Friday, January 30, 2009

Anything For A Drink? Palin Has A Date With Nixon CREEP Malek

There is a question about Bad Sarah this weekend that is much more important than - who designed what she'll be wearing and who paid for it?

It is - Who will she be apologizing to, and how much will it cost her?

An exclusive $200 a plate dinner will be held in Washington DC this weekend, and working-gal soccer-Mom Palin is flying in for it. Here are some facts about the Alfalfa Club Dinner she will be attending:

1. Founded in 1913, by 4 southerners one of whom was a Confederate veteran, the Alfalfa Club is extremely exclusive.
2. Club membership is made up of American politicians and business elites. It is traditional for the sitting President of the US to attend and say a few words.
3. 200 members belong - each may bring 2 guests to dine on the traditional menu of lobster and filet mignon at the event held each January.
4. Most members are white men. Women were allowed to be members for the first time in the '90s. Previous to that, women were honored with membership only after they were dead. No doubt this was a source of great amusement to the gentlemen.
5. Black men were not allowed in, dead or alive, until 1979.
6. The club's name is in honor of a plant known to do anything for a drink.
7. The Alfalfa Club was founded solely for the purpose of honoring the memory and the birthday of secessionist general Robert E. Lee. Lee's Confederate forces fought President Lincoln and US forces in the American Civil War. Thus, the club honors a man who killed to defend slavery.
8. Each year a mock "President" is nominated to speak the the Alfalfa Club dinner. Many times, this nominee has gone on to run for and usually win the US Presidency including Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, and John McCain.

Hmmm, a secessionist party? Now we know that the First Gentleman of Alaska, Todd, had strong secessionist tendencies in the past. Of course, no one would have cared much about Palin's "past associations" with secessionist sympathizers if BS hadn't used her considerable charms to vocally, repeatedly and purposely whip up anti-Obama hate by inferring that the future President was a socialist, charging him with casual terrorist friendships and attacking his patriotism to the point that she provoked a dramatic spike in death threats against him according to the US Secret Service.

Bad Sarah's campaign rhetoric could be extrapolated to have
cost the country millions of dollars in extra security costs for the protection of Obama as a candidate, the President Elect and at his inauguration. Aside from the financial costs, there are of course much deeper costs in terms of social division that still haven't been accounted for. This stuff didn't happen in the distant past, it was all just 4-5 months ago.

Do you think there might be a small moment at this dinner party where Bad Sarah will take the opportunity to personally and sincerely apologize to President Obama? Perhaps McCain is still due some kind of apology from the "rogue", and while they are lining up, Dick Cheney might want a "sorry" from her for making his dangerous expansion of VP political powers a national nightmare and ongoing joke at the same time.

Reports conflict regarding whether BS is invited to speak at this "roast" style affair which bars journalists. BS's aide McAllister says she's speaking, an Alfalfa Club member says she isn't.

Just in case you didn't notice, the pic that leads this post is one of Sarah Palin proudly displaying a 49 star flag.

UPDATE: Bad Sarah got a seat at the party as the personal guest of Fred Malek,
former deputy director of Nixon's CREEP (Committee to Re-elect the President), the operation behind Watergate. Unlike many of his former associates, Malek walked away unscathed by Watergate prosecutors, and stayed on in Washington D.C., to help elect George Bush/Dan Quayle. Despite his experience handling Quayle, Malek may have found his greatest challenge yet in promoting Palin.

Here's why it matters that BS Palin is now best pals with Malek. This chilling information is reported in detail here at dailykos:

"In the U.S. attorneys scandal, all eyes are on Karl Rove as the presumed architect. But, long before Karl Rove began plying his trade, Fred Malek wrote the manual for politicizing the Justice Department. Malek, a little known but influential Republican operative and "hatchet man," devised the strategies used to remove Democrats and whistleblowers from the civil service and to turn the federal government into a Republican Party headquarters. Malek's connections with President Bush may explain why the U.S. Attorney's office discontinued investigation of wrongdoing at Fannie Mae, where Malek was then a board member and was one of several individuals named in a civil suit. Rather than face criminal penalties, Fannie Mae settled with the SEC and OFHEO for a $400 million civil penalty.

Say "Watergate," and most people think of the 1972 burglary of Democratic headquarters sponsored by Republican operatives. But, another, less publicized, scheme exposed by a Senate investigation would have a greater impact on the nation. The scheme, known as the "Responsiveness Program," was a bag of ruthless tricks designed to use the "powers of incumbency" to retain control of the presidency [Senate Watergate Report, 2005]. Ultimately, though, the plan would accomplish much more; it would be used to destroy the competency of the federal government and, with that, the nation's security.

According to the Senate committee investigation report, the Program's activities were likely illegal, but the Senate committee declined to pursue the matter. As a result, Fred Malek, a Nixon advisor and chief architect of the plan, remained free to practice his black arts, which included aiding the Bush family's rise to power. The dirty personnel practices devised by Malek would spread from one administration to another; the Bush administration would embrace them with particular fervor. Political loyalty was emphasized at the expense of competence in carrying out responsibilities designated by law. Thus, the government incompetence exposed by Hurricane Katrina and the 9/11 attacks traces back to Malek and other Nixon aides who set into motion the Republican plan to make agencies "responsive," not to the people, but to political concerns. With Malek's manual available, Karl Rove did not have to be a genius; merely an eager student of The Master."

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Palin's Aide Scorns Inquiry Into Spending Amid State Budget Shortfall, BS Scorns Activist as "Falafel Lady"

All I can say about Bill McAllister's "let them eat cake" attitude is that he is in for a rude shock if he thinks that it is still fashionable or acceptable to misappropriate public funds to travel, dine and work for private interests these days - while neglecting your job. That goes for CEOs, that goes for Governors and that goes for you too, Mr. McAllister. Ms. Perry, in the back there, are you listening? (Please scroll down a few posts and read "Maybe It's Time To Call Linda Perez" for more background on this issue.)

Ethics complaint filed against Palin aides

January 27, 2009- UPI

Ethics complaints have been filed against two of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's top aides, alleging they used their positions to promote the governor politically.

The complaints were filed by political activist Andree McLeod against Palin's communications director, Bill McAllister, and Kris Perry, who directs the Republican governor's Anchorage office.

McLeod is asking the state personnel board to investigate the allegations, the Anchorage Daily News reported Tuesday. The complaints say the state workers worked on political matters on behalf of Palin, the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee, while on state time.

McAllister discounted McLeod's claims, saying they are just part of the former state employee's ongoing vendetta.

This is a person who I think was disgruntled because she wasn't considered for a (Palin administration) job, has some time on her hands, apparently, and wants to wreak havoc with people's lives and reputations, McAllister said.

Mr. McAllister, you work in a state that used to be wealthy and is now in a funding crises. If you think that an inquiry regarding your use of public funds for questionable travel and dining expenses could "wreak havoc" on your life and reputation, perhaps you should not have appropriated those funds in the first place? Just a thought.

Some estimates say that the tabs for Mr. McAllister and Ms. Perry's traveling to assist Bad Sarah in her campaigns since '08 could amount to $1000 per day apiece - or much, much more. BS already has a pretty poor record when it comes to fiscal conservatism. Details regarding this ethics complaint are reported here.

According to Mother Jones Magazine, McLeod was an activist that was formerly allied with Palin when BS campaigned as a reformer. These days, Palin scornfully refers to McLeod as "the falafel lady" because Andree had the bad taste to work selling falafel at one point. Way to go with that working-class-gal solidarity, Bad Sarah.

Mother Jones reports: Palin sent McLeod [emails] between 2002 and 2005, in which she praised McLeod. In one of these messages, Palin wrote, "You're all about accountability." In another, Palin said, "Thanks for working to instill the public trust." Palin also wrote her, "I'm proud to know you." And in one email, Palin hailed McLeod: "Holy Moly you are powerful regarding getting the word out to the press about questionable activity."

"I've known Sarah for years, " says McLeod, who moved to Alaska from New York in 1978. "When the finger is pointed at somebody else, she's all for accountability. When it's pointing at her, it's different. Sarah Palin was elected on the basis of providing open and honest government. She has failed miserably."

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

UPDATE: "Country of Africa" story is confirmed NO HOAX by McCain Insider

In the post that kicked off this blog (see "The Red Monster Self Cannibalizes on Palin", Sunday Nov. 30th below) I argued against those who thought that reports of Palin's ignorance of geography was just a "hoax" perpetuated in the media.

I argued that on the contrary, the reports were true -
BS was stunningly, magnificently ignorant of world geography at age 44. Palin's lack of basic geographical understanding scared/infuriated/fill-in-the-blank McCain insiders working with her, who leaked the truth to the press. The subsequent attempt to cover up this embarrassment in the media was the only hoax involved in the entire situation.

Today my argument has been supported by McCain campaign insider Michael Goldfarb who stated in an interview with Kate Klonick at the Columbia Journalism Review that the comments regarding Palin's clothes, the "Country of Africa", and her diva-like behavior were indeed leaked by someone inside the campaign and were reported correctly.

KK: What about all the talk about the acrimony between the McCain/Palin camps behind the scenes? What was the story with that?

MG: The reporters who produced those quotes weren’t making them up. It was a disgrace to the campaign and John McCain, and I think the people who did that are going to pay a real steep price in the long run, because the media ate it up, the media loved it. Once you’ve lost the campaign, who holds responsibility for [publicly airing their grievances with Palin] and who escapes with their credibility intact won’t be decided by The New York Times. Conservatives are not pleased by this.

Of course, expecting to be protected by the campaign, Bad Sarah "...dismissed the story, saying a "small, evidently bitter type of person" made "foolish ... false allegations." However, she did not specifically refute the Africa claim or any of the other charges related by [television reporter] Cameron.

So Palin exhibited unthinkable ignorance for a person who was tapped to leap to the highest halls of power in the United States. Then someone who should have protected her for some reason loathed her so much they leaked the truth about her to their own (right wing) media contacts. Then Palin lied gracefully and repeatedly about the whole episode in the subsequent cover up. And Bad Sarah still lies about it all to this day.

I think this episode matters. It is a "Palin 1o1" example of what can be expected from BS should she maintain or retain any position of power.

Today, amidst her own calls for Alaska belt-tightening, Palin announced the founding of her very own Virginia based lobbying group called SarahPAC. SarahPAC has been established to funnel money to any political friends BS can dig up in the Republican party. Or perhaps SarahPAC stands for the campaign to convince voters that Sarah "Palin's Africa is a Country" by 2012.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Maybe It's Time To Call Linda Perez?

"The Palin Reality Show" recently aired its much anticipated "State Of The State" episode. While critics were taken with the writing, noting that Saturday Night Live couldn't have done a better job ladeling out Bad Sarah's trademark syrupy homespun homilies, the seriousness of Bad Sarah's message still managed to get through.

Alaskans are now in deep deep do-do, due to the fact that, well, all the money is gone. Now it is time for a hiring freeze, belt tightening and no aid to Emmonak.

Things are soooo unlike the high rolling days of last November, when the economy had just tanked, Emmonak was just starting to get hungry, and BS got a personal invitation to Georgia to do favors for her veteran bashing Republican crony Chambliss. (see Nov. 30 post below for a long report on Republican veteran bashing.)

At the time Palin was just the working-class-gal pictured above, and she made sure to say that she was traveling at the expense of Chambliss. However, Palin's working-class-gal personal aide Kris Perry traveled, as she did throughout all of campaign 2008, at the expense of Alaskans.

As explained on December 1st:

"The Chambliss campaign will pay for the Georgia leg of Palin's trip, McAllister said.

But the state will cover the costs for Palin's aide Kris Perry to join her on the campaign trail, he said.

Palin is always considered "on duty" and Perry's role is to serve as her liaison to state officials, McAllister said. The governor's family is not traveling with her. The hip detachment operations all went smoothly. (just kidding on that last bit.)

Linda Perez, director of administrative services for the governor, said she wouldn't know how much the trip cost until the travelers return."

Maybe it's time for someone to put a call in to Linda Perez to find out the taxpayer's tab on the Georgia excursion? In fact, it might be of some interest to find out how much the belt-tightening Alaskans actually paid for Perry during the entire campaign of 'o8. And Ms. Perez, please don't forget to total up Ms. Perry's air fare, nice hotel, dinners, lunches, breakfasts, midnight snacks, tips, taxes, taxis, personal phone calls and productive work days lost to home state business.

Perhaps we should look into any wardrobe expense incurred by Ms. Perry as well, just to be fair.

If BS gets her book deal, will Perry travel with her at Alaska's expense when she does interviews and appearances to promote the book? Stay tuned.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Is BS Green, Or Kinda Sorta Olive Brown?

Palin's Green initiative for me is a big non-negative. Even though the "plan" is reportedly just an advisory bulletin and has neither legislative bite nor funding, it is still a step in the right direction.

It is the first positive thing I've heard from Bad Sarah, period - oh, except for her recent praise for the future President at a moment in time when it was politically expedient praise him.

However, let's not forget that BS has had no qualms about putting both legislative muscle and a good deal of funding behind initiatives that hurt Alaska's environment, it's animals, and ultimately, it's population.

Please consider:
  • A considerable amount of her family's income comes from the gas company BP as her husband is an oil production operator for BP. (This may no longer be true when BS signs her upcoming muli-million dollar book deal, and Bristol recieves her $300,000 check from People Magazine.)
  • Palin said that she would sue the Interior Department over its decision to list the polar bear as a threatened species. The Interior Department decision she took on went to great lengths to ward off any new restrictions on oil and gas drilling.
  • BS is launching a new lawsuit against the US for protecting the Beluga whale as an endangered species, so that she can pave the way for exploitation and development of Alaska's waters for Big Oil.
  • Palin supports the aerial hunting of wolves and bears, and Palin spent $400,000 of state money to fund a media campaign to try and convince Alaskans to support aerial shooting. Bad Sarah!
  • Sarah Palin opposed a statewide ballot initiative to prohibit or restrict new mining operations that could affect salmon in the state's streams and rivers.
  • She is pushing to open Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling. OUCH.
  • She opposes a windfall profits tax on oil companies.
  • She has a chair on the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission. (Note: any info on this point would be most welcome as either a positive or negative.)
I question whether her newly announced green initiative is not just another public relations ploy directed at slapping a day-glo green patch on her muddy record as a despoiler of the environment. Perhaps as BS Palin begins to profit from the media she despises, she will be pleased to turn as "green" as a newly minted dollar bill.

(Click title for source of info in this post. Photo credit goes to Duke Wheeler.)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thanks For The Warm Welcome!

Hi ya'll and welcome, I'm so glad you've stopped by!

All comments are welcome - yeah, I can't change the text on a poll once someone has voted, so the typo stays. And for the record, Helen is really my name, so once again, glad to meet all of you!

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Palin's Katrina - Palin Gives Cold Shoulder To Alaskans in Crises

Around January 15th, while Bad Sarah was busy busy busy planning to sue the United States of America and getting ready for her round of interviews scheduled to ride the wave of media interest in the inauguration, a small town in Alaska was crying out for help for it's starving residents. In true "Katrina-esqe" style the Governor's office not only did not know about the crises, they have refused to acknowledge it in a timely manner and have yet to offer any aid - leaving the organization of emergency food and fuel supplies to bloggers and concerned individuals.

Forget about BS's narcissism, her snippy catty swipes at other professional women, her "Soccor Mom at Sak's 5th Avenue" hypocrisy, and her casual lies regarding her family. This type of incident illustrates why Sarah Palin is not fit to hold public office.

Palin Unpopular At Home Series #4

Few people outside the area had ever heard of Emmonak - including Governor Palin apparently. This winter three factors have brought the 800 residents of the rural Alaskan Yup'ik village to the brink of desperation. First the salmon fishing failed last year, then an early freeze caused the village to miss its winter fuel barge, driving what heating oil that was available to the price of $11 a gallon. Other nearby villages are hurting in the same way. Some families do not have enough to eat, and many cannot heat their homes during the long Alaskan winter.

A grassroots movement emerged to help these people, which has now reported that Palin was less than responsive to the city's plight. Will this be Palin's Katrina? According to the Anchorage Daily news, "A rural subcabinet appointed by Gov. Sarah Palin will review the Division's findings at a special meeting planned for Friday."

This may be a situation of too little, too late. This teleconference was scheduled only after repeated attempts to directly contact the Governor's office to ask for aid were rebuffed. The Governor has no plans to visit the area and no state action has yet been taken to relieve the immediate humanitarian needs of the isolated villagers.

To add insult to injury, the AVCP had asked the state to declare a "fisheries disaster" in the area last October. Tara Jollie, director of the state Division of Community and Regional Affairs was vague when asked about this, saying "I think we did do a review of it. I didn't do it myself, so I don't know that the numbers supported the claim." But, Jollie goes on to say that Palin is "very concerned" and "there's not anybody who doesn't care."

Another reason for the Governor's missing response may be that her Rural Advisor resigned in October, and has never been replaced. You have to wonder about the details behind that personnel problem.

According to the bloggers who demanded action for the rural Alaskans, the Anchorage Daily News declined to print the real story about how the Governor's office was unresponsive:

"And all day long we called the office of governor Palin, and were told repeatedly that they knew nothing about this village or of any crisis. In the meantime one of our bloggers, Dennis Zaki (who also freelances as a reporter for CNN), decided to go to Emmonak and get the crisis on film so that the whole world could see what is happening right under our Governor's eyes. In no time at all we had donate buttons on our sites, and the many wonderful visitors to our blogs had raised enough money to send Dennis out to the village with enough left over to make an additional contribution to help the people of Emmonak meet their food and energy needs. So that is the REAL story of how local activists, anonymous bloggers, and generous internet users helped to save a small village in a remote section of Alaska."

UPDATE: (1/24/09) Not to be outdone by the bloggers, BS sent 5 officials to visit the town of Emmonak on the same day that Zaki arrived with money, supplies and video gear for documenting the state of affairs. According to The Immoral Minority, this envoy brisky notified the city they'd be there just 60 minutes before they landed, but then ended up being disrespectfully late to their own rushed meeting by 40 minutes. Again, too little too late? The Department of Homeland Security hopped on the copter, but no one from Fish and Game - the long term solution to the "depleted fisheries" crises will fall to them, if they take an interest. The village waters are now commerciall overfished leaving little for subsistance fishermen. The village says it needs a fuel storage facility and a fishing pier. Let's hope the gal that lied about the Bridge to Nowhere can now find the funds for a much needed wooden dock.

This abruptly organized visit was little more than a photo op for the state of Alaska.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sarah's Idea of Service

With the inauguration on the horizon today, the President elect has issued a historic call for unity and asked Americans to find ways to serve the country. Bad Sarah took pains on several occasions last year to point out that the real patriots in America live in small towns, like she does. So is BS planning to honor veterans? Plant a tree? Visit a school on MLK day?

Umm. No.

Instead, Sarah Palin has just announced her very own initiative, for which she will mobilize the time of Alaskan public servants and the funds available to the great state of Alaska. It is a unique "call to service" - the threat of a lawsuit by her office against the United States government over the fact that America wishes to protect Beluga whales.

There are about 400 of these animals in Cook inlet presently. The beluga is still recovering from a population loss of two-thirds over the last 30 years. “Once again Governor Palin has demonstrated either a complete lack of understanding or lack of concern over the plight of endangered species," says Brendan Cummings, Center for Biological Diversity.

Sarah Palin seems to be our modern day equivalent of Captian Ahab - a tyrannical fictional character hell bent on killing all whales, but especially one that he considered a personal enemy.

The White Whale swam before him as the monomaniac incarnation of all those malicious agencies which some deep men feel eating in them, till they are left living on with half a heart and half a lung...All that most maddens and torments; all that stirs up the lees of things; all truth with malice in it; all that cracks the sinews and cakes the brain; all the subtle demonisms of life and thought; all evil, to crazy Ahab, were visibly personified, and made practically assailable in Moby Dick. He piled upon the whale's white hump the sum of all the general rage and hate felt by his whole race from Adam down; and then, as if his chest had been a mortar, he burst his hot heart's shell upon it.

Guess that's how a real patriot spends their time these days.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Maiden, The Mother and The Croneyism

Noun 1. cronyism - favoritism shown to friends and associates (as by appointing them to positions without regard for their qualifications)

New Year and a new life in the family with the birth of Tripp . Seems like a wonderful new beginning for BS, right?

Of course not.

The year has barely fired back up, and BS is out and about all over the media again, "unfiltered" and unable to shut up about her Katie Couric adventure, her Tina Fey doppleganger, and her mistreatment because of class warfare. Yes, she was treated so badly in the media because of her "class" while Caroline Kennedy is being treated differently, she believes. She even took a moment in her latest interview to snipe directly at Couric, snapping that Katie thinks she's "the center of the universe."

Catty, bitchy Sarah is BACK! Meow. Meow. Meow.

Meanwhile, she denies that her eldest daughter Bristol is a high school dropout - but she is. She is going to earn a GED sometime soon. No shame there, what's the problem? Why deny?

Poor beleagured Levi also left high school before graduating. That is a fact. He has now quit his job and training program as an electrician. Well, actually that job never really got started because he had all those gigs showing up in fancy duds on lighted stages all over the country last year, and then the holidays hit, and there might be a wedding to plan, you know how it is.

Local news in Alaska reported that strings were pulled to get him into that particular program, as he had not earned the required educational certifications to take the position. Now Levi's own father says that the boy quit in hopes that things (like the reports of favoritism) would "quiet down."

Fine. BS did what she could to secure employment for her maiden daughter's man, and in doing so gave him an opportunity he didn't deserve. An opportunity that other poor schlubs in Alaska have to muck their way through at least a couple of years of extra schooling to get - holding down a part time job to cover the bills and burning the midnight oil. You know - working. Like Sarah's "class" does.

And then the soon to be Governor-In-Law quietly offered poor Levi a chance to forgo all of that and get away from maiden and babe, his jailhouse mom and even the all powerful Governor-In-Law herself!! He could escape to the white cold dark wastes of Alaska's oil fields. No one had even talked about a wedding yet! Who could blame Levi? He must have jumped at the chance.

So BS's party line now is like this:

You've really got to feel for Levi, denied his opportunity because of those mean-spirited journalists who just happen to shed light on my cronyism, and my charade that these unmarried, high school drop out kids are somehow not that. And over the holidays too! I didn't count on that.

Before all the Christmas decorations are back in the attic, before the last New Year's sale is over, before anyone has really started to push the papers back at work, Sarah Palin has managed to generate another mini-scandal, and already figured out how to point fingers at everybody else as the cause of it. Just the same ol' same ol' up there in Alaska, Palin and her grand "reform" agenda on the march again.

'09 is going to be "just great."

Here's the real kicker. NO ONE seems to bring up poor Levi and maiden Bristol's substantial income change of late. It is a reported fact that they made $300,000 just last week selling little baby Tripp's image to People Magazine - just like all the big celebs do.

Perhaps this income stream had oh, maybe just a teeny timy little bit to do with Daddy's decision to give up the electrician program and kick it at home? $300,000 cash will probably pay Jailbird Grandma's legal bills with a tidy sum left over to set up house somewhere away from the sound of Governor-In-Law's voice.

So much for being victims of class warfare. Unfortunately, you really can't have it both ways, Bad Sarah. What working stiff, unemployed, high school drop out baby-daddy do we know of that rates a cool three figures for some pics of his kid? Sorry BS, but the string pulling and picture selling smacks of - upper class privilege.

Pssssssssssst. Levi and Bristol. Over here. Here's a hint - Key West is in the United States too. It's about as far from Alaska as you can get and still be in the lower 48. Just a thought.

(Link to the new complaining BS interview by clicking on the title The Maiden, The Mother, etc above)