Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fingers Pointing Backwards - Palin Supporters Make Excuses For Sarah's No Show Blow #7

Vaunted diva of the right Sarah Palin has blown off the Alaska Family Council's much anticipated anti-abortion event at an Anchorage church like so much lint on a fine Saks Fifth Avenue jacket. According to the ADN, "President Jim Minnery said...organizers have been talking to Palin "contacts" for weeks about it..."All we can do is take people at their word..." Minnery said. "We've been working for several weeks on the event, promoting it very heavily..."

Palin "blowing" an event has now become as inevitable as the wind. And according to her so-called "conservative" fans, Palin is not to blame for this 7th fiasco. Seems like no matter what Madam Pit Bull does or doesn't do, she is not responsible for it. It's just not her fault.


debinOH visited the Cringers4Palin and reported on their comments -

"My favorite from her followers is that maybe Willow is picking up the phone & just saying yes so she can get back on the phone & talk to her friends. Yeah, I am sure that they take a yes from one of her kids. Then they spend tons of money on advertising, etc. Who are these people? I rarely go there because quite frankly I think they are nuts, but I figured it would be good for a laugh today."

NPN also took our chances last night and ventured into C4Pee territory armed with news from the ADN, and using church event organizer Jim Minnery's quoted statements as a body shield. I received very little flak as I subscribed to comments and did no further reconnaisance in the no-zone. Here's what they said:


Hefmeir Says - "She NEVER confirmed the event. It is the EVENT's fault, not Palin's fault."


In Rebecca Mansour's words - "Minnery was the dope who dissed her about her Supreme Court pick and then backtracked and apologized. Why in the world should I believe that he's grown a brain since that stupid occurrence?"


Kenn - "This was a FAKE "appearance", Star Parker invented this fake "appearance."

(Perhaps to take the blame like a good conservative should, Star Parker will be appearing on Eddie Burke's odious radio hatefest today at 4pm.)


Ms Liberty says - "As for the ADN piece, perhaps I'm watching too much Glenn Beck and I've become paranoid, (NO? Ya think?) but it seems like these "she's-coming-oops!-she's-not" incidents have happened too many times now to be explained by simple miscommunication with the Palin camp. How many "Palin contacts" are there really anyway? They appear to be a four- or five-person operation at present. Surely if one of these folks misspoke and said she'd be there it shouldn't be hard to figure out who it was. It's certainly telling that these "contacts" are being kept anonymous, no? I seriously wouldn't put it past the Alinskyites to manufacture all of these crossed wires just to make Sarah look bad and her operation seem second-rate."

("Alinskyites" is C4Pee codespeak for all liberals who all rabidly use "Alinsky's Rules For Radicals" when putting forward their agenda to crush conservatives. In retaliation, conservatives must act like Alinskyites or risk a painful extermination. Or something to that effect...)

In a final stupor of Palindoration, Ms. Liberty adds - "Sarah will be remembered in the history books as the leader of the third wave of feminism. Her name will be right up there with Susan B. Anthony's."


PEC says - "Palin contacts? Anonymous? This is getting so bad Meg needs to put a calendar out there with scheduled events. If it is blank it is blank. I'm fine with that. Now where is Sarah? That is a big question. She is out of State?"

Poor guy, you can almost hear the panic in his pixels.


HRH pieces it together - "Meg gets a lot of grief, but you know, it was Kris Perry that Palin called her "right hand man" in the resignation speech. And Perry is one of the few who also left state service when Palin did, I'm assuming, to continue to work with Palin. I know we're never s'posed to assume but that was really the impression given.

Perry traveled with Palin during the VP campaign. So maybe Perry's the one who is not getting it together, and Meg as the spokesperson has to keep going out and clearing things up??"

On IM, EyeOnYou noted - "This latest fiasco has her supporters blaming the event organisers/hosts, the media for reporting this, a perhaps "current or former" member of her staff who is out to get her, a non member of her staff who is pretending to be within her clique and acting on her behalf without authorization...the list will no doubt continue on from the supporters who will find ways to blame everyone and anyone except for Sarah Palin."

So if any of you venture into C4P no-no land or heaven forbid Team Sarah, or any other rock Palin supporters can still be found dwelling under, you will no doubt discover many more culprits behind this No Show Blow #7. Kindly gather the names of those responsible parties here in comments. It will be a virtual flower garden of Palinanity, a strange bouquet watered by the tears of the devout.

Who knows, maybe one day one of them will read it and shake free of their delusions.

(Polls are still running, and more choices have been added.)


Anonymous said...

Tiptoe...through the madness...
.........through the madness...

(sung to Tiptoe Through The Tulips)

indy_girl said...

Sarah seems to have some sort of backward idea that by promising to appear at these conservative events, then NOT appearing, she makes herself more relevant.

In actuality, with every blown-off appearance, more and more conservatives are getting a clue about what we figured out last fall: this self-promoting, narcissistic woman is more than a few fries short of a Happy meal.

Anonymous said...

Here's some bloomin' theories from C4P - Fault lies with either the new Gov of Alaska or perhaps the fault lies with in the space/time continuum:

Whitney The Pipsqueak said...

hmmm...they were in "regular contact with the Governor's staff". Governor Parnell?

troy said...

sometimes I want to cry for Sarah Palin. I wish she could be in so many places at one time because she is so popular but I know that she deserves her own time as well.
How can she be in 2 places at once?

Anonymous said...

And one more strained excuse plucked from Crazies4Pee:

It's not Sarah Barracuda's fault because she is helpless.

TSM Admin said...

Here's another crack at it from me.
1. As Governor, she couldn't do anything about folks filing Ethics Complaints against her, no matter how frivolous. They were perfectly legal, so that's it. Even with Governors authority and vast state staff (22,000?) under her, nothing she could do except just respond to complaint via lawyer.
2. She also couldn't do anything about MSM and other organizations saying all kinds of bad things about her and her family. Period. (Even now she probably can't do much more as a private citizen.)
3. So, why does anyone think she can do anything about organizations saying relatively nice things about her, like that she will be attending their event? Even more so now that she has a MUCH smaller staff.

Helen said...

This is from the same thread I think, Anon -

Here's A's spirited defense of Palin - she a regular person w/ no money to pay them a real staff and Meg is only part time ~~

A said: What staff does Sarah have?
Is Meg full time? Who else? How many do they get per hour:
phone calls

How many per staff hour? Unless we know these things, how can we criticize? What if Meg works part time and gets 165 phone calls, 689 emails, and 143 letters per working hour?

What should she do? Staff? Who pays staff? What do they do? Sarah is a regular person. Like you. How many things can you and your staff handle?

I am a fan of Meg. I think she is overwhelmed. That is not her fault.

ella said...

Here are my faves from freeperville- hahahahahahaha!

"I’m smelling a set-up. Sarah Palin is not some flighty bimbo."

"This disconnect needs to be investigated to find out the source. Maybe you are right about a political connection with these false starts. I wouldn't put it past the "other side" (Liberals) or the "other-other side"(GOP Elitists, Romney, etc.)" to undermine Palin's leadership. We need to know who is responsible and expose them."

"Gov. Palin - if you are lurking please freepmail me.... I hereby submit my application to serve as special adviser and scheduling management deputy for your staff. Experience
- Command Administrative Officer (in addition to warfare duties, mind you), United States Navy.
- 10 years Project Management Experience for multiple multi-million dollar manufacturing systems and civil engineering projects from CA to FL.
- Personal guarantee that such future snafus will not happen, period."

Helen said...

Oh God there is so much wrong with those comments...notice how EVERYthing and EVERYbody is on the Other Side - dems, repubs, dogs, cats, Palin has the world ranged against her, or at least they LIKE to think so.

But one thing strikes me, people like this are admitting for the first time (after 6 other similar times) that there is something wrong with blowing off supporters. They've never ever gone that far before.

It's also quite weird that they seriously hope and think there's a fair chance their idol is LURKING! Yeah guy, she's blowing off one of her pet conservative causes to lurk on the internet reading your comments...owwww, the delusion just is so painful to behold.

(BTW, Sister Sarah if you are lurking, PLEASE try your hand at being a country singer...I've always believed it was the right thing for you.)

sean said...

I actually can't believe that Kenn said Star Parker invented the whole thing

deli-patriot said...

HA I had seriously forgotten about that "fingers pointing backwards" thing.

Anonymous said...

Yet another confused would be lover ~

Bill in Baltimore
I once saw Meg on an interview, and she struck me as a kick-a**, good-looking conservative woman in the mold of Sarah, Megyn Kelly, etc. I was very impressed, confident, articulate, etc.

so, let me throw another angle into this:- does this behavior "fit" with what you KNOW about Sarah ? Meg ? To me, it does not fit. I just don't think that Meg can't see what we see. I don't think Sarah is such a ditz as to let this happen again and again.

When Sarah does something that YOU don't understand, and then you find out, are you surprised ? encouraged ? deflated ?

Is it better to announce she is running for President RIGHT NOW and start assembling a team to take over Washington, or keep everyone on their toes ?

Then again, Meg and Sarah might be complete ditzes (sp). but I doubt it.

Helen said...

Wise Trog Says Its Roves Doing `

"Have you guys thought maybe this is being done on purpose?

Remember Rove said she would be flooded by things and she wouldn't find the time for them. Well, a couple of these things and people get the idea she won't be doing anything for a while. They won't pester her. She wants to keep herself elusive. When time comes she'll hire a more professional team and everything work like clockwork."

Yeah, blame it on Rove! That's fashionable.

debinOH said...

Like I said I try not to wander over to c4p very often because I just end up thinking that these folks live in our country & that is one scary thought. You feel sorry for them on one hand & then you just can't but help thinking that they are just so dumb (maybe delusional is more appropriate?).

I don't know if anyone else saw this over there but they were all going to donate $29 on August 29 (the day she was announced a running mate). Honest to god, they were going on & on about sending it on that day the rest of their lives no matter what the queen does.

What is in their drinking water?

majii said...

They are too out of touch to realize that Palin is just not into them. She never was. They were only a means to an end for her, and it did not work out. She is not in the WH, and if the American people have anything to say about it, she will never be. Her supporters will not accept no for an answer even though the evidence indicates that Palin's political career is over as far as being POTUS is concerned. They would be better off spending their money on themselves and investing their time in their own families or themselves. A much better pursuit would be spending time doing research and comparing what the research reveals to what Palin says, but they probably won't do this because reality has a liberal bias.

Anonymous said...

I know that the premise of this blog is to fight Sarah's madness with humor. I'd like to take a few minutes to make a serious point about her irrational behavior, which is a joke in itself.

I am remembering how famous celebreties, such as Marilyn Monroe and Judy Garland had a talent for self destruction. I think of it as rock star complex. At the beginning, it is intoxicating, the roar of the crowd, the worship and adulatioon, the "star" mearly had to wave, sign an autograph, sing or act a little to get some attention, and they were showered with mind boggling attention and worship. It can be addicting.

To fuel it, keep the energy up, too many of our "stars" have had to fuel their energy with a little outside help. Sometimes when they have crashed and been rescued, there is a second (or third, or fourth) chance, I'm thinking of Robert Downey Jr., a terrifc talent and someone with that same self destructive quality.

In Sarah's early rise, she really poured it on, waving at the crowds, signing autographs as she walked into each campaign appearance. It didn't matter what she said, people cheered and loved her. Then, the crash at the beginning of NOvember. How do you get that high back?

I am going to guess that panic set in. Nothing after November would top that high. And, walking out on GOP events didn't help. Do you remember Marilyn Monroe at the end of her career when she was called tempermental, failed to show up or showed up late, couldn't perform? Same for Judy Garland, who once showed up four hours late for the only performance that she was able to book for weeks. Crash and burn.
We may be seeing the same thing happening to Sarah, who cannot keep even the easiest, most simple speaking engagement. She cannot manage to run her PAC. She cannot appear in public. All that she can do is have some one write a face book page for her. It will never be the same again, panic!

When we see Judy, Marily, Robert, or any one else crash and burn, we feel such sadness for them. There is no joke anymore. With Michael Jackson's death so much in the news, what kind of inner conflicts drove him to need powerful knock out drugs just to get a night's sleep? There's no joke, just pity and sadness.

Sarah was an easy target. She has such a super inflated view of her own importance that the great sadness is that she could never live up to it. A few simple questions from Katie Couric showed all of us what a lightweight she really was. She could never answer a reporter's question again. We laugh at the foolish things that Michele Bachmann has to say to get attention, and then we realize that Michele actually has a vote in the Congress.

I have gone on much too long, but Sarah's irratic and irresponsible behavior really only impacts a few people: her family, her state while she was governor, the few people left who still believe in her. I am looking for some humor in her pathetic story, but right now I really feel a bit sad as she slowly destroys herself.

Anonymous said...

I did a little "happy dance" this morning in gratitude that XGino actually had the gall to stand up Jim Minnery and the Alaska Family Council. Amazing!! She is burning bridges left and right, at "maximum rude" speed.

No matter how good a job the doctors do on her face, she will never be able charm those she has made to look the fool for trusting that she would show up and support their event.

As for feeling sorry for her.. well, there is a saying that goes "To know all is to forgive all" but right now I am basking in the "schadenfreude".

She has behaved with dishonesty and spitefulness towards others for a long, long time. What kind of teen-aged girl earns the nickname of "barracuda"? It implies a certain cold-blooded, carnivorous conduct that I do not associate with a true christian spirit.

Tomorrow will mark a year since she was the "golden girl" of the GOP. No expense was spared - she was lavished with the best money could buy to make her look and sound world-class. Today no one knows where she is, or even if she is a sane person.

GinaM said...

The only thing I have to disagree with Anonymous @ 10:12am is that Sarah was not talented to begin with. Judy and Marilyn actually had talent. Sarah was/is an illusion. Judy and Marilyn also were exploited whereas Sarah "EXPLOITS" people, including her own family for her own selfish reasons. So it's hard to feel sorry for somebody who is there own worse enemy.

Anonymous said...

For some time I have observed Sarah surrounding herself in disorganization and chaos. Her people only add to the chaos. I firmly believe Sarah is afraid to hire anyone with greater credentials than Sarah possesses. One of the most important rules of management is to hire people who are smarter than you, not hire people dumber than you. Sarah looks good on the outside, but the lights are out inside with a vacancy sign flashing. She is the perfect example of the Peter Principle.

Anonymous said...

I know the conventional wisdom surrounding her disappearance is that she's had some work done & can't come out yet, but that just doesn't fly for me. Just because your face is stitched up doesn't mean your lips are--and she's not just missing--she's SILENT. (There is NO way in the world the person posting on FB is really her--there are too many large words strung together correctly, and not enough "also, too"s for that to be her. It's a ghostwriter.)

I say she's in rehab. And leavin', communicatin', and postin', are not any of the 12 steps.

That's my theory, and I'm stickin' to it.

Anonymous said...

Here's my theory:

$P is supposedly in CA and working hard on her "book".

RAM from C4P has been mostly MIA from her site.
(Rebecca Mansour- Independent Writing and Editing Professional- Greater Los Angeles Area)

"Maybe it will come in the memoir the now out-of-work ex-governor and HarperCollins Publishers have reportedly signed a California-based ghost writer to pen." (

$P & RAM are working on the book together. Nobody thought $P would actually write the book herself...

Helen said...

It would be easy to give in to feeling sympathy for the self-destructive mean girl, but the reality is, if she had been given the chance she would have embroiled the US in outrageous wars, forced a religious agenda on US civil legal code, and unleashed underqualified people with often racist, corrupt and greedy tendencies into positions of real power. Pain was prepared to use any means possible, including her church's concept of spiritual warfare, to get what she wanted. If given the chance, she would have been the great American disaster of the 21st Century, making even Bush look statesman like and reserved in comparison.

There is definitely a place for sympathy for her obviously now tortured soul. But liberal tolerance all too often bleeds into complacent acceptance of those who would turn around and crush everything that liberal tolerance stands for, if given any opportunity whatsoever to do so.

I am sure somebody has said somewhere that constant vigilance is the price of our freedoms. One year ago today a real threat to American civil liberties made her appearance in the public arena. Today she is in hiding - a real lesson to those of the hardcore, violent, imposing and intolerant religious and evangelical bent. The democratic body politic is now ever vigilant, aware and informed, and we will never let you overtake America.

karen marie said...

Bravo to the commenters. Those of you who ventured into the deepest darkest recesses of Alaskastan are courageous souls indeed.

I spent the day yesterday at Palin's Facebook Wall. Very few people talked about her inability to use a calendar, lots of love and kisses to "Sarah Palin IS America!!!"

Lunatics one and all, although I did come across a couple others who were there leaving corrective comments to some of the palin-gushers.

As for where Bible Spice has disappeared to, I'm doubtful about the plastic surgery thing but would not be at all surprised to find out that she is indeed in some kind of rehab. I mean, she just is not someone who is able to STFU for five seconds, so one must assume that her silence is not self-imposed.

Being a god-forsaken liberal, the tolerant part of me does have some pity for her, but -- giant but -- she deserves every bit of unhappiness she might be experiencing now or in the future as payback for the unhappiness she would visit on all of us if it were in her power to do so.

She is a nasty, selfish piece of work.

GinaM said...

She is a nasty, selfish piece of work.

Amen to that Karen Marie.

Anonymous said...

I agree, GinaM, Marilyn and Judy had far more talent, but none of us would know the many sad stories of ordinary, every day people who had the same problems. You wouldn't know my nephew, but he was always over his head- in school, on the job, in his marriage. As he became increasingly unable to cope, he turned to other substances. His biggest tragic flaw was that he couldn't complete anything- homework papers, the final test, show up every day for work. (Remind you of anyone?)

The other thing that my nephew and Sarah have in comnmon is a skill with people, at first. We really have to admit that when Sarah first appeared at the Republican Convention, she energized and wowed people who need to be energized and wowed. As we saw what a total lightweight she was, it wore thin. People eventually saw through my nephew, too. In addition to his own wife losing support for him, customers and work mates couldn't work with him either. I just picked Marily and Judy because their careers and life stories were well known. They rose high, and when they crashed, it was a mighty fall. Neither Marilyn, Judy nor Sarah could survive a fall from the heights.

Too much psychology. We should look at the humor or irony in all of this. Sarah would have no sympathy for someone else in the same position. Didn't she cut public funding for mental health as well as other Alaska health programs?? Let's return to betting on Sarah's return:
1. New face?
2. Clean and sober?
3. New guy?
4. Some one is pregnant again?
5. New coherent speaking ablity thanks to those English as a Second Language Tapes
6. Book is all finished thanks to ghost writers, ghost bloggers, ghost typewriters
7. TV Program?
8. Radio Program?
9. Her own op ed column in the New York Times (give me a break)
10. Your guess is as good as mine.

Anonymous said...

Three weeks and no word from Palin.
Palin has been/is in contact with her mother by email. Her father says she has not been in touch with him at all--probably afraid that he will say something as he is wont to do.

Facelift? Perhaps. Under federal investigation? Would be nice. Emotional breakdown/decompensation would not be a surprise along with a 30-day mental/med/psych evaluation.

Whatever it is, we will have to wait until she surfaces and hear the truth or more likely her spinning web of lies.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Helen, get ready to add another no-show to your list:

What perfect timing to find this jewel just after the previous goldmine discovered by GinaM and covered in the previous post "Sarah Palin: unreliable and unhinged."

But you just KNOW that Sarah already has an excuse lined up to bail on this engagement, also, too! She has to respond to the FEC no later than 9-24-09.