Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Wall Street Journal Flushes Palin's Speech After A Few Hours

Wonkette reports that The Wall Street Journal published the text of the Sarracuda's Hong Kong speech online here, then without explanation, yanked it offline just a few hours later.

Let's not forget of course that The Wall Street Journal is now owned lock stock and barrel by Rupert Murdoch, the one and only media tycoon that also has Palin locked into a book deal, and who also happened to arrange her Hong Kong speech.

So that's why the now-not-so-respectable WSJ is the only media outlet that "obtained" a complete transcript of Palin's speech...but what light does this throw on their decision to yank it? ...Hmmm, Rupurt is managing his Palin brand carefully and thought better of having the whole text out there for all and sundry to see, apparently. Perhaps he intends to recycle the speech at her next engagement - after a month of practice she's got all the words in almost all the right places by now. Why do you think the WSJ would pull a whoopsie like that?

To get a feel for how the speaking engagement went from the point of view of people who actually attended, check out this Bree Palin catch of the less-than-glowing review in the South China Morning Post. Looks like SCMP is one sheet that Murdoch still doesn't own, and it must be somewhat important - Bree also provided this pic of that very paper in Tundra Barbie's hands as she exits Hong Kong for some much needed R&R, no doubt.

This article from the Independent UK by attendee Robert Frisk is along the same lines but even more entertaining.

UPDATE: The WSJ didn't consider Palin's speech part of "all the news fit to print" (ok I know, that's the Grey Lady's motto). But excerpts did end up on faithful Murdoch employee Greta Van Suckup's webpage, and a version sans the silly ending and other changes is posted on Palin's very own Facebook page.


Anonymous said...

(Reposted from previous thread)

"Why do you think the WSJ would pull a whoopsie like that?"

Maybe some of Palin's old staffers got jobs there when Murdoch took over the show...seems like one of their moves.

But seriously it must be just plain embarrasment.

Anonymous said...

Palin said no press, and then, what a surprise, one newspaper has the text of her speech. Hmmmm. Then, people had audio of the speech, as it was delivered, and they began comparing it to the prepared text, noting that Sarah added some extra words, like perhaps, too, also.

That speech was an embarrassment for someone who had been secluded for the past how-many-weeks. I had the idea that she was getting a real makeover, voice coach, maybe some reading about issues. We've already discussed the face-fix, wrinkle-remover. Three speech writers worked on that?! The Wall Street Journal must have gotten one of those hot mike comments from Peggy Noonan saying, "What the Hell were you thinking running that stupid speech? Get it out of there now!"

Anonymous said...

I am amused by the comments on the last post about Sarah needing a "wife." To do exactly what? So far, we haven't seen much evidence of Sarah taking care of her kids, being busy around the house. Levi said that she sat in her PJ's watching TV; she didn't cook. So the big question is, what is keeping Sarah so busy that she needs full time help.

And, with all the money she is making on that big speech, why not hire a housekeeper, a nanny, a cook, a personal assistant, maybe someone to look after Todd, too.

1stborn said...

Poor old WSJ - just another case of a mature beauty that will only be marred and scarred by Murdoch's touch.

EyeOnYou said...

A parital transcript of the speech was emailed to Greta VS who has it posted on her "Greta Wire" blog.

A very good take on this speech is also given by Robert Fisk:
Robert Fisk: Mangling everything in its path, Typhoon Sarah blows in to Asia

Helen said...

The Robert Fisk write up at the link in the comment above is an excellent first person account, thanks EyeOnYou.

William said...

Yes, they still have an excerpt of her speech up at:

Her grammar is pretty terrible, with typical run-on sentences and sentence fragments. It's almost like her brain interrupts her while she is speaking one sentence to interject a more important thought.

In honor of your web site's name, here's my take on Sarah closing her speech with:

“I bring good tidings, wishes for more blessing and vibrant life and even more freedom.”

I can actually picture Sarah writing that sentence:

“I bring good tidings… Hmmm. What goes after ‘good tidings’? Oh, I know! I bring good tidings of great joy… No, wait. That’s been used somewhere before.”

“I’ve got it! I bring good tidings, wishes for more blessing, and… Dang it! Oh, how about “more blessing and abundant life”? No that still isn’t it.”

“‘Vibrant life’? That’s it! I’m done. Boy that was really hard! We never had to write this kind of stuff in communicficatio…, communityica…, journalism school.”

Todd enters the room, “I don’t know, I think it’s still needs a little something.”

Sarah: “You’re right – how about ‘even more freedom’?”

Todd: Ha! You nailed it!

Sarah: “I told you not to use that word around me”.

Bree Palin said...

Thanks, Helen, I thought that was hilarious. And I second the rec for the Robert Fisk piece.

It is rather stunning that with 3 speechwriters including one along for the ride she couldn't read a prepared text with sound English grammar competently.

Anonymous said...

When I read William's post, I thought that it was a good joke. I mean, who is bringing glad tidings of comfort and joy to the financial guys? Then, I looked at the speech, and it truly is the closing line. Sarah must have written it herself. Blessings? Freedom? Did she look at the delegate list- I am willing to bet that not of the delegates come from "free" places.

As for Alaska being the air crossroads of the world, another sentence in that paragraph, it is laughable. Why didn't Sarah also tell us that Alaska is one of the major financial and investment centers, major business and banks have their headquarters there, oh, I'm sorry, I got carried away.

Anonymous said...

That's a nice looking toilet. The WSJ would use a super expensive executive GOP toilet to do their dirty business now wouldn't they

centermoderate said...

Actually, in light of how this has all worked out it makes sense - the speech is fit for the consumptions of Palin adorers, hence put it up on a personal Facebook page, but why put it up where the rest of the world will come across it, people in the financial industry, or otherwise educated intelligent types who still might pick up the WSJ...Palin's speech is only fit for the consumption of those it is intended for - dumb asses basically.

EyeOnYou said...

Helen said...
The Robert Fisk write up at the link in the comment above is an excellent first person account, thanks EyeOnYou.

:) You are most welcome. I enjoyed reading it and thought others might as well.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Murdoch realized the speech (like so many others SP has made before) made her sound like a manic, babbling idiot.

He shouldn't have bothered pulling it--we already figured this out last year!

Anonymous said...

Sarah has posted parts of her Hong Kong speech on her FaceBook page, "Notes from Hong Kong." What is amazing is that she left off the last paragraph, the one in which she finds commonality between Alaska and Hong Kong in that they are both young and free.

It ends with the quote that William has (above). Bestowing blessings and tidings on some high powered financial types sounds more like Sarah Palin than a professional speech writer. I think that paragraph was considered so juvenile that she just "forgot" to include it in her post. Too bad, it was vintage Sarah.

FEDUP!!! said...

Well, it would be worth checking the 'original' version of her screech vs her 'delivered' screech.

I betcha also, too, that Murdoch was/is a bit miffed about her not sticking to his pre-printed notes.
Maybe this is the last we see of her? (I can dream, can't I? :P )

Teutonic13 said...

Sarah Palin’s venom reminds me of the hate mongering the Nazis exercised in the 1930’s. The mass slaughter of so many innocents began as a slither of thought and poison to the soul similar to the disassembled garbage she spews to anyone that will throw her a shekel...

Read the rest if you want on the Daily Kos...

Frank :)

Anonymous said...

After weeks of silence (presumably being coached and prettied up for a new relaunching) I find her debut speech reassuringly much like the "former" SP.

This is the best they can do, given the time and resources to put her on an (undeserved) international stage??

I remember the McCain staffers had hopes that she could get "better" and "up to speed" during the intensive efforts of coaching and tutoring her in how to speak and dress.

And they failed. Again, this March the Rep party tried to advise her regarding setting up an effective scheduling system. And they failed.

She has supreme confidence in her personal charm, and probably does not want to put much effort into "the other stuff".

Teutonic13 said...

Here are some Quotes & Smotes regarding the question of Palin compared to WW II’ Germany’s infamous propagandist- Joseph Goebbels. It’s from a Kos Poll I submitted earlier…
She was no accident.
Too cunning and conniving to be a twist of fate.
She has used her looks and folksiness to get her through most of her life- and knows how to use that key.

Accidents are when the condom has a hole in it-
An opportunist always knows when to let the skirt rise a little higher.

Regarding how to figure out which side of the shirt goes to the front:
The “teat” imprints goes in the front- at least as far as she reckons…

A lot of Brow Shirts were just mindless minions anyway. Egged on by fear, false ideology, and promises. She has Facebook for that.

White Shirt- that’s the shirt they’d wear in the US.

More like a Dominatrix the way she dressed Todd up in a skirt for the Chinese audience to look up at.

…just had to see what caliber of bullet the world dodged when Obama & Biden won. It was a beeeeeeeeeeg one!

Nah- had the makings of a 22 or old birdshot- never a serious threat.

My Grandpa saw them hang Mussolini. But they didn’t write “fed” on his chest…

She is a coward… simply stated a quitter. She is THE “Divider”….

Joe Christmas said...

While I generally agree with everthing commented above, I would like to add one more analogy to ponder. The book from my youth that has truly scared me to this day, Lord of the Flies. (I wonder if that was one Spalin tried to censor) The fact that we are always a popped lug nut away from savagery, and Spalin could be that very TRIGger.
The MSM created her, and wants to keep her alive, but ultimately, we stand as testiment, she is a simpleton and a fraud.

Anonymous said...

"Lord of the Flies" weirded me out a kid, as well.

Remember though, it is a work of FICTION. It's author, William Golding, confessed himself to be "a monster", admitted to attempted rape as an undergraduate and wrote "Man produces evil as bees produce honey."

In the REAL world, after a crisis people generally work together peacefully to help each other.

Of course, there is always the asshat that tries to use temporary disorder to seize power, but they and their followers are generally not too bright, and are not thought well of in the greater community.

FEDUP!!! said...


"Sorry, the blog at has been removed. "

Helen said...

Maybe a glitch? seems to be okay now.

Anonymous said...

According to the NY Post, popular places for giving speeches do not want to book the "blithering idiot." I guess that Hong Kong thing didn't work out as well as they had hoped.

And now they are rushing out Sarah's book as well, much earlier than the projected Spring 2010 date. The image that comes to mind is a falling star, bright when we first notice it in the dark sky, but it quickly burns up. We can only hope that she is on the crash-and-burn orbit.

joanne in AK said...

You can take the girl out of Wasilla, but you'll never take the Wasilla out of the girl.

We continue to cringe in Alaska.

Anonymous said...

Somebody better contact the humane society, bump its deserve to be treated better than that!

joane in Ak: hahahahah

Alaskan Sisu