Tuesday, March 24, 2009

UPDATED: Sarah's End Times: Alaskans Can See The End Of Palin's Political Career From Their Homes

Let it ring throughout the land loud and clear – It is the position of Nailinpalinnow that the current Governor of the good people and great state of Alaska will never really recover politically from the last nine days following the Ides of March this year, 2009. Last week will be remembered as the first real tipping point, a turning point, and as the moment a certain critical mass was reached - Palin’s lack of fitness for public office was in the very air, humming online, and just about everywhere there was any news at all.

Was it a natural slide off of her slipping approval ratings in Alaska, and some really bad feelings from big business? – that's always hard on a Republican, but recoverable. Was it Palin's appeal to the populace to help pay for her court battles? – a real turn-off at a time of economic hardship – or was it that she asked for this legal bail-out even as she denied funds to Alaskans for food and education – OUCH – or perhaps it was the foolhardy
spending on paratrooper-style animal eradication tactics and her hopes of eliminating 60% of all black bears in Alaska? Gassing wolf puppies? – or was it her flip-flopping on every issue that was brought up all week long? - Perhaps it was the revelation that she was already polling in Iowa and New Hampshire for her cherished Presidential aspirations? – or was it the confirmation that she won’t give a media interview unless it’s guaranteed to be favorable? Maybe, but some people were just plain turned off when it became public that she's cosy with Scientologists - Lord Xenu meets the Apostolic End Times is just too wacko for the average Alaskan earthling, thanks. Even Palin's most devoted base doesn’t quite know what to do with the cult connection - a cult popularized by liberal Hollywood celebrities that forces abortions on some high ranking female members (don't bother bringing up forced labor, mind control or Ponzi schemes, which might just be okay with avid Palin supporters).

And yes there’s even more, another answerable ethics complaint, and a new scandal around her use of money to attend religous events. And there always will be more, much more with Sarah, formerly a beauty queen runner-up, formerly a mayor of a small town who declared “I can do whatever I want, until the courts tell me I can’t”, and formerly a politician with a future.

Enough people and canines in Palin’s state, in the lower 48 and abroad now realize that Bad Sarah Palin really is unfit for public office, is not a stable political entity, and most probably won’t pull off retaining her Governorship in a second election, much less remain politically viable over time as a candidate for high office. It's becoming increasingly clear that Palin is going to be doing well if she can just remain in elected office for the last 586 days or so she has left as Governor. Let's put it this way - if there was a Dow Jones stock in Alaskan pitchforks, I'd be buying it. As one wag put it last weekend, “When rednecks in Alaskan bars are fed up and grumbling about Palin, you know she’s in trouble.”

And has there ever in history been a dying Queen graced by a Court of such crashingly bad advisors? Empress Alexandra and Rasputin come to mind, so Sarah definitely gets runner-up position in that contest as well. There is no need for anyone who has seen the danger of a future W. Bush (or worse) in Palin to become complacent. But these days spring is in the Alaskan air, an effective protest can come together in a matter of hours, and there is a lot of comfort in the old truism, “give her enough rope and she'll hang herself.”

Here’s a roundup of the last nine days of events with links:

The Ides of March - usually the 15th

Monday - 16th

Portfolio's Damming Article On Palin's Business Sense - Pipe Dreams
Tuesday - 17th

Furor Over Palin's Wildlife Jihad Grows And Is Declared Partly Illegal, RoboCall Polling on Palin For President 2012 In New Hampshire and Iowa Raises Eyebrows and Ire In Alaska.
Wednesday - 18th

Federal Government Clashes With Palin Over Wolf Kill, Palin Backtracks On Her Former Pipeline Position
Thursday - 19th

Palin Publicly Denys Special Needs Children Funds In Stimulus, as well as Weatherization, Energy Efficiency And Air Quality Grants, Emergency Food Assistance (cause nice people in the lower 48 will send food so why bother?), Nutrition Programs, School Lunch Programs, Childcare Development Grants, Immunization, Homeless Help, Senior Meals, Expanded Unemployment Benefits and Education Grants for Economically Disadvantaged. Palin finds time to be upset at Obama's late night TV gaffe, Defenders of Wildlife Go To Court to Stop Aerial Wolf Hunt
Friday 20th

Wolf Hunt Called Off Early, Palin Admits That She Can't Pay Her Legal Costs And Appeals To The Public To Help Her fight 10 ethics complaints filed against her during her tenure One Of Which She Filed Against Herself. Bad Sarah gaffes accusing others of playing "political blood sport" as wolves lie dead on Alaskan tundra by her order. Conde Nast's McGinnis reports: Palin Only Grants Interviews Guarenteed To Be Favorable, Scolding Sarah wraps up a dismal week by Blaming The Media AGAIN for her loss as a VP candidate and Taking Another Swipe At The McCain '08 Campaign Staff at local Republican Dinner.
Saturday - 21st

300 Citizens Rally against Palin in Juneau, Anchorage Rally includes Alaskan Legislators and speeches from the public, Palin's Favored Interviewer Greta, and her Favored Advisor John, who started SaraPAC, receive publicity as Palin's Favored Scientologists
Sunday - 22nd

Mr. Redoubt gives signs of exploding after 20 years of silence. Online newspapers go wild with people who have never commented before, dissatisfaction, outrage and even some name calling. Bowing To Pressure From Public and Lawmakers Palin Backtracks on Stimulus Money, As reported on Mudflats, the frightened “Team Sarah” website hunkers down, and instigates a vigorous screening process that requires a phone number to join, in order to keep "spies" out.

Monday - 23rd

Another Ethics Problem regarding Palin's Use of Public Funds to Attend Religious Events surfaces.
Tuesday- 24th

The Arctic Cat Ethics Case Is Filed Against Palin who Accepts Sponsorship Money to Advertise A Favored Corporation In Her Role As Governor, Palin Posts An Embarrassing "Unfiltered" Response on the State Of Alaska Website, while Mt. Redoubt Lava Breaches Containment Near A Set of Chevron Oil Tanks.

UPDATE: The incredible chain of events just keeps piling on. Palin is, at this point an unloosed cannon firing at anything and everything in her line of sight. My sense that her days are numbered is only strengthened by the ongoing events, and her incredible responses.

Wednesday - 25th

Palin's Insult to the McCain camp angers former McCain staffers, is called "bizarre" on CNN in video that went viral and then got taken down, and gets legs in the media, with a sense on the national level now that Palin is not taking good advice and gets none at home.

Thursday - 26th

Was it a strange display of chaotic mismanagement, or simply another snit fit by Bad Sarah who wasn't getting her way on the Stimulus with the Alaska Legislature? Palin apparently lies in a press release, stating that Legislators cancelled a scheduled meeting on the stimulus money. Palin's stays away from Stimulus meetings to hold a press conference for her new Attorney General Wayne Anthony Ross - a staunch advocate of reducing subsistence rights for Alaska Natives in favor of white weekend game hunters - in a move considered the final straw for Native Alaskans. Palin supporters on the Team Sarah website call for the head of the citizen and blogger who filed the Arctic Cat ethics complaint. Fox News threaten to ambush the blogger with a camera crew and the stalking, internet crashing, email bashing and insults (really really ugly) become overwhelming as open season is declared on the person of Celitc Diva.

Friday - 27th

"Another day, another Palin Lawsuit" as Palingates put it - "Palin Refused To Honor Junteenth Proclomation" is now an issue for the courts of Alaska - this is not an ethics violation, but a court case that has been reviewed and found not to be frivolous. Bloomberg reports that the Gov. faces a record $1.3 billion deficit in next year’s budget, while the state just lost 1.5 billion from their "rainy day fund" through stock market speculation. Palin refuses to comment. Famed liberal political blogger "AKMuckraker" is outed against her wishes raising 1st Amendment issues in Alaska. The Legislature is outspoken in their criticism of Palin. On Friday, Trustees for Alaska, a public interest law firm, formally petitions the governor to remember her duties and powers to declare a disaster by the six million gallons of oil in the Drift River storage facility at the bottom of erupting Mt. Redoubt. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, by a vote of 32-3, the Alaska's House of Representatives approved a resolution accepting any of the $930 million that Palin does not request.

Saturday - 28th

7 protesters show up to picket Palin's Wildlife Jihad at the Governor's own Annual Prayer Breakfast, which doesn't sound like many, but isn't bad when you consider that Palin didn't bother to show up at all.

Sunday - 29th

Refusing to rest on the Lord's Day, Palin appoints Tim Grussendorf to a state Senate seat that requires a Democrat under state law. Tim was a registered Republican until just weeks before the appointment, and claims he was registered as a Republican "by mistake." Democrats in the Senate want to block the appointment, while Alaskan lawmakers are critical of Palin, her confused aides, and her actions on many, many fronts, and John McCain gives Palin's political career the proverbial kiss of death on Meet the Press.

Best Political Slogans Of The Stimulus Protest:

-Hey Sarah! I Can See The End Of Your Political Career From My House!

-It’s Getting Crowded Under The Bus- (with all kinds of public interest programs listed under a bus)

-Screw You Alaska, It’s All About Me! (with a pic of lovely Sarah)

-We Need A Governor, Not A Presidential Candidate

-Ignorance Is Only Bliss In Sarahland - Fund Our Schools!

-Who Will Teach Special Education To Trigg?

-Mama Grizzly, You Forgot Your Cub
-I Deserve Better - (on a cape worn by a child)

-Education Doesn't Work For The Palins - Why Would It Work For Us?

-Board Of Shame

-Palin Wolf Killer

-Don't Let The Board Of Game Run Wild - Say No To The Killers

-Abundance Management Is A Lie

-Palin Heart Palin

-Reject Palin's Narcissism Instead

-Spin Does Not Equal Truth

-Impeach Palin

AND MY PERSONAL FAVORITE, for sheer poignancy:

God Save Us From Our Governor!


Helen said...

Suggestions/corrections on the time line would be appreciated if any readers have any.

AKmommy said...

It's about time.

Lisabeth said...

Well if you read her supporters comments on their blogs they don't believe any of this. They think she has done nothing wrong at all and that this last complaint is ridiculous. At conservatives 4 Palin they also had palins response.

Helen said...

Yes, it's a little bit sad isn't it. But a testament to blind loyalty, nonetheless.

GunNerd said...

Ignorance is bliss, especally for the ignorant!

Ruckus1 said...

I am one of the ones CREEPED out by the Scientology thing - not that all the other stuff didn't count, but come on

Anonymous said...

Trouble in SARAHDICE.
Has a ring of palin plus the hint of cold Alaska.

The fact that the GOP has ignored SP and again had Gov. Jindal respond to President Obama speaks volumes.
It think the republicans can see from Washington that Palin is as toxic as the Valdez Oil spill.

Lady Rose said...

totally creepy photo! LOL

I am hopeful that this week will indeed be the end of Palin's political career - I just wish she could be gotten rid of sooner rather then later so Alaskans don't have to suffer with her.

There is no way she is viable as a national candidate - in a way though it would have be fun to have her run in 2012 and an easy win for the democrats

SoCalWolfGal said...

The Palin-bots at Team Sarah and C4P are, as Helen so correctly pointed out, are just reacting out of simple, blind loyalty. And she is always going to have these people rushing to her defense. However, these people cannot think situations, issues, challenges, etc. out in an intelligent, thoughtful and logical manner; so therefore they react in their Stepford Wives mentality.

However, we can now take heart with the fact that rednecks in bars in Alaska's bars are grumbling about her as pointed out above; this is what speaks volumes. Loud and clear volumes.

My favorite poster from Saturday was "I can see the end of Palin's career from my house". I can see it too - and I live in San Diego, CA.

I am beginning to hold out hope she's not even going to make it to 2010. Poor, poor Sarah.

Helen said...

yes Lady Rose, that image actually disturbs me whenever I go to check up on the site ~ LOL

Helen said...

SoCalGal ~

We are torn aren't we? We are dedicated to exposing her until she completely changes or simply falls, but if she marches on...she could just fail bigger than ever and hand the Dems another big win - I know a lot of people think she is the second best thing to happen to the Democratic party ever. So we seem to have the luxury of a win/win. EXCEPT that if shenanigans go on such as voter fraud, then we face an epic fail if she actually wins big! It is a dangerous game we play, no?

Anonymous said...

That picture is something else!!! You did a good job of creating a visual to match the ideology.

There is book about Rove called "Bush's Brain." I wonder who could be considered Sarah's brain? I guess there is no one person right now; it seems like she is getting advice from several sources.

Best wishes

Helen said...

I had a discussion on that very topic last night. We decided very unofficially that Malek may just be too smart to go steady with Palin...the exposure from that first date was enough for him! So that leaves John P. Coale, famous ambulance chasing lawyer and big time Scientologist. And of course Meg and Bill and the usual suspects. And Todd. And Piper. But frankly, from the way SP shot off that embarrassing response to the Arctic Cat ethics complaint, I think Bad Sarah is taking absolutely no advice from anyone, except maybe "Mirror Mirror On The Wall"! Sheesh. She's got to be regretting that one.

Kate said...

Add to timeline for Monday
Palin's answer to the Arctic Cat ethics complaint proves she doesn't understand how taking money affects ethics.

SoCalWolfGal said...

Helen you make a good point i.e., voter fraud - OMG, that is too scary to think about for long isn't it? Her followers are straight out of a Margaret Atwood novel.

Having said that, she must be stopped in her wildlife slaughter program, and she must take steps to see that Native Villagers are allowed to hunt in order to feed their families. That is where her hypocrisy and self-centered actions actually make me physically ill.

Helen said...

Thanks - I added the response to the ethics complaint and also the Lincoln Day "attack the media and McCain camp again" speech.

Floyd M. Orr said...

Thank you, Helen, for all your efforts, as well as your kind remarks on my blog. I want to add the one point that scares the hell out of me: there is so much opportunity for the Republicans to take down Obama over economic decisions, while they groom The Witch as their puppet queen, over the course of the next few years. We need to take down this Abomination in Hooker Boots now before such a nightmare can happen, no matter how or why it is effected. Although I can certainly see the advantage of having a future opposition candidate that is easy to defeat, I think it is more important that voters are offered the best candidates from both sides.


Floyd M. Orr said...

Helen, I am sure you are aware of all the hubbub going on today about Celtic Diva and Mudflats. Are you aware that Shannyn Moore was supposedly on Keith Olberman's show just moments ago? I cannot get MSNBC in my location. Anyone who can should post the results of that interview. There are a lot of us waiting to hear whatever happened.

Floyd M. Orr said...

Shannyn's interview is available now on Olberman's page at MSNBC. Keith and Ms. Moore went after the legislature story of yesterday quite accurately, but the interview was not about today's attacks on the bloggers.

Helen said...

What a day - again!

dustybee said...

Thank you sooooooooooooooo much for this timeline. I think the last photo, with MEN holding up the signs speaks volumes!
Your blog is awesome and important and greatly appreciated. Our gov scares the bejebus outta my peeps here in Southeast AK.
Keep up the good work!!!

Helen said...

Thanks Dustybee I do appreciate the feedback - I thought that too about that photo, glad you mentioned it, besides the fact it shows THE clever protest slogan that kicked off "Sarah's End Times" to my mind and formed the headline of this post...My bad, I should have credited the site where I got the photo,it's not Mudflats or Mamadance,...if anyone out there knows which site it came from please remind me!

FEDUP!!! said...

Totally O/T: In your poll about whether or not to recall GINO, I voted by accident NO - please take that vote off, because I wanted to vote YES!!!

Helen said...

lol - Hi FEDUP - little slip of the wrist there? I don't think there's any way to change it - not on my end anyway. You can change your vote as you are voting, but I don't think it will allow it after you've left. That's okay, she's pretty well beat.

We might have to call it a hanging e-chad, no?

Floyd M. Orr said...

Here is an excellent new article at Daily Kos about Palin's religion:


Soloman said...

I just came across your blog for the first time and can't help but laugh my ass off. You claim that Sarah Palin is unfit for office, but you can't even put together a visually appealing internet page?

Good God...

Helen said...

There is no connection between my aesthetic choices and Palin's ability to govern. But truthfully, I'm glad you got a laugh. Those are few and far between these days. Wait till you see what's coming - you'll apparently laugh the rest of your appendages completely off. Enjoy.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Helen, What a excellent report on the cult of Scientology.
I remember reading that "Dianetics" book in the 70's and say WTF? This is stupid!
Lets not forget a most famous Scientologist... Charles Manson who claimed he was a "THETA"! GINO's cultiness kind of reminds me of Charles Manson's "FAMILY".
I have one disagreement though...
teamsarah is really the Susan B Anthony people and they would never go for Scientology, which is probably why Greta is denying that they are BFFs now. On ceefourpee I have seen raised eyebrows over the Scientology connection, but like ostriches they have their heads in the sand.
Keep nailin' palin with the Scientology connection. Her RTL people will not like Scientology cult as they believe in Abortion!