Sunday, February 8, 2009

Alaskans - Recall Governor Palin, For You, and For People In Places She Can't Find On A Map

People from all over the US and all around the globe have found their way to and the community of Palin and Alaska bloggers to educate themselves regarding the American "Queen of Scandals" Bad Sarah Palin. The world is interested and alarmed regarding yet another reckless American politician, a la Bush, who recently came so close to obtaining political power with a global reach.

Europeans from Spain, France, Italy, Norway, Germany, Greece, Britain, Scotland and Ireland, Poland and Turkey, Switzerland and Hungary, Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands have all been finding what they were searching for - reports and commentary about Bad Sarah's avalanche of offenses. Moscow is checking in. These readers are going through the links meticulously, examining the news sources, op-ed, and commentary, emailing them to their friends and coming back to read again. The same with visitors from Asia - Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Malasia. the Phillipines, India and Indonesia. Visitors from far flung places such as Abu Dhabi Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Dubai UAE, Egypt and all over the southern hemisphere - South Africa, Australia, Argentina, Namibia and New Zealand - have read, reread and spread the word. North Americans from Canada to Mexico, Hawaii to Panama and Costa Rica to Puerto Rico are interested in arming themselves with the facts about Palin. And the dots from the continental United States read like a continuous red gash across the visitor map keeping score in the left column of this website.

Every population center in Alaska has stopped by, repeatedly. There's no doubt that Alaskans care deeply about what is going on in their state.

So the entire US is joined with the whole of the free world, and they are watching and waiting, and yes, hoping. I am going to speak for this connected global village of those who search for answers about Palin, and read silently. Those who sit back, and worry:

Alaskans, the US and the world expects you to begin the recall process of Governor Palin.

Recall Palin

There are ample reasons to do so, as we all know. We know, Alaskans, that you've been through a couple of decades of dirty politics. We understand that you are tired. But this initiative would be the right thing to do for your state, for the Republican party, for America, and for the rest of the world too. Send the strongest message you can, now. Send Governor Palin packing, and let the Republican party know that you are not going to put up with it's tired, ugly cronyism, fraud, lying and polluting all over Alaska for even one more year.

The process of exactly how to go about this recall process has been outlined in detail already, courtesy of The Daily Kos, and Palingates. If you are reading this, and you are Alaskan, please, please think about being one of the Alaskans that begins this process. I can guarantee you will have online support for gathering signatures for the required petitions.

To get started, just read the "How To Recall An Alaskan Governor In 5 Easy Steps".

The world is with you on this.


Lady Rose said...

I'll help in any way I can to get Palin removed from office - unfortuantely I don't live in Alaska so I can't get the ball rolling, but I'll do what I can to help out.

FEDUP! said...

I think if Texan religious freaks can influence Alaska's politics (, then anyone else should be allowed to do so!

Anonymous said...

Maybe something is going on in Alaska. According to Anchorage Daily News, Talis Colberg, the Attorney General appointed by Sarah Palin resigned today (subpeona-gate) Maybe it's not a coincidence, but Sarah Palin backed out of speaking Conservative Political Actin Conference at the end of February (see Think Progress), due to her pressing duties as governor.

Anonymous said...

pygama clad bloggers...sitting in thier parents basement are one of the true hopes to keeping Palin where she belongs.

That would your house..(paid for god knows who) making moose stew, and being there fully for her kids.

She is a train wreck..and needs to be stopped. If she thought the last election was tough...wait for the next one sill sarah.

Laurie Jackson

Anonymous said...

Hi, Helen. I am the one who posted on Regina's blog about being a non-Alaskan and wanting to give money to the Recall Palin movement.

I have been waiting for a suitable thread to post on Gryphen's. Do you want me to link to here when I do?

Thanks for everything you are doing!

Helen said...

Anon 8:53 -

Yes, link here for the Daily Kos info - so many have longed for this process to begin...