Thursday, October 15, 2009

Schaeffer Scorcher: This is rube white America...the cracker fundamentalist South...the Sarah Palin "He's Not-A-Real-American" Obama haters.

Rumors are bounding around the net of late - "The Trig Truth scandal is about to go viral", "An illegal fundamentalist adoption played a part""Alaska Fund Trust and SarahPAC are tainted and not generating enough $$$, hence STUFON..."

Meanwhile Frank Schaeffer continues to warn Americans and support a campaign to warn specific government officials about his very real fears of brewing violence: "I fear another Oklahoma type bombing, and most of all the assassination of President Obama."  As usual Palin plays a part in the nastiness, and now Rupert Murdoch is also named.

"If we take bin Laden seriously when he talks about God hating America's sins, we should take the America extremists as seriously. There should be no free ride for these idiots carrying weapons near presidential or other political gatherings."

"People like Operation Rescue should be investigated to see how many of their members are planning to murder more abortion providers. And if you want to know what the greatest threat to our president is, look no further than where evangelical "Christianity" intersects with Glenn Beck's fans. The FBI should seize his fan letter email. I'll bet they'd find some very interesting folks out there, people in militias, far right hate groups, and all the rest."

"They want revenge on all people not like them -- forever."

"Most of the media have ignored the looming threat of far right violence while conservatives deride those of us who link crazy talk to the potential of crazy actions."

Read Schaeffer's new interview with Raw Feed, and beware, some of the quotes from the rabid Christians threatening Schaeffer contain expletives.

If anyone thinks Schaeffer is being shrill, please note that apparently the White House itself feels "South Carolina Too Dangerous For Michelle Obama" to visit.

"Let’s get this straight: The White House has allowed first lady Michelle Obama to tool around Moscow, the Czech Republic and even Ghana in the past year, but officials are a little worried about her coming to South Carolina.

They consider the atmosphere here too dangerous.

Just when it seemed the summer of shame was over, House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn says the White House is wary of bringing the first lady to the state because of the attitude of some of its residents.

Even if they are overreacting, or if Clyburn is overstating the case, it’s embarrassing. If security professionals, who apparently have reservations, actually believe it is too dangerous for the first family to visit a U.S. state, then we have dropped below the status of a Third World country.

It makes us look like buffoons, racists and backwater morons."

(Sorry about that pic everyone.  Like the fundies, it just won't go away.)

Read about fundamentalist religious adoption ring abuses here


Anonymous said...

your link to the adoption ring, does not work. Interesting post.

Helen said...

Now fixed - thanks.

Anonymous said...

um, the First Lady is not safe in a US state? wow. Just wow. I guess though that JFK wasn't safe in Texas, he just didn't know it.

Amused One said...

Frank Schaeffer shows that hard core religious groupies can wake up. He provides a very unique voice of hope.

Jen said...

Thanks for the heads up on the new FC piece.

Sansego said...

If anything bad happens to Obama, I'm leaving the country. I can't live in a country that kills its dreamers (JFK, RFK, MLK). Liberals were denied a full Kennedy administration, so I want to see Obama serve all eight years in office.

As for Palin...I hope the truth about Trig will come out. I'm curious to read how Palin will re-explain her Texas to Seattle to Anchorage flights while leaking amniotic fluid. Hopefully she'll keep to her illogical story or maybe change some vital piece of info to raise the eyebrows of a media that doesn't seem to want to touch the scandal.

regina said...

Great interview on Raw Feed and fantastic comments. It's very frightening...

morbidlass said...

Happy Early Halloween everyone

Teutonic13 said...

Here is a good thread from HuffPost regarding the AIP issues surrounding SP last year- and buried.

Hey I love that almost everybody I read recognizes SP for her ignorant BS and money grubbing opportunism.

Anonymous said...

Niiiiice job, Helen.

morb320 said...

I am AA, and I live in GA. I wouldn't advise either the president or First Lady to visit this part of the country. Fuchs Noose, Limbaugh and the far-right republican politicians have stirred up a toxic brew that has poisoned the atmosphere in the south in ways you can't imagine. Every little thing that happens is blamed on the president. They hate President Obama and Michelle for no reason. They hate AAs, immigrants, liberals, and anyone who is a person of color. Since November 2008, they are not hesitant to say very ugly things about the president, his family, liberals, democrats, minority persons, immigrants, etc. The local newspaper and TV stations never have anything good to report about the president. Erick Erickson, who deemed the president's NPP as being an affirmative action award, sits on the Macon City Council, so you can get some kind of idea of how these people think. Some people here don't want to see Obama clothing, magnets on cars, or any type of Obama memorabilia. Most of the avatars you see posted on local web sites are of the president as a clown, swastikas/hammer and sickles with the president's picture, don't tread on me, or promote teabagging, etc. Everything is negative. There is a constant celebration of guns, guns, and more guns, calls for the president to die and for his impeachment, even though he has done nothing to warrant it. If Michelle decides to go to South Carolina, I wouldn't put it past one of these nuts to attempt to hurt/kill her. They have been totally brainwashed by Fuchs Noose, Limbaugh, and local and state republican politicians. They are too lazy to read/research anything in order to find out what the president is trying to accomplish on their behalf. When I see members of the Republican Party and right-wing pundits say on TV that opposition to the president is not based on racism, I always wonder what alternate universe they are living in. I don't believe that all opposition to the president is based on racism, but that of many southern whites is most definitely based on racism. Why they would try to convince the nation that it is not is beyond me. I've lived here for 50+ years and can tell anyone that for some southern whites it's the natural order of things.

Helen said...

Morb320 ~

I very much appreciate your report from basically ground zero - or is it the trenches? Thank you for posting here and telling it like it is. The world as well as the entire US needs to be watching the American south, as Frank S has made abundantly clear.

I come from the US southwest, an area which is no stranger to racism and bible thumping so I understand how the tensions you talk about can crackle through the air. I keep reminding myself that the civil rights movement managed to be birthed and take hold in that very type of southern atmosphere, so there is always hope for further change. Readers who stop by here would appreciate hearing further from you anytime.

I invite other readers as well to let us know what the racist and/or bible thumping climate is like where you live, whether it is the south or not.

Helen said...

Hey Teutonic - Alaska Independence Party ties to Iran, huh - now who is palin' around with terrorists or should I say Palin around... Another case of Republican projection and very interesting information. Imagine how that would play during an election campaign. Thanks, I'lll work it into a post at some point.

Helen said...

"I can't live in a country that kills it's dreamers."

Beautifully put Sansego.

And Regina, I found out today that France is #1 for healthcare on the World Health Organizations ranking list. A votre sante!

The US comes in at #37. So much for that ridiculous "best healthcare in the world" lie that continues to persist.

Anonymous said...

The Trig scandal seems like a simmering pot just waiting to boil over.

Soups on!

Gail said...

The willful ignorance of some distinct and significant portion of the American people never ceases to amaze me. It's not just Americans, of course, but we seem to be best at advertising it, and refining idiocy into an extreme form of low art.

That people of shrinking middle income status can't see that trickle down economics means getting pissed on; and the public option in health care would benefit them; and that big oil, coal and gas are polluting the air that they and their children breathe and giving them asthma, emphysema, and cancer; and that big pharma is polluting their water with hormone changing chemicals making them obese, well, it's just incredibly stupid!

This blog is a refreshing antidote to such blather. I am grateful to Sarah Palin for bringing out the best in many people. Her blatant and arrogant lies have stirred many to take a hard look at the hatred inherent in fundamentalism, and the duplicity and hypocrisy of AIP and Texan secessionists. There are many reasons to despise the sociopath Sarah Palin and those that cynically exploit her appeal, such as Bill Kristol.

My main objection to her is the extremely dangerous philosophy represented by drill baby drill - that we can endlessly exploit the environment without catastrophic consequences.

Of course, from the point of view of Palin's religion, environmental destruction is but a lead in to the Rapture.

Oh, well...that's what 2 cups of coffee first thing in the morning will do!

Floyd M. Orr said...

Let me add to what morb320 just said: 77% of the voters in my county voted for the despicable witch! Yes, I live in Texas, not in one of those redneck strongholds in far east Texas, but a county next door to Austin, the most liberal, progressive town in the state by a mile!

What needs to be better addressed is the fact that we have a zillion good, smart people in this country who live in the saner parts of the USA and think that SP is just one big ha-ha joke. The Second Civil War is brewing while they laugh it off. I think if they lived in one of these 77% counties and understood Babygate and all the rest of SP's scandals, they might be more inclined to join us in this fight to save our nation from the multitude of ignorant crazies who simply want to destroy it if they cannot have it all to themselves.

We need to all realize that the MSM are not our friends. They are the enemy. Everything that has happened over the past year has been controlled by the MSM for their own personal gain. This includes all the want-to-be MSM talking heads, too, from Shannyn Moore to AKM Mudflats to Arianna Huffington to Keith and Rachel. As long as they so blatantly refuse to publicize a word concerning Babygate, they, too, are a part of the problem, not the solution!

Moffat said...

I like your blog. I just want the information without a lot of personal commentary on hair styles and clothing. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Very Kathleen Parker has said, Southism is the last refuge of the bigot.

As a lifelong Southerner, I resent your bigoted comments and stereotypes. My wife and I not only have advanced college degrees, but we have spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars opposing the Palinites and religious right, exposing ourselves to threats to our reputations and even our persons in the process. You?

It also might surprise you to learn that we and a group of like-minded Southerners believe we are within a few weeks of exposing BabyGate in all its glory, if we can put the last few pieces together. You can also be sure that because of your ill-considered comments, we won't reveal it HERE.

These lunatics cannot prevail unless we fight among ourselves. I suggest you stop alienating so many of those who are on your side and stop behaving exactly like those you claim to oppose.



Helen said...

Hi Jim ~

Glad you checked in. I'm not a babygate blogger, so pulling babygate from me doesn't make any difference to me one way or another.

If you'll notice, it is Frank Schaerffer, a writer and man I respect a great deal both for his life's journey and his accomplishments, who is making the comments you take exception to. I pass them on as a public service.

I am from the southwest, and bigotry and racism is as alive there as it is in the south. In fact no region in the US is free of it, and probably very few places in the world.

It is strange that in your mind you quickly jumped to the erroneous conclusion that Schaeffer's article is about each and ever person in the southern states? There is nothing in the context of his article or my post that makes such a claim.

However bigotry and fundamentalist fueled racism is a fact of life there, and if you'll get ahold of yourself and scroll a few comments up, you'll see a very good picture of that reality from morb320.

The Michelle Obama information is from the local press in South Carolina, and it is linked to a blog article that rebutts, from a southern blogger.

So in order to get me to "stop alienating" people by posting other people's news stories you'll have to go and lambast the sources themselves - that is Frank Schaeffer, and reporters and bloggers who are themselves southern. While you are there, take a moment to listen to what they have to say if you have the time and inclination to do so.



Anonymous said...

Even before Obama had secured enough primary votes to be elected, someone asked Michelle Obama is she was concerned for her husband's safety, especially in light of a statement made by Colin Powell, who chose not to run in an earlier election because of excessive threats.

Michelle's reaction was that Barack, as a black man living on the South Side of Chicago is at risk if he goes out at night to a local gas station and just stands there filling up his car. Chicago has some pretty mean streets and it is sad to read of so much violence here.

Two different women I know who generally have liberal views has such deep seated hatred for African Americans in general that they refer to them using that nasty n-word. Although both hated Bush, they could not bring themselves to vote for Obama.

The US has a long way to go in healing the rift between races, and getting people to be understanding and tolerant of alternate life styles.

Laurie-Ann said...

I know this won't matter much to you as I am Canadian, but omg....what is happening in your beautiful country. I have often felt my country was a boring cousin to you...but oh heavens..I am so glad to live here.

If anything happens to Pres. or Mrs. will be horrendous on so many levels.

There are more sane Americans than there are nutty ones...take your country back. The world loves you.


Helen said...

My apologies to the last commenter today - I accidentally hit the wrong button and erased your comment. Please post it again if you come back around. cheers!