Thursday, February 26, 2009

Palin begins Proto-Fascist Campaign to Move Rural Workers Into The Big Oil Economy

National Socialism - what exactly is that? National Socialism propagandizes and promotes uniting the working class of a specific ethnic, national, or racial group into a proletariat - lower class worker society - while socializing industry through the State. So In Alaska's case the worker class would be the Native rural Alaskans. The socialized industry is of course Big Oil, which the state of Alaska is already dependent on for most of it's budget - along with big money from the federal government. It is well documented that Alaska is already the most socialist state in the union under Palin.

The following is by Writing Raven, a Tlingit/Athabascan woman, from her blog Writing Raven speaks up regarding Palin's recent photo op trip to rural Alaska, in which she offers exactly one solution to the people who's native waters have been overfished by commercial fishermen. Her ill-considered policy statements seem to be void of any understanding or background knowledge of the issues or the people involved. It almost sounds like Palin wants to piss people off.

But the reality is, Palin knows exactly what she wants.

She wants hungry people to hear that they have no choice but to leave home and work for wages for the big companies that pump oil, and pay big dividends to the state. A sort of National Socialist agenda that perfectly represents why Palin is not a person that should hold public office in the land of the free.

"This post could have easily been titled, "The point at which I lose it."

"When I read, and watched, the remarks Sarah Palin made about rural issues to the Kyle Hopkinns of the Anchorage Daily News, I nearly punched the screen. I had to leave my laptop and go

fume for many, many hours - talking (venting) with my parents and grandmother and even brother - before I could return and be relatively sure I would not toss my innocent little laptop into the snow for being the bearer of bad news. Even then I couldn't trust myself to post without liberal use of curse words, which I usually try to avoid.

What got me into this murderous, computer-killing rage? Please read Mudflats and The Immoral Minority for more detail, but let me try and summarize some of Ms. Palin's points as she answered questions:
  • Palin thinks youth need to consider leaving the villages.
"Another purpose of the trip today, is not just delivering food for a short-term solution, but to remind those, especially young people, in rural Alaska of the job opportunities that are available, albeit it requires in some cases leaving the village for a short time."

This one is what really infuriated me. The Native people of Alaska have been fighting and fighting for generations to ensure rural communities thrive, thinking up solutions to get especially the young people to stay and contribute to the community. The boarding school times in which young people left "for a short time" were some of the most devastating to these communities. Did we learn nothing about what this kind of thinking leads to? Is there no thought to a real future? Palin shows a lack of the study of Alaskan and American history. So much time and energy trying to salvage these towns and villages from social and economic collapse, and the governor of our state can sweep them aside with one ignorant comment.

What these communities need is infrastructure, jobs in the communities themselves. Ironically, I just got a look at the Indian country provisions in the stimulus bill, and was thinking how forward we've come in our look at what Native communities really need. Maia of Own the Sidewalk forwarded me a link to a National Congress of American Indians page devoted to the Indian country provisions of the stimulus bill. I haven't been talking about the stimulus package because the last thing anyone wants is me commenting on anything to do with money. But I was incredibly impressed with the funding set aside for Native country projects.

Basically, it's all about infrastructure in these communities. Energy projects, building projects, roads and weatherization. Things that will not only create jobs and a viable economy in the short term, but ensure a future community exists at all. I don't know about the rest of the stimulus, but in this, they've got it dead on. Why are the only solutions Palin talks about all about getting out of the community? Helping out the oil companies? She throws out something about becoming VPSO's or teachers in your own community - but how can they when the whole youth of the village is now set on leaving? There's no one left to police or teach.
  • Palin's reminder to villages: We're in a cash-based society now.
"because it is a cash-based society right now..." "but in a cash-based society..." "...let people know perhaps what their own experience has been in terms of finding success and being a part of the community, at the same time, having income -- there’s nothing wrong with that."

Does she think the village people are trading beads? Seriously, the amount of times Palin talks down to rural people in these remarks is nauseating. Attention Palin: The people of rural Alaska are INCREDIBLY aware that we are living in a cash-based society! My guess is more aware than Palin. What little money is trickling in has not been spent on Neiman Marcus clothing and $60 phone calls. THERE IS NO INFRASTRUCTURE = THERE ARE NO JOBS.

Regardless of the governor's solution to have the youth leave and find jobs, maybe even a better solution is to get the state working on a viable plan of creating jobs in the community. If we had a little leadership, Alaska could be the most forward, technological marvel of how to get both energy solutions and indigenous populations working to better, not only the state, but the nation. The resources out in rural Alaska are incredible, and instead of promoting that, we are currently squandering it and giving it away. In this case, the human resources are being encouraged to leave.
  • As our leader, Palin is not going to make an example of what to do in this situation.
"It’s a scripture that says, 'let not your right hand know what your left hand is doing.' If you’re going to do a personal charitable effort ... what we do personally to support and tithe and offer assistance to some of these missions, I’m going to keep that to myself."

This comes right after she's chastised the leadership of these communities to do a better job of making an example of themselves. The inability of this governor to not practice what she preaches continues to astound me. Why invite all these reporters to see you off, handing out food, if it's not to show them how "you" are helping? The only possible way I can read this is, "I didn't do anything, so don't ask."
  • Palin learned about this situation from the media, not from actually listening to the people of her state.
(Lt. Gov. Parnell) "Frankly, the first weekend that this particular regional hardship hit the web from Emmonak, both the governor and I tried to get our there and we were hampered due to weather."

I will say it again - this problem did not just spring up six weeks ago. Not only has this been generations in the making, the whole last year Native leaders, state leaders, corporations, people in the communities have been speaking out, warning about this, and even asking for help before it "hit the web." I've posted this before, but I want to reiterate how far in advance the governor had to prepare for this, and did nothing:

-In May, the Bristol Bay Times reported on rural residents calling for emergency relief and to declare an energy disaster.
-In early August, the Anchorage Daily News reported prominent Native leaders directly talking to Paling about these problems, and the solutions that including building infrastructure.
-In early August, even USA Today noticed the problem and reported on it, referencing data showing just how bad it could get from a study done in May.
-In late August, Sen. Murkowksi held a meeting about the crisis, and urged residents to stay in their communities (report by ADN).

"I urge you not to give up your way of life, your culture and your connection to the land and move into urban areas. We will find a creative way to beat this," she told Bethel residents...
-In September, Sen. Begich (then Mayor) and Anchorage School Superintendent sent a letter to Palin (from ADN) regarding the migration from villages to the city due to high energy costs. Palin refuted high energy costs had anything to do with it, later.
-In October, Native leaders continued their call for an energy emergency declared at the Alaska Federation of Natives convention (reported by the ADN). Of course, Palin was busy campaigning and may not have noticed.
-In November, Indian Country Today did a story highlighting the Alaska Federation of Natives resolution to the energy crisis and village migration, as well as the incredibly poor response from Palin.
-In late December, Indian Country Today reported on the dismal reaction of the Palin administration energy crisis, focusing on the rural subcabinet formed.

"The Rural Subcabinet formed by Governor Sarah Palin in response to what many consider a crisis in rural Alaska has reportedly met, but specific information about their activities has been difficult to find..." "The group has no fixed meeting time and the date of their next meeting is unknown." "...As of Dec. 8, the AFN had apparently heard nothing about actions or meetings of the subcabinet..."
Of course, this is only in recent months. This stuff goes back years, as far as addressing the real problems. Not to mention the other villages that have had true emergencies, including Adak. Once again, I point to the Alaska Native Commission Report done in the 90's that point out both problem and solution. Palin should think about reading it.
  • Palin blames the villages for the problem, not the policies, restrictions and initiatives she can do anything about. So don't ask.
"Some of these areas … they may need to see some change in leadership within the community, also." "...And in some of the communities I would say that perhaps new leadership would help provide solutions."

After stewing all night, I woke up this morning to a phone call from Celtic Diva. She and Mudflats pointed to an article in the Alaska Dispatch, praising Palin for "speaking from the heart" and being "thoughtful" about solutions for the communities.

You can only be thoughtful if you've met with the people from the communities and listened to them. Palin is calling for a change in leadership - with who? What are these leaders doing wrong? Who are they? When has she talked to them? And she gave NO solutions except to say these youth should think about leaving. So the solution is "leave the village"? She can't be a spark to "real dialogue" when she's never taken part in a dialogue! The dialogue has been going on, but Palin doesn't care to be part of it...

...Once again, Palin offered no solutions to these problems. She talks about them getting jobs, but not about training, or the availability of them. Does she think every Native youth has a father on the slope and the governor willing to write a letter of recommendation to get them that job? It's really not that easy. It also displays an incredibly poor grasp of the situation. Some of these families are paying $2,500 a month just for their oil. Getting a job on the slope doesn't fix that problem, and it will continue to be a problem.

Again, she shows us she hasn't really looked at the situation. One of the men who sent a letter from a village just after Nick Tucker's letter was brilliant in displaying what they are trying. From Kongiganak, he talks about three projects that have the potential to help out the community. Yet:

The school project, AMI, told us that they will hire only 10 people from our village and the rest will come from the lower 48...about 20 out of state workers. We have many certified carpenters, welders, plumbers, electricians, and equipment operators that only a handful will work in these projects. What is wrong with this? Our legislators say that these projects are supposed to give our villages jobs and the people from Alaska.
Despite Palin's assertions that this is not the governments problem, this has everything to do with government. Lack of support for energy projects, restrictions on subsistence, laws about fisheries and over-fishing... The short-term problem is hungry kids and no heat. But the short-term problem could have been avoided completely by addressing these long-term solutions that Palin has been unwilling to even look at, much less be part of a dialogue about."

View the video of the interview this post refers to here.

When Bad Sarah tells the tale of her husband Todd growing up in his "fishing village" and then having to leave to go work on the North Slope and big oil to support his family, (which has turned out to be another lie) she mouths this prepared parable as if she were coaching small children through a Sunday School lesson, reflecting her condescending view of Alaska's native population.

Bad Sarah says, "Government can't be the entire solution." Yet she is now asking for more money for Alaska from the government than is being offered to her in the stimulus bill. Is this position complete hypocrisy? Or just targeted propaganda to make her consituency believe she is not all about big, big and even bigger government.

So the Palinista National Socialist Alaska works like this - villagers are urged/forced off their land and from their homes and families to work for Big Oil, which conducts business only by the grace of The State which it supports. The State which pays Bad Sarah and supports her large family which she keeps close to her and comfortable in two mansions, with plenty of perks.

Palin is not well-informed about the world. Her political style is more sledge hammer than savvy. But she knows where her bread is buttered - big oil AND big government. She is building a national socialist state in Alaska. This is a politician that only extreme religious fanatics and proto-fascists want to see unleashed on the rest of America, and the world.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Big Red Fairy Tale - "Palin Will Be Our New Reagan"

Fairy tales can be fascinating, even for grown-ups. Even though we know what's coming, we allow ourselves to lose touch with reality, escaping into a yarn where there is always a hero, a lovely damsel in distress, an epic journey, daunting tasks, and somewhere along the way, the embodiment of Pure Evil will be slayed in a mighty battle. The hero and damsel are united in a kiss and head off into the sunset.

And here we have in a nutshell the communal tale buzzing through the noggins of some of the most wistful members of the Republican party. In this version, the lovely damsel Bad Sarah is lifted up by the hero Reagan. His kiss anoints her, giving her the power to battle against the Pure Evil of government programs, reproductive rights and high school science classes. A collective sigh of romance and relief rises to the heavens from the GOP as these two clasp hands and walk into the glorious sunset of history - together forever.

Like all good fairy tales, this one is pure fiction. This tale doesn't have enough basis in fact to even be called a legend.

Let's begin with the hero's story. In "Reagan's Liberal Legacy: What the New Literature On the Gipper Won't Tell You" Joshua Green, editor of Washington Monthly, takes on the Reagan myth machine - a cynical enterprise powered up by Republican think tanks just before Reagan's death. It's goals? 1) To manufacture a gauzy "legacy" of Reagan that is politically expedient. 2) To hard sell this "Reagan Brand" of conservatism to disillusioned Republicans and to the next generation of voters, who weren't there and don't know any better.

"A sober review of Reagan's presidency doesn't yield the seamlessly conservative record being peddled today. Federal government expanded on his watch. The conservative desire to outlaw abortion was never seriously pursued. Reagan broke with the hardliners in his administration and compromised with the Soviets on arms control. His assault on entitlements never materialized; instead he saved Social Security in 1983. And he repeatedly ignored the fundamental conservative dogma that taxes should never be raised."

Are conservatives honest about Reagan's real record, even to themselves? Not so much.

"If you believe, as conservatives now do, that raising taxes is always wrong, then it's hard to admit that Reagan himself did so repeatedly. If you argue that the relative tax burden on low-income workers is too light, as the Bush administration does, then it does not pay to dwell on the fact that Reagan himself helped lighten that burden. If you insist, as many hardliners now do, that America is dangerously soft on communist China, then it is best to ignore Reagan's own softening toward the Soviet Union. As with other conservative media efforts--Rush Limbaugh, Fox News Channel, The Washington Times-- the purpose of the Reagan legacy project is not to deliver accuracy, but enhance political leverage."

So how does BS Palin actually fit in here? How exactly can she be "our new Reagan," so fondly, so zealously embraced by the most vocal faction of the Big Red Elephant...?

Reagan - Known as The Great Communicator.
Palin - Not so much.

Reagan - A Two-Term Governor before he ever considered running for President. Years of experience still counted in the '80s.
Palin - Not so much.

Reagan - Was defeated in two attempts at the Republican nomination for President almost 10 years apart, but managed to remain viable as a candidate over a long period of time - 1968 to 1980.
Palin - Not so much.

Reagan - Was a coalition builder, welding together supply-side economists, libertarians, foreign policy hawks, big business and religious conservatives.
Palin - Big business, economists, libertarians, prominent military and high profile Republicans actually fled the Republican party in mutual public horror after the initial shock of Palin's elevation to '08 Vice Presidential candidate really sank in. So again - Not so much.

Reagan - The Teflon President, so named because the media and Reagan had a well known mutual love affair. Reagan could get into sticky situations and emerge unscathed in the press.
Palin - No surprises here - Not so much.

Reagan - Epidemic of scandals erupted around him only after successfully gaining the Presidency.
Palin - All together now - Not So Much!

Reagan - Actively used astrology to time his speeches and appearances.
Palin - So far no record of this. Maybe BS should take a cue from Mr. Reagan here.

Reagan - Called his life partner "Mommy".
Palin - So far no record of this. But for the right donation to SarahPAC, she probably would.

Reagan - A charming and engaging smile - never short on enthusiasm.
Palin - Ah, we found something.

Reagan - "He demonstrated for all to see how far you can go in this life with a smile, a shoeshine, and the nerve to put your own spin on the facts." - David Nyhan, The Boston Globe. "A superficial, disengaged, intellectually-lazy showman who didn't do his homework and clung to a naive, unrealistic, and essentially dangerous worldview. Foreign leaders have said they were appalled by Reagan's lack of knowledge of the issues." Who said this? Some liberal pundit? Nope. This was fellow Republican President Gerald Ford's view of Reagan.
Palin - Yep. And Bingo.

Reagan - Reagan was, in the end, a peacenik. "But no one shared, or even understood until late in the game, Reagan's desire for total disarmament. Hardliners like Patrick Buchanan, Richard Perle, and Caspar Weinberger reacted in horror to the very idea of engaging the Soviets in such talks, warning against the "grand illusion" of peace. "My dream," he later wrote in his memoirs, "became a world free of nuclear weapons." This vision stemmed from the president's belief that the biblical account of Armageddon prophesied nuclear war--and that apocalypse could be averted if everyone, especially the Soviets, eliminated nuclear weapons."
Palin - What? Sarah Palin and savvy Reagan share certain literal interpretations of The Bible? Now we are really getting somewhere!... Except for the peace part, of course. And The Apocalypse part. You see, Bad Sarah's very own church congregation believes wholeheartedly that The Apocalypse is inevitable, not preventable, like Reagan did. Since she was a child Sarah has been taught that Israel will start the End Times rolling by initiating a war in the Mideast. Hence BS continually repeats that she "supports a strong Israel" in her interviews. This phrase is her clarion call to her Evangelical Right wing supporters - the Republican "base" as they are also referred to. Some of this base trains youngsters to partake in "spiritual warfare" on behalf of Jesus, who will "make war on everything that hinders love, with his eyes blazing fire." Some of this base is set on spiritual world domination, through the political process of electing Sarah Palin to high office. She is their biblical Queen Esther, who conveniently was also a beauty queen in her day.

Meanwhile, back at The Apocalypse according to Palin's church...Israel is slaughtering their enemies, who happen to all be "non-believers" (including the Pope). The church members are both killing and converting people, whichever seems best at the moment. At some point in the bloody mess, Christ is cued and finally returns to earth. Literally - in the sky, with angels and chosen believers rising up to be with him. Naturally, the Wasilla Bible Church Congregation are leading all the saved people skyward, who pretty much have to be Republicans (who voted for Palin). And the cymbals will clash, and the war machines will grind to a halt, and the last ruby sunset will be seen on earth as the believers wing their way bodily through the air into the believer's Paradise.

The Jews of Israel, who really should be given a "Get Out Of Hell Free" card for getting the ball rolling and doing a lot of the slaughtering-of-infidel work in this scenario will unfortunately all be killed and dammed to Christian Hell if they don't convert on the spot, along with all the other non-literal-end-time-bible-believers. Basically me and you.

Hear that sound? Is it the orchestra swelling as Palin and Reagan fly off into the End Times sunset together? Or is it just Ronald Reagan spinning like a turbine in his grave?

The End. And the moral of this story is,
"Palin = Reagan? Not So Much."

Maybe someday soon all Americans will finally tire of all the Big Red Fairy Tales, and will go back to looking for their American heroes where they've always been and always will be - in good old fashioned cowboy movies, like "Santa Fe Trail."

Friday, February 13, 2009

UPDATED: Texas Evangelicals Promote Obstruction of Justice And Tax Fraud as "Christian Values" To Shield Palin

UPDATE: Scroll to the bottom of this post to add Voting Machine Fraud to the list of sins committed by The Evangelical Right.

The unholy and corrupt bed shared by The Evangelical Right and their political darling, Bad Sarah Palin has been uncovered, in all the internal housecleaning that is going on around Troopergate.

This is EXACTLY why people feel that BS Palin is not fit to hold public office. It's not so much her goopy folksy lack of coherence, her constant defensiveness, spiteful retorts, narcissism, or Blagojevich-esque sense of entitlement. It's not just her sensually false charm. It's not so much her hypocritical stances on her social class, the media and a host of social and women's issues. It's not even so much Bad Sarah's lying, scheming, fraud, fiscal irresponsibility, cronyism - did I mention fraud? Corruption? Greed?

After all, Palin is a politician, and we've unfortunately come to have some pretty low standards for this profession. So it's not, in the end, really any of these.

To paraphrase James Carvill - It's The Evangelical Right, Stupid.

Governor Sarah Palin is the sweetheart of The Evangelical Right. We are talking about extreme right wing religious political operatives that want to wheel and deal their way into your life with their church collected tax-free money.

Groups like this, very simply, involve themselves illegally in politics. They piously invoke the Founding Fathers even as they sinfully flout the Founding Father's purposeful separation of Church and State, which is upheld by United States civil law:

From the IRS website: "Charities, Churches and Politics"

Currently, the law prohibits political campaign activity by charities and churches by defining a 501(c)(3) organization as one "which does not participate in, or intervene in (including the publishing or distributing of statements), any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for public office."

I'm not just talking about willfully maneuvering into the good graces of politicians like Sarah Palin to advance their agenda of warlike militarism, anti-science education, and reproductive rights roll-backs. I'm talking about other activities from which they are really really legally barred, such as obstruction of justice, electioneering, more electioneering, and voter intimidation.

Exhibit A: Liberty Legal Institute, James Dobson, Focus On the Family. This is the group that came to Bad Sarah's defense over her amateurish Trooper-gate disaster during the '08 election, and is working to bring BS to high office in 2012. This group used tax-free money to pay several lawyers to obstruct the investigation into Troopergate with 3 different lawsuits, with intent to derail, delay or obfuscate the proceedings - investigative proceedings initiated by the People and the State of Alaska, which all of America took a deep interest in.

I repeat, Focus On The Family in the United States collects a great deal of income from religious institutions and churches and in this case used that income to pay a team of lawyers a lot of money in hopes of a particular political gain for the '08 Republican Presidential campaign. The income that is used for such dirty deeds is taxed at - free. Zilch. Nada. ZERO. These powerful political players pay less towards the common good than the lowliest laid-off unemployed, unheard of worker on public benefits, who must pay taxes on those benefits. Focus On The Family led by James Dobson contributes not one red republican religious cent to the US Treasury for the common good.

Texas evangelicals helped effort to stop Palin 'troopergate' probe
By Sean Cockerham

Anchorage Daily News

JUNEAU — New state gift disclosures show it cost Liberty Legal Institute and the two law firms working with it $185,000 to represent six Alaska legislators in an unsuccessful lawsuit to halt their colleagues' "troopergate" investigation into whether Gov. Sarah Palin acted improperly in firing the state's public safety director.

The legislators listed a $25,000 gift of services from the Texas-based Liberty Legal Institute. Liberty is the legal arm of the Free Market Foundation, which is associated with evangelical leader James Dobson's Focus on the Family, and lists its guiding principles as limited government and promotion of Judeo-Christian values. The lawmakers also disclosed a $120,000 gift of services from Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP, a national firm that appeared at hearings on behalf of Liberty Legal.

Anchorage attorney Kevin Clarkson represented the six legislators in the case as well, and turned to Liberty Legal for its constitutional expertise. The lawmakers reported a $40,000 gift of services from Clarkson's firm. That brings the total bill for their lawsuit to $185,000.

The attorneys had hoped to recoup legal fees in a victory. But the suit was dismissed last fall. The six legislators who filed the suit are Wes Keller, Mike Kelly, Fred Dyson, Tom Wagoner, Carl Gatto and Bob Lynn. All are Republicans. Gatto said the legislators didn't have anything to do with the amount spent on the suit. "I said so, who is paying who to do this? And they said they were volunteering, the attorneys were volunteering. Then I discovered I had to report it as gifts. So I did," the Palmer Republican said.

Gatto said he has no regrets about his involvement. "If you feel like there is an injustice being done you have a right to file a lawsuit," he said.

Peter Maassen, the lawyer who defended the Legislative Council against that lawsuit and two others seeking to stop the "troopergate" investigation, was surprised his foes listed $185,000 as their costs in the court action. "Wow," he said. Maassen said the legislature paid him $29,845 for defending against the three lawsuits.

Let's see - chicanery, IRS tax fraud, manipulation, intimidation, obstruction of justice...Way to promote your version of "Christian Values" Mister James Dobson!

Most Americans these days have come to the conclusion, Mister Dobson, that as an honest Christian man who is deeply motivated by faith to be involved in the political process, you will want to voluntarily surrender your tax-free status, and surrender back to any church congregations any donations you have accepted from them for say, your politically active past 25 years? Okay, just to be nice, how about the past 10 years? Would you consider 5 years? The hundreds of thousands of dollars you collect in say, even 1 year?

Of course, Mister Dobson and Sarah Palin will be taking a sleigh ride together in a Christian Hell the day that will happen.

"False prophets will arise and mislead many." Matthew 24:11

To add voting machine fraud to the list of sins committed by The Evangelical Right in Florida in 2000, in Ohio in 2004, also in the stolen re-election of Governor Don Siegelman in Alabama in 2002, also in the stolen re-election of Senator Max Cleland in Georgia in 2002, follow the links between Dobson and Weyrich, and then look at this revealing interview with Mark Crispin Miller, Professor at NYU and author of Loser Take All: Election Fraud and the Subversion of Democracy, 2000-2008. The Evangalical Right and their "Man In The Middle" voting machine fraud is discussed about half way down, but the entire interview is worth reading.

Long story short - Because of their belief that they will be saving some undeveloped fetuses conceived in the future from becoming terminated pregnancies, The Evangelical Right conspires to and indeed commits election fraud, tax fraud and acts subversive to the democratic process in America.

Thus these Prophets of Profit have opened themselves to the same charges of conspiracy, racketeering and tax evasion that are associated with criminal Mafia bosses, drug Kingpins and some of the Thieves of Wall Street. The time has come for them to be charged with these offenses, as the general public becomes more aware - and increasing outraged - over their activities.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Alaskans - Recall Governor Palin, For You, and For People In Places She Can't Find On A Map

People from all over the US and all around the globe have found their way to and the community of Palin and Alaska bloggers to educate themselves regarding the American "Queen of Scandals" Bad Sarah Palin. The world is interested and alarmed regarding yet another reckless American politician, a la Bush, who recently came so close to obtaining political power with a global reach.

Europeans from Spain, France, Italy, Norway, Germany, Greece, Britain, Scotland and Ireland, Poland and Turkey, Switzerland and Hungary, Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands have all been finding what they were searching for - reports and commentary about Bad Sarah's avalanche of offenses. Moscow is checking in. These readers are going through the links meticulously, examining the news sources, op-ed, and commentary, emailing them to their friends and coming back to read again. The same with visitors from Asia - Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Malasia. the Phillipines, India and Indonesia. Visitors from far flung places such as Abu Dhabi Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Dubai UAE, Egypt and all over the southern hemisphere - South Africa, Australia, Argentina, Namibia and New Zealand - have read, reread and spread the word. North Americans from Canada to Mexico, Hawaii to Panama and Costa Rica to Puerto Rico are interested in arming themselves with the facts about Palin. And the dots from the continental United States read like a continuous red gash across the visitor map keeping score in the left column of this website.

Every population center in Alaska has stopped by, repeatedly. There's no doubt that Alaskans care deeply about what is going on in their state.

So the entire US is joined with the whole of the free world, and they are watching and waiting, and yes, hoping. I am going to speak for this connected global village of those who search for answers about Palin, and read silently. Those who sit back, and worry:

Alaskans, the US and the world expects you to begin the recall process of Governor Palin.

Recall Palin

There are ample reasons to do so, as we all know. We know, Alaskans, that you've been through a couple of decades of dirty politics. We understand that you are tired. But this initiative would be the right thing to do for your state, for the Republican party, for America, and for the rest of the world too. Send the strongest message you can, now. Send Governor Palin packing, and let the Republican party know that you are not going to put up with it's tired, ugly cronyism, fraud, lying and polluting all over Alaska for even one more year.

The process of exactly how to go about this recall process has been outlined in detail already, courtesy of The Daily Kos, and Palingates. If you are reading this, and you are Alaskan, please, please think about being one of the Alaskans that begins this process. I can guarantee you will have online support for gathering signatures for the required petitions.

To get started, just read the "How To Recall An Alaskan Governor In 5 Easy Steps".

The world is with you on this.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Let the Flood-gates Open

In honor of Bad Sarah's new best pal Republican Puppetmaster Fred Malek, who aided in bringing governmental scandal to a whole new level with Nixon and Watergate, incidentally helping to usher into the English language the use of the term "-gate" to denote political scandal...(pause, then drumroll please...)

Here's a little collection I call "The BSPalin Flood-gates" ~


ViciousTo Rivals-gate1

And of course this week we have:

MassiveNewSpending-gate, and

Below are yet other -gates you can read about right here on nailinpalinnow:

Emmonak (Palin's Katrina - Palin Gives Cold Shoulder To Alaskans , also Mudflats)
RNCShoppingSpree-gate ($30,000 Diet Dr. Pepper)

Levi-gate (The Maiden, the Mother and the Cronyism)
$50,000UnauthorizedSpending-gate (Monday, Dec. 15)
Geography-gate ("Country of Africa" Story No Hoax)
MediaWar-gate2 (Just Call Me Bored, Pathetic, Anonymous)
Travel-gate (Palin's Aide Scorns Inquiry)
Rape-gate (Palin Blocked State Rape Prevention Program)
ViciousToFemales-gate2 (Palin Scorns Activist As "Falafel Lady")
DumpingBillionsOfGallonsOfToxicWasteIntoCookInlet-gate (December 3, 2008)

Now many of these are large, bona-fide embarrassing scandals involving fraud, greed, corruption, cronyism and wholesale polluting - the worst of the worst traits to be uncovered in a "public servant." Even two or three of the big ones should be enough to get most political folks disgraced and ousted by their party or their constituents.

And some of them are just scandalous lapses in sound judgment, good taste, common sense or political savvy. Why would any voter even consider for office a candidate who is followed around by "Scandal" like a cheap perfume?

One thing is for sure, this list is not inclusive, and I have almost certainly missed a "-gate" or two. Please feel free to add to this list by commenting. I'll try to keep this list rolling. Hopefully I will be able to post the "-gates" faster than BS Palin can create them...

There is some good in all of this, for one person at least. If Blagojevitch reads this list, it'll probably give him some hope. If Sarah can think about running for President with this foul baggage, maybe Black-Heart Blago has a chance to revive his political career after all. Would 2012 Republican Vice-Presidential Candidate be good enough for you, Blago?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Malek/Palin Alfalfa Date Caught On Video

Today's daily briefing has this caption of the above still photo - "Gov. Sarah Palin, accompanied by Meg Stapleton, left, enters the Capital Hilton to attend the Alfalfa Club event Jan. 31, 2009, in Washington, D.C." However, the video (the last item in the column of goodies on the left of this blog) shows the whole story - Palin entered accompanied by Malek, along with Ms. Stapleton and another gentleman.

Today, the ADN reports, "The governor's office wouldn't say who invited Palin, but by tradition, each member is allowed two guests."

Now, why in the world would the Governor's office be so darned coy about Palin's big opportunity to be taken up by important Washington DC insider and Republican operative Fred Malek?

Let's be clear - The video at left clearly shows Fred Malek accompanying BS. You first really see Malek at the bottom of the stairway and once again quite clearly just before the end of the video, when he is at the top of the stairs. Even in the video, it seems like Palin is doing her best to distance herself from Malek by running up the stairs first in a rather unladylike manner.

Malek is easily identifiable because of his trademark silver panther white hair and distinctive profile.

Why does it matter that Malek decided to bring Palin to Washington DC for the first time since her failed '08 campaign, making sure that she was there to be counted as one of the insider elites? For one thing, showing up with Malek helps "legitimize" Palin, who is otherwise somewhat of a pariah, or at best a curiosity, in DC circles.

The ADN (Alaska Daily News) confirms this:

"Palin's invitation to the Alfalfa Club was "a coup," said Letitia Baldrige, who served as the White House social secretary and chief of staff to Jacqueline Kennedy. "It's something that everybody who's anybody in politics wants to be invited to," Baldrige said.

If a roasting by the most powerful people in America is a sign you've made it, then Palin had clearly arrived. Or, at the very least, was acknowledged Saturday night as one of the most interesting women in American politics.

Saturday night, dozens of powerful women streamed in, some members, some guests: Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, NBC News correspondent Andrea Mitchell on the arm of her husband, Alan Greenspan. And Palin."

And why is it that out of all these women, only Bad Sarah deliberately kept the identity of her escort under wraps?

In the past, Malek has been considered a rather unsavory operator. Today, perhaps he is a reformed unsavory operator. Perhaps not. Either way, it looks like he might have decided to perform a miracle for Palin - which is to resurrect her political career from the steaming ashes of her disastrous VP run.

It's all rather like "Frankenstein" meets "My Fair Lady".

(read "Anything For A Drink..." below for more background and links on this.)

UPDATE: Apparently Bad Sarah outdid herself this weekend - she also lied to the House Republicans - you know, just congressmen, not the elite operators of the party. Anyway, they asked her to their winter retreat, and she told them that pressing state business made it impossible to for her leave Alaska this weekend. Then of course she turned around and flew to DC for the best party of her political career. But why lie to House Republicans? Republicans who actually liked her apparently. The machinations of BS's mind are really too obscure for analysis.