Sunday, February 1, 2009

Malek/Palin Alfalfa Date Caught On Video

Today's daily briefing has this caption of the above still photo - "Gov. Sarah Palin, accompanied by Meg Stapleton, left, enters the Capital Hilton to attend the Alfalfa Club event Jan. 31, 2009, in Washington, D.C." However, the video (the last item in the column of goodies on the left of this blog) shows the whole story - Palin entered accompanied by Malek, along with Ms. Stapleton and another gentleman.

Today, the ADN reports, "The governor's office wouldn't say who invited Palin, but by tradition, each member is allowed two guests."

Now, why in the world would the Governor's office be so darned coy about Palin's big opportunity to be taken up by important Washington DC insider and Republican operative Fred Malek?

Let's be clear - The video at left clearly shows Fred Malek accompanying BS. You first really see Malek at the bottom of the stairway and once again quite clearly just before the end of the video, when he is at the top of the stairs. Even in the video, it seems like Palin is doing her best to distance herself from Malek by running up the stairs first in a rather unladylike manner.

Malek is easily identifiable because of his trademark silver panther white hair and distinctive profile.

Why does it matter that Malek decided to bring Palin to Washington DC for the first time since her failed '08 campaign, making sure that she was there to be counted as one of the insider elites? For one thing, showing up with Malek helps "legitimize" Palin, who is otherwise somewhat of a pariah, or at best a curiosity, in DC circles.

The ADN (Alaska Daily News) confirms this:

"Palin's invitation to the Alfalfa Club was "a coup," said Letitia Baldrige, who served as the White House social secretary and chief of staff to Jacqueline Kennedy. "It's something that everybody who's anybody in politics wants to be invited to," Baldrige said.

If a roasting by the most powerful people in America is a sign you've made it, then Palin had clearly arrived. Or, at the very least, was acknowledged Saturday night as one of the most interesting women in American politics.

Saturday night, dozens of powerful women streamed in, some members, some guests: Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, NBC News correspondent Andrea Mitchell on the arm of her husband, Alan Greenspan. And Palin."

And why is it that out of all these women, only Bad Sarah deliberately kept the identity of her escort under wraps?

In the past, Malek has been considered a rather unsavory operator. Today, perhaps he is a reformed unsavory operator. Perhaps not. Either way, it looks like he might have decided to perform a miracle for Palin - which is to resurrect her political career from the steaming ashes of her disastrous VP run.

It's all rather like "Frankenstein" meets "My Fair Lady".

(read "Anything For A Drink..." below for more background and links on this.)

UPDATE: Apparently Bad Sarah outdid herself this weekend - she also lied to the House Republicans - you know, just congressmen, not the elite operators of the party. Anyway, they asked her to their winter retreat, and she told them that pressing state business made it impossible to for her leave Alaska this weekend. Then of course she turned around and flew to DC for the best party of her political career. But why lie to House Republicans? Republicans who actually liked her apparently. The machinations of BS's mind are really too obscure for analysis.


Anonymous said...

Palin can't help her lying. Throughout her campaign, to her own advocates back home now jail pending, she screwed them royally. It's all about her. Not her children, her husband, her state or her country. This woman is one of many characters that loves the spotlight and adoration. Poor thing. She hasn't earned anything in life and she feels entitled.

Anonymous said...

In all of the blog comments about Sarah-goes-to-a-fancy-dinner-in-Washington DC, no one has mentioned that Sarah appears to be carrying 2 blackberries in her right hand. Don't they fit in her purse? Did she text during dinner? Did she blow off her dining companions by saying, "This call is important, I have to take it." How many other Washington power people actually carry their blackberries in this manner?? And, the big question, is one personal and one for state business, oooops, I mixed them up again.
(Did you include the missing emails and Todd being cc'd on Alaska State business emails in all of the Sarah Gates??

Helen said...

no, will add, thanks ~

Anonymous said...

Great blog! So glad someone is keeping track of all the -gates!

teal said...

Don’t know why this made me laff – but it did, so for those needing a little bit of comic relief tonight…

Talk about Breaking Fashion News...well not really, but I just discovered - while doing my usual late nite internet snooping - pictures that prove that SP wore the same dress last weekend in DC that she wore in 2007 to the Mat-Su Inaugural Ball.





"Yes, Palin looked beauty-queen elegant in her black floor-length gown with matching shawl and, no, I don't know whether she bought it at her beloved Anchorage consignment shop."

SAME DRESS - not a crime…Maybe she could re-hire the fashion advisor who worked with her during her attempt at becoming VPOTUS…

[I posted this on one of the other sites I follow].

Anonymous said...

Hey thought you might want to know about this. It is on a lot of the Alaska blogs now. I can't stand Palin and she has to be stopped!