Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fingers Pointing Backwards - Palin Supporters Make Excuses For Sarah's No Show Blow #7

Vaunted diva of the right Sarah Palin has blown off the Alaska Family Council's much anticipated anti-abortion event at an Anchorage church like so much lint on a fine Saks Fifth Avenue jacket. According to the ADN, "President Jim Minnery said...organizers have been talking to Palin "contacts" for weeks about it..."All we can do is take people at their word..." Minnery said. "We've been working for several weeks on the event, promoting it very heavily..."

Palin "blowing" an event has now become as inevitable as the wind. And according to her so-called "conservative" fans, Palin is not to blame for this 7th fiasco. Seems like no matter what Madam Pit Bull does or doesn't do, she is not responsible for it. It's just not her fault.


debinOH visited the Cringers4Palin and reported on their comments -

"My favorite from her followers is that maybe Willow is picking up the phone & just saying yes so she can get back on the phone & talk to her friends. Yeah, I am sure that they take a yes from one of her kids. Then they spend tons of money on advertising, etc. Who are these people? I rarely go there because quite frankly I think they are nuts, but I figured it would be good for a laugh today."

NPN also took our chances last night and ventured into C4Pee territory armed with news from the ADN, and using church event organizer Jim Minnery's quoted statements as a body shield. I received very little flak as I subscribed to comments and did no further reconnaisance in the no-zone. Here's what they said:


Hefmeir Says - "She NEVER confirmed the event. It is the EVENT's fault, not Palin's fault."


In Rebecca Mansour's words - "Minnery was the dope who dissed her about her Supreme Court pick and then backtracked and apologized. Why in the world should I believe that he's grown a brain since that stupid occurrence?"


Kenn - "This was a FAKE "appearance", Star Parker invented this fake "appearance."

(Perhaps to take the blame like a good conservative should, Star Parker will be appearing on Eddie Burke's odious radio hatefest today at 4pm.)


Ms Liberty says - "As for the ADN piece, perhaps I'm watching too much Glenn Beck and I've become paranoid, (NO? Ya think?) but it seems like these "she's-coming-oops!-she's-not" incidents have happened too many times now to be explained by simple miscommunication with the Palin camp. How many "Palin contacts" are there really anyway? They appear to be a four- or five-person operation at present. Surely if one of these folks misspoke and said she'd be there it shouldn't be hard to figure out who it was. It's certainly telling that these "contacts" are being kept anonymous, no? I seriously wouldn't put it past the Alinskyites to manufacture all of these crossed wires just to make Sarah look bad and her operation seem second-rate."

("Alinskyites" is C4Pee codespeak for all liberals who all rabidly use "Alinsky's Rules For Radicals" when putting forward their agenda to crush conservatives. In retaliation, conservatives must act like Alinskyites or risk a painful extermination. Or something to that effect...)

In a final stupor of Palindoration, Ms. Liberty adds - "Sarah will be remembered in the history books as the leader of the third wave of feminism. Her name will be right up there with Susan B. Anthony's."


PEC says - "Palin contacts? Anonymous? This is getting so bad Meg needs to put a calendar out there with scheduled events. If it is blank it is blank. I'm fine with that. Now where is Sarah? That is a big question. She is out of State?"

Poor guy, you can almost hear the panic in his pixels.


HRH pieces it together - "Meg gets a lot of grief, but you know, it was Kris Perry that Palin called her "right hand man" in the resignation speech. And Perry is one of the few who also left state service when Palin did, I'm assuming, to continue to work with Palin. I know we're never s'posed to assume but that was really the impression given.

Perry traveled with Palin during the VP campaign. So maybe Perry's the one who is not getting it together, and Meg as the spokesperson has to keep going out and clearing things up??"

On IM, EyeOnYou noted - "This latest fiasco has her supporters blaming the event organisers/hosts, the media for reporting this, a perhaps "current or former" member of her staff who is out to get her, a non member of her staff who is pretending to be within her clique and acting on her behalf without authorization...the list will no doubt continue on from the supporters who will find ways to blame everyone and anyone except for Sarah Palin."

So if any of you venture into C4P no-no land or heaven forbid Team Sarah, or any other rock Palin supporters can still be found dwelling under, you will no doubt discover many more culprits behind this No Show Blow #7. Kindly gather the names of those responsible parties here in comments. It will be a virtual flower garden of Palinanity, a strange bouquet watered by the tears of the devout.

Who knows, maybe one day one of them will read it and shake free of their delusions.

(Polls are still running, and more choices have been added.)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Comic Opera Or Greek Tragedy - Why'd Prima Donna Palin Blow It This Time - New Poll


<---- New poll at left. And if La Diva manages to tick any more large groups of conservatives off tonight, less hungry souls than I will have to be on top of it - its time for dinner and a glass of good non-virtual red wine. La Diva's antics rival and even exceed the utter narcissism of opera's most famous Prima Donnas. The list of her jilted suitors so far:

1. Eagle Forum Pro Life Event - 9/08
2. Republican Fundraiser in Orange County - 9/26/08
3. Co-host of Rep Govs Ass Dinner w/ Mark Sanford - 5/8/09
(probably a good idea to blow, in retrospect)
4. White House Correspondents Dinner - 5/9/09
5. Conservative Political Action Conference - 6/8/09

6. Simi Valley Rep Women Ronald Reagan Library Gala - 8/8/09
7. Alaskans For Parental Rights Campaign
, ChangePoint Church - 8/27/98
8. Which supporter will get a freshly laid Sarah Palin egg-in-the-face next?

Thanks to RunninL8 for the ultimate "What, Me Worry?" Mad Palin pic - taken from a supporters billboard - we think.

<---- And the "Blow Or Show" poll is still running - you never know with Queen Sarah, she might have just asked Stapletongue to let loose in order to prime the audience for her appearance - a true Diva move indeed.

You Demanded A Betting Pool - Will La Palin Show? Or Blow? UPDATE: SHE BLOWS!!!!!

I noticed in my trips around the blogosphere that people want to place bets on whether Palin will "Show or Blow" the August 27th church event. Well...I looked into it and it might be a little too late to actually set up a betting pool, but this time around may I offer you a poll instead of a pool?

And I'll look into finding some way to set up some kind of entertaining way to bet in the future - perhaps with virtual chips or even real cashola.

From The Palin Detox Post: "According to Wikipedia Pit Bulls were originally used in 'both bull and bear baiting' - hence the name. Pits were also introduced to the realm of dog fighting so that spectators could have a form of entertainment and gambling."

So it seems that actually the pit bull thing was more accurate than Palin could have ever realized...

Cast your vote on whether Palin will "Show or Blow" on 8/27/09 - and remember, she has a habit of blowing events with an 8 in the date!

1. Eagle Forum Pro Life Event - 9/08
2. Republican Fundraiser in Orange County - 9/26/08
3. Co-host of Rep Govs Ass Dinner w/ Mark Sanford - 5/8/09
(probably a good idea to blow, in retrospect)
4. White House Correspondents Dinner - 5/9/09
5. Conservative Political Action Conference - 6/8/09

6. Simi Valley Rep Women Ronald Reagan Library Gala - 8/8/09

UPDATE: Just when I was all settled back and enjoying watching the votes come in, Gryphen has the scoop
...but take a moment and vote anyway, you NEVER know with that sneaky La Palin Diva.

Just for the record, we had 19 votes at the time the news broke that Saradiculous just wasn't that into the APR - 3 for show, 7 for blow, 7 for she don't know, and 2 for Palin who?

And I was just going to relax and start making dinner. I mean NO ONE can trust Palin not to bust a vicious move, can they? Not me and the other two who voted for a "show" this time, not the religious right, not the fancy Republican ladies in California. Oh yeah, C4P - they trust her. And a few ugly right wing thugs. Oh yeah, and Glen Beck. Ugggh. Lost my appetite.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Palin D-Listed By Forbes

There was some kind of brou-ha-ha spreading itself around last week or so that Palin is somehow so powerful that she can "influence healthcare policy" by posting on her Facebook blog. Another roll your eyes, try to ignore the idiocy meme that got up on its shaky legs for a minute before collapsing in a heap. The idea that Palin now exercises any type of power whatsoever makes good gossip, background noise or chitter chatter, and that's about it.

Forbes Magazine just released their annual accounting of the 100 most powerful women in the world. It will no doubt come as a huge surprise to Conservatives4Palin that their icon does not grace this indicator. Instead, the list is populated by women exercising real leadership in the areas of commerce, business and politics.

Let's face it, Palin's level of power belongs on the curled end of a rolled out list somewhere slightly above Orly Taitz perhaps, but well below Katie Couric and even Tina Fey. Certainly she ranks nowhere near Mary Erdoes. Never heard of Mary? Mary isn't known for her favorite high heels or her power shopping, or even her own barbarous war on wildlife. It seems that Mary Erdoes, dead last on this year's Forbes list of 100 women, exercises her very real and considerable powers as the Chairman of JP Morgan Global Wealth Management relatively quietly and without ever once making a comedian apologize or starting an argument with a blogger. Amazing, no?

Women who exercise real power in the US political sphere include: #36 Hillery Clinton US Secretary of State, #35 Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House, and Cabinet Members Janet Nepolitano #51 and Katherine Sibeleus at #56. First Lady Michelle Obama joined the fray at #40 and Sonia Sotomeyer also debuted at #54. Women from around the world populated the list, including Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany at #1.

Of course, none of the successful women above ever considered it a great career move "not to go with the flow" and resign abruptly from office, twitter their way into William Shatner's shtick, or use a ghostwritten Facebook page to telegraph their "brand."

Let's give a moment of positive reinforcement to these women who help run the world every day with dignity and style~

1 Angela Merkel Chancellor Germany
2 Sheila Bair Chairman, Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. U.S.
3 Indra Nooyi Chief executive, PepsiCo U.S.
4 Cynthia Carroll Chief executive, Anglo American U.K.
5 Ho Ching Chief executive, Temasek Singapore
6 Irene Rosenfeld Chief executive, Kraft Foods U.S.
7 Ellen Kullman Chief executive, DuPont U.S.
8 Angela Braly Chief executive, WellPoint U.S.
9 Anne Lauvergeon Chief executive, Areva France
10 Lynn Elsenhans Chief executive, Sunoco U.S.
11 Cristina Fernandez President Argentina
12 Carol Bartz Chief executive, Yahoo U.S.
13 Sonia Gandhi President, Indian National Congress Party India
14 Ursula Burns Chief executive, Xerox Corp. U.S.
15 Anne Mulcahy Chairman, Xerox Corp. U.S.
16 Safra Catz President, Oracle U.S.
17 Christine Lagarde Minister of Economy, Finance & Employment France
18 Gail Kelly Chief executive, Westpac Australia
19 Marjorie Scardino Chief executive, Pearson Plc. U.K.
20 Chanda Kochhar Chief executive, ICICI Bank India
21 Mary Sammons Chief executive, Rite Aid Corp. U.S.
22 Michelle Bachelet President Chile
23 Paula Reynolds Chief restructuring officer, AIG U.S.
24 Carol Meyrowitz Chief executive, TJX Companies U.S.
25 Andrea Jung Chief executive, Avon U.S.

Check out the entire list of 100 women here and here.

And for a really refreshing take on the healthcare debate, a visit to is a must! These people have the magic formula down - protesting with style, humor and fun while making their point very very clear to any sentient being and completely befuddling the poor devils that show up to protest against their own interests. Check it out!