Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Sarah Palin Detox Post

Breaking Up With A Mean Girl

Haven't we all dated someone that we look back at later and go, "Huh?" Just like a nice person in a bad relationship, the American people need to make a clean break now with Sarah Palin, while we have the chance. We need to laugh at jokes that don't include her, we need to get out and see who else is out there. Then maybe later, we can be civil, or even "friends" - meaning that we don't instantly get queasy as soon as we know she's going to be in town, or hide in the bathroom if we accidentally hear that voice, or instinctively jerk our heads around the next time we see those boots. We need a break and some distance, so that she'll be "just a chapter" in our public life, and not a defining part of it. Pretty soon, well maybe in a couple of years, we won't even think about her at all, and countries will stop asking us about her. We'll need to be able to say, "Yeah, we don't know what was going on in our collective head back then, and she'll always be a part of us, and we'll always have a special place for her, but things are just so much better now without her in our life. Oh sure, we bump into her once in awhile, and that's cool."

The election of November 2008 was an event to celebrate, and our long national hangover "herself" has finally departed. Bleary with trying to remember it all, some kind-hearted souls are moved to feel a twinge of sympathy for The Ex of Alaska. On some level, her constant harping on a theme has settled in - why'd everybody have to be so darn mean to her?

I'd like to set the record a little straighter here. NailinPailinNow was started to deal with Palin as a politician - perhaps the most dramatically incompetent one this country has ever seen. Palin incompetence, Palin hubris, Palin ignorance, Palin not-being-Reagan, and generally Palin not-fit-for-public-office were the issues tackled here. Palin-is-downright-mean was not really covered before. But it can be now.

While posing as the ultimate American Dream Girl, the barracuda beauty queen is in reality the ultimate American Mean Girl. No one should shed a tear for Sarah, she does NOT spare tears for others either publicly or privately.

Here's what I'm talking about:

~ Even under a Bush White House, the Secret Service outspokenly blamed Sarah Palin specifically for "a spike in death threats against US President-elect Barack Obama." The Secret Service detailed a dramatic surge in threats against the Democratic leader, coinciding with Palin's attack rhetoric that Obama was an associate of terrorists and an anti-patriot. Links here and here.

~ The verbal attacks by Palin on Obama provoked a near lynch mob atmosphere at her rallies, with supporters yelling "terrorist" and "kill him" until the McCain campaign had to order her to tone down the rhetoric. Palin apparently made these attacks by her sweet little old self, without clearance from the McCain campaign.

~Palin is not just vicious to her opponents. Not by any means. It was widely reported that Palin was "a nightmare" for her own campaign staff to deal with. She refused to prepare for the Couric interview with her staff, then blamed them when she failed. Fox News reported that after that interview Palin turned nasty with her staff and began to accuse them of mishandling her. "Palin would view press clippings of herself in the morning and throw “tantrums” over the negative coverage. There were times when she would be so nasty and angry that her staff was reduced to tears." Link here

~ Think that was a one time deal, 'cause Sarahcuda was under pressure? Think again. As recently as this month The New York Times reported that, "When Tom Wright, chief of staff for the speaker of the Alaska House, suggested that the governor would catch heat for leaving, Ms. Palin stormed into his office and, according to a person familiar with the conversation, “proceeded to ream him out.” Just Sarah being Sarah. Link here.

~ As long ago as October '06, commenters to this ADN article report that: "Knowles and Palin were guest speakers at the Shop Steward Leadership conference in Girdwood. Once Knowles began speaking Palin realized the event wasn't what she thought it was. Caught off guard and unprepared she was heard bawling out a staffer over the phone." Another account puts it this way: "Reportedly Palin expected 15-20 people at a meeting and when she showed up and there were 200 she went into the restroom, screamed at her staff, and burst into tears."

~Kaye Sloan worked for Palin in Wasilla. She states, "Sarah Palin ruined the lives of many dedicated, hard-working people who loved the City of Wasilla. She took every opportunity to slam John Stein, a good man, in public."

~ In her very first meeting as a newly minted Governor, Palin addressed the Alaska legislature in a condescending tone, saying "All of you here need some adult supervision!" As an attack Governor, Palin called for a "backlash" against citizens who filed legal ethics complaints, and later made an empty threat to sue citizen blogger Shannyn Moore on the 4th of July. Her first act after resigning was to threaten liberal blogger Gryphen of IM with a lawsuit in his kindergarten class.

~As a Mayor, she harassed a school librarian to the point that the lady eventually just left town. As a dig at her former staffers, she took swipes by telling a group of GOP's at a taped Lincoln dinner event in a holier-than-thou manner that she couldn't find anyone she wanted to hold hands with and pray with among the McCain people. In one now famous interview, she giggled as Dj's made fun of a woman with cancer.

~Never one to miss an opportunity, Palin got low-level staffers, who presumably didn't know any better, to buy extra clothes for her aside from what was officially overspent spent on her. “She is a diva. She takes no advice from anyone,” said a McCain adviser. “She does not have any relationships of trust with any of us, her family, or anyone else.” Let's face it, there was a reason Palin was called "Little Shop of Horrors" by a political operative who knew her personally.

Have we ever heard a hint of remorse for any of Palin's attacking behavior? No. Obama is supposed to apologize to The Special Olympics, David Letterman is supposed to apologize for making a living, but Sarah Palin? Apologize? She'll bring on the End Times first.

Relationships have "deal breakers" and it is the contention of this blog that Palin's campaign attacks on Obama were it for her engagment with the American people. People who know almost nothing else about her still remember that. Personally, I do not forgive this behavior. Others may forgive, but no one forgets. Especially as Palinbots and Palinistas constantly crow with glee that liberals "are so afraid of Palin" ad nauseum. Palin and her followers apparently enjoy a cocktail of venomous hatred that can tip over into possible physical violence at any moment.

~ The men in Palin's near family need to tread carefully around her. Palin has no troubles when her attack dog Meg Stapleton calls Levi Johnston a liar, nor does she mind feuding with him publicly herself. Of course Sarah famously feuded with her ex-brother-in-law, using her office to try and pressure others to fire him from his job, thereby ushering the word Troopergate into common usage. While we all know she fired Monegan for failing to fire the trooper, she said HERSELF that she fired Monegan because he was trying to start the nation's first rape prevention program! Firing a guy because he's trying to help wounded women? That's our Sarah!

~Women receive little sympathy from Palin when they fall on the other side of her pet issues. As the former Gov and in her role as a conservative theocrat, Palin personally cut funding by 20% for Convent House Alaska, which sheltered unwed teen mothers for 18 months at a time, putting teen women and children literally out on the street. Very recently Palin lobbied for a bill in which victims of incest would need to get permission to abort. What does that actually mean? A girl who has been raped by her father must get his permission to abort his child. This starts to take us into Austrian rapist dad Fritzl territory, who fathered several children with his captive daughter. Palin didn't get her bill, but she would presumably agree with incest dad Fritzl's point of view when it comes to this question.

~ Palin's ultra-heartlessness regarding the lives of helpless animals is a matter of record. It's true, Sarah Palin actually kills puppies - wolf puppies that is. She introduced an unprecedented "wildlife jihad" program, opposed by federal wildlife officials, that among other atrocities pays for gassing wolf pups in their puppy dens where they are presumably left to rot. Of course the puppy's dams have already been shot from helicopters from which they have almost zero sporting chance to escape, their legs blunt-cut off for bounty prizes. And on the day of the '09 Presidential inauguration when Barak Obama called for Americans to dedicate themselves to some type of public service, Palin announced a lawsuit against the United States in it's quest to protect Beluga whales. I ask you, America's Dream Girl, or America's Mean Girl?

So please, soft-hearted ones out there, don't shed a tear for Palin. She's got precious few to spare for anyone but herself.

Let's not forget, our departed American sweetheart is a proudly self-proclaimed "Pit Bull." Pit Bulls as a breed are known for their thick neck. large head, powerful jaws, persistence and ability to be trained to an owner's agenda. According to Wikipedia Pit Bulls were originally used in "both bull and bear baiting" - hence the name. Pits were also introduced to the realm of dog fighting so that spectators could have a form of entertainment and gambling. This all seems to fit Sarah to a tee. Incidentally, the Pit Bull breed is banned in England. Could Palin be next?

Nothing against the breed itself - like any animal, individual Pit Bulls are product of their upbringing. It is already a crime against animals that Palin began her "jihad on wildlife" in her native Alaska. It would add insult to injury to let an association with Palin smear the reputation of an entire breed of canines.


Coming Out Of The Ex-Pat Blogging Closet

Apparently I have a reputation for long posts, and this one is no exception. I've already eliminated some of Palin's pollution from my psyche by talking about her mean side - something I didn't do previously because I didn't think it added to political discourse. When she was in office, it was important to get Palin on the issues. Now I think it can be said that Palin has all those lawsuits and ethics complaints filed against her because she is 1.) unethical, and 2.) because people just really don't like her.

Whew. I feel better. But I've got much more to come - gossip, videos, quotes, name calling and stories. Aside from shaking off Palin, this detox program involves revealing what blogging against, around, and about her has been like. So grab your cup of spirulina and let's take a trip back in time, and a tour around the Palin blogiverse.

I started this blog because I believed that Palin was uninformed enough to think Africa was a country, which would surely make anyone think twice about ever voting for her, right? But no, it didn't. The counterspin on that leak was fast - in no time the average person thought it was "a hoax." I wanted good people like my in-laws, who vote Republican, to be able to be exposed to the facts about Palin - they like to read and relax in their private hours, not pour over news stories. I knew the "Country of Africa" story was no hoax, and I analyzed how it had been leaked to support my hunch. It seemed like a good idea to write all of my sources and analysis down. Palin generates so much disinformation that even recent issues become quickly mired in a heap of garbage news and newer Palin issues.

I thought, "That's how you get away with so many things - move fast, obfuscate, get people talking about the next thing, and they never quite nail down the facts." I wasn't sure if it was me talking or Palin's voice in my head, but I was pretty sure she wouldn't use the word obfuscate. So I had found my voice! And I was determined to hold that slippery Republican lady accountable based on what evidence I could find about her, and nail it down for others to see. Hence the name "NailinPalinNow" was born.

I had recently left the United States, to move to New Zealand. I did not feel that the world or the US could withstand another Bush-style presidency, which is what I saw coming down the pike with Palin running as a VP - more Rovian strategies, more Cheney-esque maneuverings, more Bush-like gaffing the US into debt and destruction - you get the idea. Even though I had left America behind, I felt that it was my duty to speak out on behalf of the country. I am still a citizen, still file a US tax return and still am eligible to vote. I had felt silenced during the Bush years, but I had no need for silence outside of the US. If I didn't speak my mind, do the research and share it with others, I would be disappointing no one, but myself.

In A Log Cabin, By Candlelight...

While dealing with being a new immigrant, setting up a new house and working full time, as well as helping my husband get through a year of schooling in our new home, I started this blog and posted when I could, or when I was especially moved. I never intended to post every day, but only during those times when "my cup boileth over" with distaste for the lies and distortions I saw coming from Sarah Palin, who was being hailed as the future of the GOP. I did fear that she could somehow worm her way into a position of high power, and I felt that the time to try to stop her was now, before she ever really got going. As I researched I saw in case after case that she was "not fit to serve in public office" and said so on my blog header. When I put that into print, I hadn't seen it anywhere else. At the time, it seemed a little daring.

During much of the time I blogged, it seemed like a good fight - Palin dished the scandals, bloggers followed her around picking them up and examining them one by one. When Fred Malek - a longtime GOP "kingmaker" - showed interest in Palin, I was alarmed. I'm convinced that if Palin had been able to follow the game plan of the GOP big boys like Malek and political lobbysts like Coale, she probably would have found her way into high office.

Flash forward to the weeks after the Ides of March '08, during what I think of as Palin's looser cannon days as she ricocheted between fighting with the media, bloggers, the RNC and her own legislature, (and no doubt "reaming out" anyone near at hand if she had something to be upset about, and she had plenty). It was clear to me that Palin simply could not be viewed anymore as either reasonable, controllable or viable by big GOP insiders. I wrote then that Palin would never recover politically from the week she had, and then she went on to have yet another dangerously disastrous week. I am happy to report that my instincts were right on - recently it came out that in late March, a senior official from the Republican Governors Association was dispatched to Alaska on a secret mission. GOP powers-that-be tried to stage an intervention with Palin, but she refused to listen, or "to sit down and shut up" as she always puts it - and her downbeat drumbeat marched on to self-annihilation.

By the time of the Letterman feud, unlike her followers and Fox News, I couldn't take Palin seriously enough to devote time to picking apart her newer antics. I found a new outlet in humor. Huffington Post, the mothership around which all liberal bloggers revolve, generously allows little guys like me to post topical links back to our blogs in comments. After posting links on Huff Po over the months, I had really come to appreciate the infinitely wicked sense of humor of the American public. Americans, especially Huff Po commenters, are really funny! Here's just one example of a great Huff Po thread. You can find another one on any given Sunday.

Humor is infectious, so I tried my hand at it and had a lot of fun doing a couple of humor posts. I received a whole lot of traffic and was rewarded with a rollicking bunch of commenters, and I ever so slightly tasted the power of debunking through a smile and a good time. I think this was good for me, the wonky researcher and serious anti-Palinist. I had been lightening up a lot just as Palin started taking Herself much too seriously. A politician that can't take a joke? It's almost un-American. I have grown to greatly respect the role of the King's Fool, in which individuals like Stewart, Colbert, Al Franken and even Letterman bring the powerful to task through humor. I would like to be more like them more of the time.

Which brings us to the present. I am, like everyone, Palin-detoxing. I don't really need to know what she's doing next. I'm not that interested in her Twitters, but when a doozy comes up, I like to here about it. I know that she'll be dishing out her fruit-salad-speeches to the faithful, and she'll be flying around and attacking in her Mean Girl mode and shedding tears of self pity in her Martyr Girl mode, and posing in her Dream Girl mode and that's all just as it should be - Palin is now officially in the field of Entertainment.

I'll still peruse the blogs and I support those who wish to continue to investigate La Palin, who is more of a "scandal phenomenon" than just a rotten former politician. Palin is in many ways a muse, or perhaps more properly the great Anti-Muse, and to some degree she will always anti-fascinate us.


Inside the Palin Blogiverse

The most traffic NailinPalinNow has ever had in 24 hours is 3,000 hits, which in the blogiverse puts it on the same terms as pluto - not even a real planet. But even when I don't post for weeks I still always get a steady 50-100 hits a day. A new post brings in about 1,000 hits in a day and another couple of thousand for the next week or so. This all suits me fine. I have never been a sensation, but the way I see it, at the very least, 50 people a day come over, sit down in my living room and listen to what I have to say and sometimes add to the discussion. People come by for all sorts of reasons, and if this blog simply is available in perpetuity as a resource on Palin, well that was always one of my aims.

Without the blessed woven web of the internet, I would never have telegraphed my thoughts and research to thousands of people from all over the world. On their behalf, I try to be scrupulous about sourcing and facts. I blog for my own satisfaction and as a public service, and fit it into my busy schedule like anyone fits in a hobby. Which is exactly what the vast majority of bloggers do, and why we are trusted and appreciated by curious, wry and inquiring minds everywhere.

S0me of the Palin Blogs and Bloggers

Immoral Minority - I'd like to say that my number one hero in the Palin Blogiverse is Gryphen at Immoral Minority, whose blog name is a play on the old "Moral Majority" of the 80's. This man has witty posts, a lot of patience, great style, a big heart, and above all, always has the up to date Alaska news and an insiders view of it. He also gives us little guy bloggers a place on his blogroll. In this aspect especially, he is head and shoulders above all the "the Alaska" bloggers in my book. For the first couple of months, I simply wrote because I wanted to and did not think about strangers reading what I was getting down. But when IM announced my presence back in January, I started to get that lifeblood of the internet: traffic. As I learned how to monitor traffic, I also learned how to increase it, and it was a great pleasure finding out that people enjoyed what I was doing, got something out of it, and were fun to talk to as well. But if Gryphen hadn't given me that initial nod, I might have simply continued to blog in isolation. Thanks Gryphen!

"The Alaskan Blogs" - This is a group of about 7 or so blogs run by activists that cut their teeth on decrying Palin way back before the rest of the US had even heard of her. They work tirelessly, they have a sense of humor, they get to the facts, they reveal what is hidden, and by golly, these pesky bloggers really irritated La Palin. Perhaps because of Alaskan neighborliness they are a bit clubby, which I think works to the detriment of the less well known or newer writers and activists. In their defense they are BUSY. Alaska Bloggers...give an extra leg up to the unheralded little guys who share your aims once in a while, you have no idea how much it means to us.

Shannyn Moore is building a career on the radio and television as well as a blogger and I feel that she is very well presented and poised with just the right amount of snipe where appropriate. I cheer you on Shannyn and I'm sure you will be the Palin pundit and expert on TV if Palin ever takes her fabled 2012 lap. (And some of us speculate, maybe even hope, that you and Gryphen are "an item," but that's just a rumor. Will you ever put it to rest?)

Celtic Diva just radiates a lovely protectiveness from her blog. She is like Mother Nature herself - first in the Palin blogiverse and probably will still be there when the other bloggers have passed from memory. She has shown great courage and set a great example by taking her activism out of the blogiverse and into the real world of action. I salute you and have always supported you lovely Celtic Diva. You are a force of nature that I am proud to be (even slightly) associated with.

AKMudflats is arguably the most famous of the Alaskan bloggers and resides in a starlit realm far above my lowly station, by dint of intelligence, hard work, and getting the job really really done, as well as being well positioned at the right time - all the characteristics of a powerful reporting media voice. I salute and respect you AKM, and thank you for giving me a place on your Iheartmudflats blogroll. I know you have a bright future and I have always though YOU should run for public office! Mudflatters are AKMs devoted readers. They bonded closely after Palin was picked for VP, and their complex, hilarious and sometimes insular community is a testament to the quality of AKM's writing, as well as the power of Palin to rile up the opposition into concerted action. Mudpuppies, I wish I knew you better, but certainly no Palin Blogiverse would ever be complete without you!

Alaska Real
- This blog is very well written and comes from an Alaskan native perspective. I quoted and linked to this site, and commented and emailed the writer on three occasions inviting suggestions on native issues that needed coverage, guest blogging, I was open to just about anything. I wanted to research and write more on native Alaskan women's issues and I wanted to be "real" about it - talking to someone on the scene, not just looking up news articles online. Over several months I waited and never heard a word back from Alaska Real, either in comments on the blog or in my email inbox, which was quite disappointing.

Palingates - Regina who writes Palingates is my fellow international blogger, writing from a delicious location in France. I think we both felt an immediate sense of comradship when we encountered each other in the Palin Blogiverse - we both understood that Palin wasn't just an Alaskan problem, or a US problem - she was a Bush-like potential problem for the entire world. Regina writes with wit, and with incredible acumen when it comes to complicated issues that must be picked apart with a fine toothed comb and yet discussed in an interesting and informative manner. Regina will continue to write on Palin and I will faithfully read her ongoing analysis as will so many others! Palingates is especially marked with distinction by being singled out for special hatred by the Conservatives4Palin blog, which always simply ends up generating more fans and more traffic for her site.

At one point I had become discouraged. I couldn't get Celtic Diva or Mudflats to list me on their blogrolls, and Alaska Real was stonily igorning me. I felt invisible and unworthy. Palingates' Regina sensed something, came by, picked me up and dusted me off, gave me some encouragment, and I was back to blogging in no time. That's how you know you've got a real friend in the blogiverse.

Palin Deceptions and Team Truther - This is an interesting group that is dedicated to getting to the bottom of the mysteries surrounding Trig's birth. I joined Team Truther, even though I am not passionate about the birth issue, simply because it is an interesting topic with some merit, and there is more to this group than just the birth story. They deal with many of Palin's Deceptions, and it's a group of witty and informed individuals who are adept at investigating anything that draws their interest. Real investigation involves a lot of nitty-gritty work, and these people are willing to do that to get to the truth. Among this group you will find people who specialize in "Palinese" the study of how to translate what Palin says into regular English. I enjoy them, their sites and their focus. If there are buried Palin truths to be uncovered (pretty likely), I am glad this group is on the job looking for them.

TheoPalinism and Syrin's Blog - These are two blogs that I feel are under utilized by the public. Both uncover interesting and sometimes startling info from time to time and are definitely worth the visit. For example, on the day of Palin's resignation, Syrin's Blog had it from personal sources (she grew up in Wasilla with Palin) that Todd was called back quite unexpectedly from a weekend fishing trip the morning Palin resigned - an excellent argument that the resignation was hardly planned. TheoPalinism is writing a book and she focuses on Palin's scary religious base of Dominionists, Evangelicals and others who mix mad end times plots with politics. Visit both of these sites if you haven't already and leave a comment if you have a moment.

We're Not That Stupid - A rambunctious and spicy blogger with a big heart and a pointed tongue - in a good way! I enjoy chekcing out what's simming on the stove over at her place regularly. This blogger's early support meant mountains to me!

Hypocrites And Heffalump Traps - Ennealogic is a talented blogger and intelligent and well known commenter. The name of the blog and her pen name come from her interest in the philosophy and mysticism of Gurdjieff.

Bree Palin, Blow Pop Palin - The new kids on the block. Welcome and happy blogging, may the era of The Ex be interesting and fun for you!

C4P - Unlike most of the blogs listed above, you won't find a link to Conservatives4Palin on my blogroll to the left. Occasionally I go to look over the Sea of Pee, as it is known, and on very rare occasions might even pick up a news item there that I don't see elsewhere. But forget trying to engage the group in friendly opposition discussions in comments. All I ever received back were rather purile remarks regarding my avatar picture (the same as my Blogger profile pic) calling me a Medusa (which I embraced), and some low-brow heckling. The site is well presented so I was a bit surprised at the churlishness there. But then, why? C4P is mad about Sarah Palin, and we know that she's a Mean Girl, so C4P is basically a spawning ground for the same type of toe-the-party-line-you're-either-with-us-or-against-us posturing as La Palin herself. Outsiders are not welcome! They call themselves "Ordinary Barbarians" over there, and Palin their "Barbaran Queen". 'nuff said.

Team Sarah - Words cannot adequately describe my distaste for this hermetically sealed site. It is like a private club where racists, tax evaders and bigots of all stripes gather together with peeved PUMAs, militant church ladies and enthusiastic teenage girls to further their mad Palin agenda. It was the rabid Team Sarah people you saw at the rallies to "Fire David Letterman." Team Sarah has called for so many boycotts on companies for perceived political slights that their members can barely go to a hotel or restaurant, or watch any TV channels, I kid you not! They are not supposed to eat Heinz Ketchup because John Kerry is married to a Heinz, they can't go to Olive Garden because it advertises with David Letterman, can't watch the Miss America Pageant (not sure why) or travel to any states that allow gay marriage - and that's just for starters. "Ideological purity" like that can shut you up in a really tight and constricting box, which is exactly what Team Sarah is. When the timing is right, the ongoing cultish weirdness that festers inside those sealed and slimy pink walls will finally be exposed somewhere, somehow in this blogiverse.


I don't know if anybody does this but I just want to just be able to say, and its my blog so why not, that each of you twelve individuals who signed up to "follow" NailinPalinNow mean A LOT to me. Blogging is a personal joy but also a struggle sometimes, and to know that others actually are going to stop by and take a look! 'Cause they said they would! makes it sooooo much more rewarding. Thanks for taking the time to push that follow button and saying, hey, I'm around, let me know when you come up with something! :: Helen blows kisses to all, why not?:: Here's kisses to Project, truestarr, trish in SW FL, Syrin, Larry Clark, The Yellow Porcupine, VinDooley, teal, Lady Rose, regina, RunninL8 and vonrupert. And a big welcome to you newcomers and kisses for you too Dbenmom64, AKSandhills, Maria, Casey and Scott!


And you Commenters - each and every and all of you! (including me, I am a regular commenter on a few blogs) You are the lifeblood of the blogging universe. You are the vocal traffic. Thanks for reading, for your wit, your humor, just your presence. And for some of you who might notice that your comments are pretty long and you don't have a blog - set one up to put these thoughts down on. ProChoiceGrandma for one comes to mind immediately! - you have great comments everywhere and many of them would be long enough and informed enough to be regular blog posts. At least consider it. : )


Now for some fun!

Sticks And Stones - Name Calling in the Palin Blogiverse

This is a little tidbit I've been saving for awhile. This is a collection of the many many names earned by La Palin from my own favorite "Bad Sarah" right down to one I saw just yesterday on the blog Fiery Blazing Handbasket (the last one listed). If you think some of the names Palin is called are bad, check out what her own supporters call her - many of them are just downright koo-koo.

Many of you will recognize names you coined, please take credit if you wish and anyone is welcome to add names you'd like to see on the list in comments~

Names Palin Is Called By The Populace:

America's Mean Girl, BS (Bad Sarah), Bible Spice, Ramble Spice, Babble Spice, Babble On Barbie, Caribou Barbie, The Paliban, Dictator of Alaskastan, Buttercup, Failin’ Palin, Gov. Failin and just plain “Failin”, GINO (Governor In Name Only), Grifter Governor, La Palin, MooseJaw Palin, The Moosinator, nilaP, Paliar, Palinocchio, Pain, PathologicPalin, Rouge Cou-Cou, Sarah Pimpin’, Saranoid, $arah Payme, S-error Palin, $ister Sarah, Sarah Snowbilly, Saracuda, Sarahdiculous, Sarah The Martyr, Queen Sarapatra, Sneuty Queen, The Queen of Babble-On, Queen of Whine, Saranoid, Sourpuss Palin, Sarahpuss, Scarah, She-rah Palin (The Avaricious), Snow Witch, Tundra Barbie, The Wasilla Hillbilly, Trig's Grandma, Little Shop Of Horrors, Sarah Quaylen, The Palin Reality Show, Sarah BarraQuitter, The Twitter Quitter, Gov For A Day, Quitter-In-Chief, QuitterBerry, The Ex, BailinPalin, the BitterTwitterQuitter, The BitterQuitterQueen, QuittyPants, Sarah Doolittle and Sarah-Barra-Screwed-Us

I love all of them for different purposes, but if I had to choose one then, "Paliban, The Dictator of Alaskastan" sums up Palin best for me.

8/09 Update: Unfortunately Palin's "brand" has taken a more gruesome turn - her newest nickname is "Death Panel Palin". May she ever be known by the sound of her own trumpet.

Palin Supporters Are Called:

Palinbots, Palinistas, Palindrones, Team Scary, Sarasites, Palin's Klassless Kooky Klan, Sarah Terror Squad, Team Psycho, Rebecca ManSour, Crazies4palin, Cyberstalkers4Palin, Cringers4Palin, Sea4Pee, SeaOfPea, Creepies4Palin, The Low IQers,Van Flea, Van Fly, Greta Van Suckup, Megamouth Stapletongue, Megaphone, Stapletongue, Mega Vipertongue, Lynn VincentPrice, Team Mean Girls, and The P-nuts!

I think my fave here is Cringers4Palin. MidnightCajun just threw that out one day and it stuck firmly in my funny bone. But then, the Cajun always manages to make me laugh.

Her Own Supporters Call Palin:
Queen Sarah, Sarah Barracuda, Sarahcuda, The ‘Cuda (affectionately), The Arctic Fox, The Arctic Siren, Hottest Governor From the Coldest State,Wasilla Warrior, Moose-Belle, Iron Lady of the North, Reagan In A Skirt, Joan Of The Arctic, The Storm, The Huntress, Barracuda, The Thrilla From Wasilla, Pitbull In Lipstick, The Happy Warrior, The Game Changer, Hurricane Sarah, The Storm, The Big Wow, Queen of the Last Frontier, Palina Huntress of Wasilla, Matanuska Maverick, Democrats’ Kryptonite, Arctic Annie Oakley, Warrior Queen of the Ordinary Barbarians, Momma Grizzly, Nanook of the North, Star Spangled Straight-Talker, Trig’s Mom, The Little Alaska General, Hostess With the Moosest, The Face That Launched A Thousand Axelrod Troll Ships, Sarah America, Queen Ester

Are some of these names bordering on cultish? Or are they just having fun? Maybe, but I for one would never think of Barak Obama simultaneously as President and someone who should spend time in a warrior costume. One thing we all seem to agree on - no one really calls Palin an Ice Queen - she's far too randomly explosive for that.


Here are some choice Quotes on Palin. I'm sure there are many more. Add yours in comments and I will add to this list:

~Palin appeals to the hearts of the mindless; and the minds of the heartless. – Commenter on Huff Po
~Palin must have a fleet of buses ready 27/7 to throw people under. - Anon
~Palin brings in the worst people, and brings out the worst in people. - Anon
~Sarah Palin is like an ice sculpture, the more she's exposed to the elements, the faster she'll wear down – GOP strategist
~God Save Us From Our Governor! - on an Alaskan's protest sign
~So how about in honor of the American Soldier Palin stop making things up? - Huff Po commenter
~ I can see the end of Palin's career from my house! - another lauded Alaskan protest sign
~Sarah Palin knows how to impress!
Watch her charge through a full-court press,
With her eye on the basket,
Drops the ball, blows a gasket,
Then she quits! You can clean up the mess.
– by lynxtales
~When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. - Hunter S. Thompson
~Maverick/Liar, Quitter/Liar, Liar/Liar. This is what Palin thinks multi-tasking is. - Helen, NPN
~Palin doesn't sound like a scolding fish wife. A scolding fish wife can deliver a much clearer and sharper message than Palin. - Helen, NPN
~I used to be considered logical person too, until people heard me trying to unravel and explain Palin's carpet store of lies more than twice...entering Palin's crazee world in any way, even in opposition, always leaves a sort of taint... - Helen, NPN
~Sarah always makes her own bed, and is usually "lying" in it. - Helen, NPN
~The only thing Sarah reads are the zeros on the checks she receives from groups like the American Petroleum Institute. - BurkeBoylan
~Palin's political ambition combined with her intellect is like a jet engine on a golf cart - lots of horse power and no steering. - Shannyn Moore

Please send me your favorite quotes,


Here are my absolute favorite Palin videos, especially the first which recieved 2 million hits in two weeks and is a You Tube sensation. Apparently the kids are laughing even harder at Palin's hubris than we are. This talented kid (Shane Dawson) has The Ex Palin diva down, see if you agree! (Warning it is a bit vulgar, so screen before showing to kids and those of delicate sensibilities)

This is also a favorite of mine, a cartoon music video on Palin's horrific policies on wolves:

A disturbing look at the '08 election and Palin's rise as a bad acid trip.

On the other end of the scale, you can wash your brain with some Disneyesque cutesy-poo.

Just right! A humerous look at McCain's pick with a serious point. An entire rundown of Palin's numerous detractions in Dr. Seussified cartoon verse - must see.


Speaking Events Diva La Palin Has Blown
Hmmm...maybe she is superstitious about dates with 8s?

Eagle Forum Pro Life Event - 9/08
Republican Fundraiser in Orange County - 9/26/08
Co-host of Rep Govs Ass Dinner w/ Mark Sanford - 5/8/09
White House Correspondents Dinner - 5/9/09
Conservative Political Action Conference - 6/8/09
Simi Valley Rep Women Ronald Reagan Library Gala - 8/8/09

Well if you've sweated it out to the bottom of the Palin Detox post with me, I hope you are feeling as good as I am. In Shane Dawson's "Don't Trust Me" Sarah Palin video (linked above), La Palin waves her finger and teases "I'm never leaving". Well, neither am I on any permanent basis. I just thought I'd check in, reveal a little more about myself and my background than I have before and just let ya'll know - I might not post all the time, but I'm definitely around, and from time to time something is bound to bubble up and out of me - despite the fact that Alaska's Ex and the American people are officially broken up now!

So here's to wishing for a cleansed and brighter future for everyone involved, including you Mean Girl Sarah - as long as you stay well away from public office that is.
; )

Contact me at:

NailinPalinNow "best ofs" are listed below in case you've never checked out some of my earlier essay-style posts.

Best Of NailinPalinNow

I find the blog archive on the left side of the page clumsy and wonder how many people really access it. If you like what you've read here but have only read one post or so, perhaps you'll find some of the posts below interesting, and useful for research purposes. This list makes it easier I hope. Check out the blog archive to the left for the full record of NailinPalinNow posts.

~My take on the verity of the "Country of Africa" story was proven correct. Getting this down and getting it right was the kind of fun blogging is all about!

~A Debunking of the Myth That "Palin Is The New Reagan". More media should cover this ridiculous meme.

~Specific Proof of Right Wing Voter Fraud And Its Tie To Evangalicals

~I'm proud of this post - I was the 1st to publish a mighty List Of All The Palin Scandals with links. Concurrently, my friend Regina started Palingates, devoted to describing Palin's many scandals. We bonded over our shared zeitgeist.

~I'm proud of this post - I believe I beat others to the punch in analyzing this video showing that Palin was the guest of Fred Malek in Washington at the Alfalfa Club dinner. Up until that time, she said she would be at a party at his house, but was mum about the fact that this Republican Kingmaker actually was the one sponsoring her return to Washington after the GOP infighting and defeat. Palin kept it all a big secret so it was fun shaking the whole truth out of the story. more on Alfalfa/Malek here

~A personal favorite of mine - a rundown of international visitors to even my little blog, making the argument that there was international concern about Palin and how close she had come to high office. She was not just Alaska's problem.

~My first post - some liberal bloggers say the Repubs are "eating their own" or "eating their children". I say the GOP is "self-cannibalizing on Palin" and they still are!

~A detailed and linked calendar of events of Palin's March Meltdown Weeks 2009 when I felt, and put down in writing, that Palin's political career was over.

~Prison-gate, an overlooked scandal. Under Palin Alaskan prison guards "who can't be a bunch of delicate flowers" revolted against their working conditions.

~Palin's Toxic Dumping, another overlooked scandal and link to a good video

~A look at the still unsolved crime of the Wasilla Church Fire and Palin's Abysmal Record on Rape Prevention

~A primer on the cult of Scientology and how it has worked its way into the political sphere through both Democrats and Republicans. My article was linked to many anti-Scientology websites and pronounced very well done by those who had been on the inside, which I consider a badge of honor. Read or pass it along to anyone who needs to get up to speed about Scientology - it has all the necessary links for further research.


Anonymous said...

Interesting journey...thanks

Helen said...

sorry, I lost a comment - if it was yours please repost! cheers~

phillip said...

What about Sarah "I can see Russia from my house"?

Anonymous said...

Great post. I have to say I have followed you from afar and always appreciated your blog. Thank you. If I am any indication I am sure you have had many silent followers.


regina said...


Thanks so much for your kind words.

Quite a lot happened since we started our blogs a few months back!

$P's resignation took me by surprise. I believe there's more to it than we know right now, but we may never find out, if she struck some kind of deal...

We'll wait and see.

Don't disappear into the sunset. You write too well and have a lot to say.

Thanks for your well researched posts, insightful analysis and for your support when I needed it. It works both ways.

I'm proud to be included among your friends.


PS I have a soft spot for Gryphen too!

Ennealogic said...

Gosh darn you, Helen. For days I've been looking for a Sar-angle to blog about but every one of the brilliant and incredibly dedicated blogs you mentioned have hit all the highlights about Failin' Palin's abrupt departure from office.

Your wrap-up is terrific and I'm still missing an angle. :)

I have a feeling that we have not heard the last about or from the infamous Wasillabilly, so there are bound to be more blog posts in the future tagged 'Sarah Palin.' And in the meantime there will always be another GINOrmous political hypocrite to spotlight.

Thank you for all you've added to my daily reading and our group information-sharing. Citizen bloggers are now a vital aspect of any healthy society.

(And ProChoiceGrandma, let me second Helen's suggestion that you use your considerable talent with words and research in your own blog!)

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have been trying to detox, too, also, and your latest captured all of my feelings-- so well written, covering every aspect, with humor and insight.

When I quit smoking, it was easy at home--no cigarettes. But every now and then, I'd catch a second hand whiff of smoke, and it would bring back memories, and set me back a bit. As long as Sarah is out of the major news cycle, she's out of my house.

There have only been a few celebrities/politicians who have given me this same visceral emotional reaction of real hatred. She had gotten by on her looks and a wink, her nasty way talking about someone else, and she was completely undeserving of serving in public office.

The biggest credit goes to the bloggers who vetted Sarah more thoroughly than the MSM or McCain's team. I am sorry that the print media is suffering, but the internet can be (and has been) a tool to dig for truth where newspapers and magazines stopped digging. I think we owe a huge debt of gratitude to the bloggers who helped strip away the pancake makeup, the winky-blinky superficial charm and give us a look at the completely shallow, nasty person under the upswept, streaked hairdo.

Sorry to go on so long, but I want to thank you, Helen, for your beautiful writing. Please continue whenever it is in your heart. Thank you for your humor. The most effective way that humor peeled back Palin's thin facade was through the brilliant Tina Fey impressions on Saturday Night Live. Just reading Palin's own poor interview with Katy Couric, verbatim with winks and hand gestures, said more than those talking heads which fill the endless news cycles with babble. Letterman, Stewart, Colbert and others regularly exposed Sarah's weak spots. "I can see Russia from my house" may not be accurate, but it has become a punchline like "hiking the Appalachian Trail."

The thought of Sarah Palin as Vice President was truly frightening. The fact that she will not acknowledge her loss, and keeps trying to occupy a national political spotlight means that we have be on guard. Thank you, Helen, and please keep on writing!

Bones AK said...

Very well done, decompression. I have been following you since? trooper-gate?

BS is still one to watch out for, her vitriol is contagious.

Thank God for the bloggers. MSM, newspapers, newsmags, just didn't get it done.

GinaM said...

Good job with this latest post. I usually stop by to read but have never commented until now. Add me as one of your followers and keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you in NZ-we have,from time to time,electricity outages because of drought.Wind turbines are sprouting up as per Palmerston North and I am now assured that with such an enormous,rambling windbag such as you now settled here our long nightmare is over you can drive enough turbines to keep the lights on even though at the same time the light of reason would go out.If that desn't work then as a gas bag we might use you..Kiwi's cringe everytime a transplanted American women opens her yap on television.We are a conservative,taciturn country and loudmouth,ultra liberals do not belong here.Please bugger of back to the SDtates.

GinaM said...

Anonymous@ 12:36pm

C4Pee is that way------------>

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this awesome summary. (I've stopped by before, too, but never commented.)

Helen said...

Thanks for the welcome "Anonymous" 12:36 pm - I love how your outburst supposedly represents the "taciturnity" of Kiwis! I agree tho, that you have far far too much American influence on your television - get rid of the Burger King adverts and the constant stream of American TV shows, you don't need them.

However, you are dead wrong about one thing, maybe a lot of things. Kiwis are quite a liberal bunch overall who respect gay rights, have a rocking universal medical plan, have an excellent power sharing system in Parliament, provide support and subsidies for education and encourage immigration with strict policies. I am here to stay, but have you ever considered moving to North Carolina? It might really suit you.

Palin is the ultimate walking talking loudmouth American barbie politician of a joke here. I for one don't say much unless I am asked - I put it all down on my blog and direct people to the site if they are interested in my politics - and Kiwis seem to be fascinated by American politics at times; however they are more interested in athletics and tramping, and I agree with them on that - we live in a beautiful place and I intend on getting out there a lot more and enjoying it.

So Cheers Anon! And lighten up a bit.

Michael said...

Urggh.I was hoping your husband was on a short term contract and you could put one of those countdown clocks on this site so we (and your 12 followers (wow) could count off the days till you left.Gina you miss the point we have a clean/green country and air pollution is a concern.Kiwi's are not fascinated by US politics-when you live here long enough to understand the culture you will see that-we live and die by the AB's.We don't give a stuff about gay things either and have a perfectly acceptable gay rights property law-but even the Labour govt. which brought it in (maybe 6 people a year use it) drew the line at gay marriage which is an alien concept to our culture.Please leave your Palin obsession back in the USA.

welliebird said...

LOL more on Teame Sarah, that was funmy!

Helen said...

Welcome and thanks for commenting Michael who is also Anon 12:36 - its funny that you charge me with a Palin obsession when you came to my blog from a site called which is a page of nothing but Sarah Palin news!

But Welcome anyway - even sourpusses that don't want to hear from me, (but inexplicably are reading my posts) must have their say. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Seriously are Gryphen and Shannyn an "item"? That would be smashing

Anonymous said...

You go girl!

Anonymous said...

We were in Europe at the time that Obama took his oath of office last January. A common question that locals often ask of visitors is, "Where are you from?" Coming from the Chicago area, we were immediatly greeted with smiles and questions about Obama. (I remember the same enthusiasm when Michael Jordan was The Basketball Star). Total strangers wanted to engage in conversation, wish America well and hope for Obama's success. They meant that all economies are tied together; their hope for Obama's success was their hope for The World Economy to succeed.

We never encountered anyone rude enough to tell us to keep our opinions to ourselves. Quite the contrary. So, when you have time, Helen, please share your feelings about the place where you find yourself-- in terms of geography, sociology, economy, and your own feelings. Looking forward to a future report and more beautiful writing.

sean said...

the wanker upstairs can toss it - we've intelligent articulate women in NZ and you are one of them! Keep it up and welcome.

avghollywoodguy said...

The characters in the "Palin Blogiverse" sound quite entertaining...anyway to write a reality show out of these interneters? Hey, maybe I had one bleeding liberal heart twinge for Sarah Quaylen (I will utilize the name list frequently) but thank for pulling me back to sanity. Enjoyed it.

Floyd M. Orr said...

Helen, are you aware of the book that has just been released entitled Two Babies, by Daniel Archangel? Check it out at the author's website. You can order the book directly from him or through Amazon or B&N. The official release date is 8/1/09. Tomorrow's news today!!

Randomjill said...

I think 1000 people on a post in a day is pretty darn good. Maybe Pluto is a planet after all. : )

jEDI said...

I nominate "Herself" as an overlooked nickname.

Anonymous said...

I too have never commented. What is it with us lurkers? We are your silent readers, and we're everywhere bhwaaahaaaahaaaaa...

Seriously entertaining post. I feel 10 pounds lighter already.

Lindy said...

OMG - Shatner is doing Palin's TWEETS as poetry right now - the utterances have become comedy fodder almost in real time. Can Herself resist tweeting about that?

Anonymous said...

OMG is right! is that Bobby Jindal backing Shatner on drums?

Lindy said...

; )

Bree Palin said...

Helen - What a marvelously comprehensive post! Just the list of names!

As a longtime follower of these Palin blogs I very much appreciate all the contributions you have made to analyzing Palin and her activities. I very much hope you continue to share your talents with us! And I have always wanted to go to NZ - what a wonderful adventure.

I seriously hope someday soon we can all be detoxed from Palin!

pacos_gal said...

Hey Helen! Just popped over from the flats to say hello and read your blog. Wow, you have put tons of work into this and I swear I don't know how you are able to keep it all straight. Good job. Lots of information and you're in my bookmarks now. :)
Hope you are having a great day, enjoying lovely New Zealand, land of the hobbits is it not? :)

Helen said...

pacos_gal! -thanks for stopping by I often do feel a bit like I've moved to the least compared to a city of 8 million in the US! I don't feel hit by the world's pressures as hard here and this is not a sharply divided country. It is quite liberal and green, and the people are generous and fun. Once in awhile you get a grump like above, but far less often than in the US. Their immigration policies are tight, which I quite respect. The US could learn a lot from NZ.

pacos_gal said...

Helen I totally understand how you feel. I live in Canada now and it's a big difference. Which it takes time to truly appreciate.
In all honesty, I cried almost every day when I first moved here, missing my friends, family, things I was familiar with. Now I love it. I love not having to worry about medical, I love the political fun of watching our MP's snap at each other in public and have knock down hissy fits. Politics Can be fun. I love that my neighbors are from countries all over the world and no one cares. I love that I can get great food of any type of ethnic diversity I want. (other than Mexican *sigh*, they just don't have any fab Mexican restaurants in my neighborhood, but I'm still looking and rumor says there has been a new one open not far away, so I'll have to check that out.)
I loved the landscapes that Peter Jackson filmed from New Zealand for his LOTR trilogy. Beautiful and I would love to visit some day.

LisanTX said...

I've enjoyed your articles and am very impressed with the depth of research and detail in your writing. It's been an interesting, educational year!

karen marie said...

Thank you so much for this brilliant post. I am sorry I never ran across your blog before.

You're now on my list of places to visit.