Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Let the Flood-gates Open

In honor of Bad Sarah's new best pal Republican Puppetmaster Fred Malek, who aided in bringing governmental scandal to a whole new level with Nixon and Watergate, incidentally helping to usher into the English language the use of the term "-gate" to denote political scandal...(pause, then drumroll please...)

Here's a little collection I call "The BSPalin Flood-gates" ~


ViciousTo Rivals-gate1

And of course this week we have:

MassiveNewSpending-gate, and

Below are yet other -gates you can read about right here on nailinpalinnow:

Emmonak (Palin's Katrina - Palin Gives Cold Shoulder To Alaskans , also Mudflats)
RNCShoppingSpree-gate ($30,000 Diet Dr. Pepper)

Levi-gate (The Maiden, the Mother and the Cronyism)
$50,000UnauthorizedSpending-gate (Monday, Dec. 15)
Geography-gate ("Country of Africa" Story No Hoax)
MediaWar-gate2 (Just Call Me Bored, Pathetic, Anonymous)
Travel-gate (Palin's Aide Scorns Inquiry)
Rape-gate (Palin Blocked State Rape Prevention Program)
ViciousToFemales-gate2 (Palin Scorns Activist As "Falafel Lady")
DumpingBillionsOfGallonsOfToxicWasteIntoCookInlet-gate (December 3, 2008)

Now many of these are large, bona-fide embarrassing scandals involving fraud, greed, corruption, cronyism and wholesale polluting - the worst of the worst traits to be uncovered in a "public servant." Even two or three of the big ones should be enough to get most political folks disgraced and ousted by their party or their constituents.

And some of them are just scandalous lapses in sound judgment, good taste, common sense or political savvy. Why would any voter even consider for office a candidate who is followed around by "Scandal" like a cheap perfume?

One thing is for sure, this list is not inclusive, and I have almost certainly missed a "-gate" or two. Please feel free to add to this list by commenting. I'll try to keep this list rolling. Hopefully I will be able to post the "-gates" faster than BS Palin can create them...

There is some good in all of this, for one person at least. If Blagojevitch reads this list, it'll probably give him some hope. If Sarah can think about running for President with this foul baggage, maybe Black-Heart Blago has a chance to revive his political career after all. Would 2012 Republican Vice-Presidential Candidate be good enough for you, Blago?


regina said...

Way to go! You missed the house-gate.



Thanks for your visit "chez moi".


Floyd M. Orr said...

Way to go! This list of gates is exactly what we need to spread across the internet. I like the way you have linked to all the stories, including a few I had not seen before. All of us that read this post should post a link to it elsewhere. I have given up on the MSM. They are in it only for the money, and they don't want to discredit such a vicious politician simply because she brings in the viewers and readers. I haven't yet given up on the voters, though. Spread the word!

Lady Rose said...

Excellent list! I've add a link to it in my post "Keeping An Eye on Sarah Palin."

What about the Road to NoWhere Gate - her recent proposal for a road costing a a few million for each mile?

And Investment Gate - doesn't Palin still have some of the state's money invested in Darfur (even though she said they didn't while she was on the campaign trail)?
Here's a link to an article about it

Helen said...

I believe her most recent "road to nowhere-gate" is covered under what I termed "Massive New Spending-gate"? Might need an assistant in here to really organize these gates! Thanks for all of your visits and contributions.

For my part, I am newly dismayed by the -gates I had never heard of such as "House-gate" (why does Ted Stevens get disgraced for these things and not BS?), Mat-Su-Dairy-gate, which is disgusting, and Rape-gate, which is never discussed.

Helen said...

...and ToxicDumpingBirthDefects-gate. Also personally disgusting to me and very sad.

regina said...

I've just remembered another one: Native Alaskans-gate, on how she royally ignored appeals from the villages of the Yukon Delta, like Emmonak, etc. Mudflats is a good source for this one.

Helen said...

Lol...people are going to start to have "Remembered Palin-gate Syndrome", where they are momentarily struck throughout their day by the memory of yet another Bad Sarah scandal they tried to push out of their minds.

For example, how could I overlook Emmonak? I EVEN WROTE ABOUT IT only two weeks ago! But all the other scandals just pushed it back...

Lady Rose said...

Not sure you would want to include Baby-gate - but if you do http://www.palindeception.com/blog/
is a great resource

Helen said...

I support investigating Baby-gate, but I want to stick to proven -gates. I believe if proof is found for Baby-gate, it will indeed be the "Mother Of All Palin-gates"...pun intended.

Floyd M. Orr said...

I would like to add a couple of cents, Helen, particularly from a male perspective. Our #1 problem is the complicity of the MSM. One of you ladies pointed out that only women who have had children are responding to Babygate, and I think that is mostly true, cutting your potential voter population down to about a quarter. Quite unfortunately, I also think, that as tacky and absurd as it might seem, Babygate is the main issue the press and the voters might actually wake up and recognize as a juicy scandal. As a male, it is not really Babygate I care about, but all the rest of the list of her transgressions against the citizens, the environment, and animals; however, I agree with you ladies that this will most likely be the back-breaking straw.

You may have noticed that I added a link list to my site of the Palingates several days ago. You may also have noticed that at least a couple of new Palingate sites have also sprung up just in the last few days. I have been adding these to my list as I discover them, and I encourage all of you ladies (and gentlemen) to do the same thing, so that we can develop a ring of Palingate sites that can all be reached from all the others.

I have two more suggestions. Have you submitted your site's URL to Google? I recommend that all of you do this at once if you have not already, since it takes several weeks to fully take effect. Once it does, though, you will discover that more people are finding your site. The last suggestion I have is that we should all monitor much more popular left wing sites such as Huffington Post, Alternet, Daily Kos, Common Dreams, and Buzzflash. Whenever there is an appropriate article, we should post a comment with a link back to our respective blogs, or even to one of the other blogs in the ring. Although most of these popular sites might resist publishing any mention of Babygate, they are far more attuned to the many remaining gates.

Anonymous said...

Another gate for your growing list, emailgate. Check out "She's got mail and we can't have it" 01/31/09, Mudflats. For sometime, officials have been requesting copies of government emails between Sarah Palin and others, emails that she is withholding. I'm troubled by the fact the Todd Palin, not a government employee is cc'd on the emails, and now she's claiming executive privilege, except that there's no privilege when an ordinary citizen gets a copy-- then we should all get a chance to read it, too, hah!

belle said...

The "baby gate" that is NOT speculation, but Sarah's own words can surely be included - meaning the WILD RIDE from Texas, jeoardizing her unborn baby and all passengers on the airplane if her words are true. Possibly even WORSE than speculation that she did not birth Trig - because what SHE says happened was unbelievably WRECKLESS. Thank you for the great list - I am adding the "wild ride gate" for my own reference.

Helen said...

If you have a link with reported material on "Wild Ride" please let me know.

Lady Rose said...

What about Track-gate
Sarah and Todd got married on Aug. 29, 1988 - Palin claims Track, their first baby, was full term.

However, the NY Times did a quick review of court records, and said either Track was born 6 weeks early or Palin was 6 weeks pregnant when she was married.

She also explains about her and Todd eloping was to spare her middleclass parents the expense of a wedding (however, they are middle-class [not poor] and could have had a small, inexpensive wedding) - but it may very well have been because she was pregnant.

Now I don't care about getting pregnant and not married - it's happens - BUT I do care that she lies (about everything) and that she looks down her nose at every one else and insists on abstinence only and no education for teens.

Lady Rose said...

This page outlines the "wild ride" very well


Anonymous said...

Regarding Babygate: That's a tough one, but there's no mistake about Bristolgate. Publicly announcing that a 17 year old unmarried daughter is pregnant was no proof that Trigg was Sarah's natural born child. Sarah just had to produce a birth certificate (not a note from the doctor) and save humiliating her daughter.

Lady Rose said...

What about Track Girlfriend's-Gate -

Bettina Hanson,the girlfriend. She graduated 2007 from Wasilla high school with Track. She is called Palin's executive secretary here, with picture:


Post from Sept from Mudflats, reposted at Cajun Boy's blog:

The NYT pointed out, Sarah Palin has a history of bringing her allies into high places with her. And she’s given Track’s girlfriend, Britta Hanson, some pretty big positions for an 18-year-old…. . . . On the Fox News Palin bio, Piper inadvertantly said Track’s girlfriend (at least at the time of the taping in April) was named Britta.

She is in a photo with Sarah Palin and Piper on a “tour” of the state capitol building - she was a page/intern in Juneau from Wasilla High (but where was she living - since you can't commute daily from Juneau to Wasilla)
It takes some heavy duty ties to political families to get that type of internship at the state capitol.

Photo here: http://www.juneauempire.com/stories/031407/sta_20070314014.shtml

Britta Hanson was also governor-appointed commissioner for Serve Alaska. Now, this seems a little shady, no? An 18-year-old college student is appointed to a statewide government commission? Is this a paying job? The brief bio mentions Britta spent the spring in Spain? How did she get any work done for the Alaska commission if she was in Spain - was she getting a salary but not there?.


FEDUP! said...

How about the '18year-old-girlfriend-of-son-Track-becoming-executive secretary'-gate?

What kind of 18 y/o has the knowledge/skills of being a governors EXECUTIVE secretary???Britta Hanson, Palin's executive secretary, has been identified to be Tracks girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

I originally posted this comment on Palingates, but I wanted to post it here because I think it belongs here with your list of -gates, too.

How about "avalanche"-gate?
It occurred at same time as "wild ride"-gate. It is THE perfect example of why Gov Palin is NOT fit to be in office.
Jotman's blog has chronicled this little known palin-gate that shows Palin's non-response to the Juneau's energy crisis/disaster/state of emergency in April 2008.
http://jotman.blogspot.com/2008/09/governor-sarah-palin-and-juneau-power.html The author has a timeline about Juneau's loss of electricity that resulted from an avalanche. There was NO RESPONSE from the govenor or the governor's office to this disaster!! Juneau was left without power for weeks while temps were below freezing and the governor's office was silent on such an urgent public safety matter!
The avalanche happened on April 16th, the day BEFORE Gov Palin delivered her speech in Texas. There is no doubt she was made aware of the situation.
Does anyone know what day she left for Texas?? Is it possible she knew about the crisis in Juneau and chose to ignore it in order to attend the conference in Texas? Is it possible that she chose to disclose her "wild ride" baby story in order to deflect from criticism she might have faced for her lack of judgment?
She clearly put her need to give her energy speech in Texas above her need to act as governor.
Regardless of her whereabouts, why was there no response from her Lt Gov? Isn't there supposed to be a plan in place for this type of situation- a state emergency that occurs during a governor's personal emergency??? She soooooo screwed up!
I now believe Gov Palin concocted the early labor story once she got to Texas and realized she should have stayed home and exercise her responsibility to protect and govern her state during its state of emergency!
IMO, I think she claimed a personal emergency April 17th in order to ignore a state emergency- and she got away with it!

Littl' Me said...

Floyd @ February 4, 2009 1:04 PM said:

"Have you submitted your site's URL to Google?"

How would you go about that?

Floyd M. Orr said...

To submit your site to Google:

Go to Google.com and click About Google, located just below the I'm Feeling Lucky button. Under For Site Owners, click Submit Your Content to Google. Under Here's How to Get Started in the yellow box in the upper right corner, click Submit a URL. Copy and paste your URL in the box and add a brief description of your site in the box below it. It will take close to a month for your submission to take full effect.

The more often you post on your blog, the more often you use keywords that are tagged in your posts, and the more often you comment on other blogs, the more effective your Google submission will become. I also recommend that you sign up for Google Analytics to learn more about the effectiveness of your site. I realize that I may be one of the few using my real name on these blogs, but if you put my name in Google, you will see that I could not hide, anyway. I have been marketing myself online for nearly a decade already. Put my name in Google and you'll see pages of links to me!

Helen said...

Hi Floyd ~ for the record, Helen is my name, and that is my (admittedly mysterious) pic.

Anonymous said...

I went to the Serve Alaska site to look at the bio of Britta Hanson and it wasn't there. Is this another one of those famous scrubbings of sites. Did anyone download it? It seems as though she went to college and they dropped out and went to Spain in Spring of some year. Does anyone have a timeline.

AndreT said...

I may have missed it but there is another PalinGate and that is DairyGate. She fired members of the Board of Agriculture and put in her own friends from Wasilla

There is more to read here about it at