace Prize

I ask you, Who did more to create worldwide peace right now?

McCain for losing the 2008 Presidential election by being talked into picking the ultimate GOP disaster candidate of all time, or

Palin herself, for almost single-handedly derailing the Republican go-go ride into WW333. Her war was going to be THE WAR TO END ALL TIMES no less.

It's really hard to decide between those two. But overall, my vote goes to Palin for both accelerating the GOP loss in 2008 and the added bonus of her strange political retirement in 2009 from her short stint as a Governor of a US state after a scant 2 odd years to sell a biography and make a formalized speech designed to entertain Red China's Communist elite. By these anti-savvy maneuvers, Palin has deleted herself from possible election to any position of power in 2012 at least. Palin really does deserve some type of embroidered badge for personally derailing her own chance to inadvertently start multiple wars by dipsy-dialing on the Red Phone in the Oval Office in real time responses to bloggers and foreign heads of state.
The vaulted and intelligent granters of the Nobel Prize seem to be no less aware of the following than you or I:

According to AP Sarah Palin said this about the troops while at church: "Our national leaders are sending them out on a task that is from God..." In other words, war in Iraq is a personal war commission from God himself.

Palin also stated that citizens should:

"Pray for our military men and women who are striving to do what is right. Also, for this country, that our leaders, our national leaders, are sending them out on a task that is from God. "

Palin's Dominionist background is far more radical than that of former President George W. Bush, who in the end suffered the nation's lowest popularity of any sitting President because of his horrendous wars. Incredibly, President George W. Bush told French President Jacques Chirac in early 2003 that Iraq must be invaded to thwart Gog and Magog, the Bible’s satanic agents of the Apocalypse. Yes. It is true. The former GOP President of the United States of America, in a top secret phone call to a major European ally, asked for French troops to join American soldiers in attacking Iraq as a mission from G-O-D himself.

Anyone paying attention has good reason to believe that war as waged by Americans under a Palin VP "takeover" of the Senate would be of biblical proportions - the US would have no reason to hesitate as it would be on God's side, or God would be siding with the GOP. Whatever. No wonder the usually stoic Scandanavian prize-givers got the bejessus scared out of them.

Regarding the well respected panel who rewards the Nobel Peace Prize. What I have to say is - well done. Controversy Is Good For Peace.

~The Nobel Peace Prize is a private award which may be bestowed on whomsoever is deemed fit by those that bestow it.
~The Nobel Peace Prize committee has banked a great deal of honorable political capital over the past century or so.
~This group decided to spend some of that exceptional capitol on creating peace, rather than capturing it from past efforts.
~In one stroke, this respected group made themselves more relevant to everyday news denizens than could have been anticipated. I ask you - How many times have we ever had so many conversations over a weekend or a watercooler about the Nobel Prize?

I leave it to others to debate the pros and cons of bestowing this honor on the first bi-racial American President, and the first Democrat in office in a world changed by 9/11.

I can only say that the Nobel Peace Prize has entered the 21st Century with a favoured Bang! by making itself relevant, topical and a force for peace rather than just an event that in today's news market would already have been yesterday's harvest. The Nobel Prize committee's wise decision guarantees that "peace" will be on the lips of all and sundry, from GOP lambast arses to well known topical and respected newsmakers to everyday citizens like you and I for at least several months.


Friday, October 2, 2009

Cosmic Joke Or Just Plain Karma? Murdoch Is The Biggest Blogger Of Them All

I have it on good authority that Rupert Murdoch owns the South China Morning Post - the very paper that we saw in the tight clutches of Sarah Caribou Barbie's very own hands at the airport as she left Hong Kong. Palin delivered her speech and like any diva, waited till she was in the right frame of mind to read her most important review. It took a negative spin. The original review is not available at the SCMP site anymore but Bree Palin saved it here.

I thought that the South China Morning Post must still be a "Rupert Free" paper because it published a less than positive review of Palin.

Well I languish in my cotton PJs corrected.

In the 90's, the Dow Jones swapped its holdings in Hong Kong's South China Morning Post for Rupert Murdoch's stake in a paper called - FEER - the Far Eastern Economic Review. (5th Paragraph here)

Then of course Rupurt gracefully and famously took over the Dow Jones. Giving Rupert control of all of the fun media toys, once again. (That must get boring.) In response, "Then editor, Philip Bowring (now Asia columnist for The International Herald Tribune) famously told the staff as he announced he had been sacked 'the carpetbaggers have taken over'." (6th para here)

Canadian Gary Coull, (remember that name) had been a business reporter for FEER and was coincidentally the founder of Hong Kong brokerage house CLSA. Gary Coull died in 2006.

Some English language reporters and investors decided to fight back against Murdoch's control over the less than abundant Asian free press. They did so online and presumably in their silk pajamas.

"Launched in August 2006 by a group of veteran and prominent Asia correspondents, Asia Sentinel is intended to fill a void left by the closure of such publications as AsiaWeek and the weekly edition of the Far Eastern Economic Review or FEER."

On announcement of Palin's visit to China, the Asia Sentinel offered a scathing and critical viewpoint of her selection as a speaker. And this tidbit was interesting:

"Another investor, however, called it [Palin's highly paid appearance] "typical of CLSA's decline since the death of Gary Coull," CLSA's co-founder, who died in 2006. "Or it might be a way of way of ingratiating with Beijing by making America look ridiculous," he fumed."

Coull was gone, and Murdoch had free reign to use Palin to make the United States look ridiculous in Asia, according to this unnamed investor who is in with the CLSA. So the "Palin is getting punked" thing might not have been all that wrong. We just didn't get that it wasn't the CLSA punking her. It was the high command of the Communist Chinese Party, a group Murdoch has been ingratiating himself with for decades.

Rupert seems to be paying Palin to comply willingly with his ruses while playing fast and loose with her in every possible way: moving up her book release by half a year (say what?), putting her speech in his Wall Street Journal Blog and then yanking it offline, and smashing her in print not just once, but twice and this lipstick spokesmodel thing really didn't help. I mean, Girl only came out of hiding to speak less than a week and a half ago! Bus bumping over the top of Palin fast enough Rupert? Training that rouged and rogue-y Pitbull to sit down and shut up can't be an easy task.

Turns out, Palin's karma has a more viscious bite than even Meg Stapletongue.

So has Palin finally met her match in Dominating-Big-Daddy Murdoch? Let's face it. Rupert Murdoch is the Cosmic Blogger of All Bloggers. No? Why not? After all he owns most of the media, and whatever he chooses to say can go right to print, just like all of us blogspot folks, voxers, wordpressers and others. He just doesn't have to bother to type it, and he gets a lot more traffic.

It does seem strange that in so short a time Murdoch would be so publicly cruel to his new playmate. If La Palin deviates even one step out of line, is it Big Daddy Blogger Murdoch's intention to show her exactly how he can make her or break her in an instant? Palin has had a famously thorny relationship with the media and with all bloggers. Why, in the end, should her relationship with Rupert be any different?

As that CLSA investor said, by humiliating Palin, Murdoch achieves the end of showing the high command of Communist China just where his loyalties lie. Making the US look ridiculous isn't so hard these days actually, but the Chinese Top Brass like to be amused, and when Murdoch can lay claim to doing exactly that, they just embrace him more warmly. If you have any doubt about Murdoch's desire to ingratiate himself with the leaders of Communist China, start reading here.

Strange, strange bedfellows La Palin has found herself frolicking with. And all for the sake of helping Alaska and spending more time with her family, right?

(thanks to for the image.)