Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You Demanded A Betting Pool - Will La Palin Show? Or Blow? UPDATE: SHE BLOWS!!!!!

I noticed in my trips around the blogosphere that people want to place bets on whether Palin will "Show or Blow" the August 27th church event. Well...I looked into it and it might be a little too late to actually set up a betting pool, but this time around may I offer you a poll instead of a pool?

And I'll look into finding some way to set up some kind of entertaining way to bet in the future - perhaps with virtual chips or even real cashola.

From The Palin Detox Post: "According to Wikipedia Pit Bulls were originally used in 'both bull and bear baiting' - hence the name. Pits were also introduced to the realm of dog fighting so that spectators could have a form of entertainment and gambling."

So it seems that actually the pit bull thing was more accurate than Palin could have ever realized...

Cast your vote on whether Palin will "Show or Blow" on 8/27/09 - and remember, she has a habit of blowing events with an 8 in the date!

1. Eagle Forum Pro Life Event - 9/08
2. Republican Fundraiser in Orange County - 9/26/08
3. Co-host of Rep Govs Ass Dinner w/ Mark Sanford - 5/8/09
(probably a good idea to blow, in retrospect)
4. White House Correspondents Dinner - 5/9/09
5. Conservative Political Action Conference - 6/8/09

6. Simi Valley Rep Women Ronald Reagan Library Gala - 8/8/09

UPDATE: Just when I was all settled back and enjoying watching the votes come in, Gryphen has the scoop
...but take a moment and vote anyway, you NEVER know with that sneaky La Palin Diva.

Just for the record, we had 19 votes at the time the news broke that Saradiculous just wasn't that into the APR - 3 for show, 7 for blow, 7 for she don't know, and 2 for Palin who?

And I was just going to relax and start making dinner. I mean NO ONE can trust Palin not to bust a vicious move, can they? Not me and the other two who voted for a "show" this time, not the religious right, not the fancy Republican ladies in California. Oh yeah, C4P - they trust her. And a few ugly right wing thugs. Oh yeah, and Glen Beck. Ugggh. Lost my appetite.


Gryphen said...

I vote blow.

But not in a creepy sexual way or anything.

ella said...

IF she could have snuck in and been the first to sign her name in support of forcing raped, young girls to have the rapists child, she WOULD have gone. BUT, now word leaked of this "appearance," and dissenters will attend - so NO SHOW is my vote. Meg can recycle the excuse she used for Simi Republican Women - all appearances MUST be accepted in writing and signed by her attorney.

akmuffin said...

Looks like a no show:

Helen said...

lol Gryphen! Your dry wit leaves the meanies in the dust.

ella said...

from Grypen's site:
"Palin spokeswoman Meg Stapleton said Wednesday, in response to inquiries from the Daily News about tonight's event, that "this is the first we have ever heard of a speech." She said Palin is out of state and won't be there."

TOLD YA SO, TOLD YA SO, la la la I told ya so! : )

Helen said...

Whaaa? is this new, or did I miss it? checking it out... OMG and I would have actually lost money cause of course I always think...Well she has to show up to do something for her base or something logical like that...NOT

When will us two that voted for her showing up EVER LEARN? ; )

Gryphen said...

What did I win?

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Ha ha! You see? I told you Sarah would not share the stage with a black girl ever again! She must not have known Star Parker was black when she agreed to the gig, then backed out when she did find out. Yep, that second place still stings. I guess second place to a black girl is the equivalent to PTSD for a racist narcissist.

Helen said...

LOL Gryphen - c'mon everybody, lets pitch in and sing "For He's A Jolly Good Fellow" to Gryph! You are lifted on our virtual shoulders - along with your 6 compatriots who got their votes in in time.

Next time maybe we can figure out how to put some real bets down....::rubs hands:: This could be fun! But I have to work on blogging in more of a "racetrack voice" to keep up with the Palishenanigans.

Helen said...

ProChoiceGrandMa - First of all HI! and secondly, I thought maybe you were being too harsh when I saw your prediction...she did share the stage with Muthee after all...BUT I'm inclined to agree with you wholeheartedly now..GOOD CALL~

Next time, care to put some virtual money on it?

Helen said...

Good call ella and thanks for coming to the party!

Anonymous said...

It would be fun to think up the next best thing that Sarah (or her people) will announce and then bail out of. Topping my list is actually writing that book. All right, we know it's a ghost writer, but Sarah has to give her the material to shape into chapters: such as I quit 4 or 5 schools before I got my degree, other jobs I have quit, now I am thinking of quitting my marriage.

Next to cancel: the book tour. Can't have a tour without a book.
And, where are Sarah's appearances on radio, TV, interviews in magazines? She is incredibly quiet for someone who loves the spotlight. What else, whom else will she desert? Where won't we see Sarah next?

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Hi Helen! I love your site, you are always so informative. And you have given me an idea. But I'm too tired to think it through right now. Do you have an email listed on your site? If not, I will contact you through TT whenever the maintenance mode is completed.

Book? Ha! said...

Anon@10:43, ITA. As an author, I agree it is DARN HARD to write a book. Palin can't possibly go through with it. I know she has a ghostwriter, but even still! Also, too! Can you imagine what those interviews will be like? I think she will have to bail on the book, or else it will turn out a lot differently than was originally anticipated. Perhaps it will become THE LYNN VINCENT STORY with Sarah Palin.

Helen said...

ProChoiceGrandma ~

Yes, my email is listed on the site and is simply:

Looking forward to hearing from you!

And for the record everyone, I encourage the name Lynn Vincentprice, cause she's the Ghostwriter, har har nudge nudge, and I can easily imagine her secretly trying to figure out ways to stab Megaphone in the back way those two get along.

Bones AK said...

The C4Pers could not show themselves, they are not from here are they

Bones AK said...

Oh, I vote BLOW

Bones AK said...

It can't get any crazier than this... Out of state, hell, out of mind.

karen marie said...




I just read the news and had to rush over to join in the pointing and laughing.

Not only didn't show but said she had never said she would!

Classic Palin!


She truly has no shame!

Helen said...

"Wise Trog" Says Its Roves Doing -

Have you guys thought maybe this is being done on purpose?

Remember Rove said she would be flooded by things and she wouldn't find the time for them. Well, a couple of these things and people get the idea she won't be doing anything for a while. They won't pester her. She wants to keep herself elusive. When time comes she'll hire a more professional team and everything work like clockwork.