Tuesday, January 27, 2009

UPDATE: "Country of Africa" story is confirmed NO HOAX by McCain Insider

In the post that kicked off this blog (see "The Red Monster Self Cannibalizes on Palin", Sunday Nov. 30th below) I argued against those who thought that reports of Palin's ignorance of geography was just a "hoax" perpetuated in the media.

I argued that on the contrary, the reports were true -
BS was stunningly, magnificently ignorant of world geography at age 44. Palin's lack of basic geographical understanding scared/infuriated/fill-in-the-blank McCain insiders working with her, who leaked the truth to the press. The subsequent attempt to cover up this embarrassment in the media was the only hoax involved in the entire situation.

Today my argument has been supported by McCain campaign insider Michael Goldfarb who stated in an interview with Kate Klonick at the Columbia Journalism Review that the comments regarding Palin's clothes, the "Country of Africa", and her diva-like behavior were indeed leaked by someone inside the campaign and were reported correctly.

KK: What about all the talk about the acrimony between the McCain/Palin camps behind the scenes? What was the story with that?

MG: The reporters who produced those quotes weren’t making them up. It was a disgrace to the campaign and John McCain, and I think the people who did that are going to pay a real steep price in the long run, because the media ate it up, the media loved it. Once you’ve lost the campaign, who holds responsibility for [publicly airing their grievances with Palin] and who escapes with their credibility intact won’t be decided by The New York Times. Conservatives are not pleased by this.

Of course, expecting to be protected by the campaign, Bad Sarah "...dismissed the story, saying a "small, evidently bitter type of person" made "foolish ... false allegations." However, she did not specifically refute the Africa claim or any of the other charges related by [television reporter] Cameron.

So Palin exhibited unthinkable ignorance for a person who was tapped to leap to the highest halls of power in the United States. Then someone who should have protected her for some reason loathed her so much they leaked the truth about her to their own (right wing) media contacts. Then Palin lied gracefully and repeatedly about the whole episode in the subsequent cover up. And Bad Sarah still lies about it all to this day.

I think this episode matters. It is a "Palin 1o1" example of what can be expected from BS should she maintain or retain any position of power.

Today, amidst her own calls for Alaska belt-tightening, Palin announced the founding of her very own Virginia based lobbying group called SarahPAC. SarahPAC has been established to funnel money to any political friends BS can dig up in the Republican party. Or perhaps SarahPAC stands for the campaign to convince voters that Sarah "Palin's Africa is a Country" by 2012.


majii said...

I knew when I watched BS's performance at the vice-presidentail debate that there was no "there" there. I also could believe that she thought Africa was a country. She is the most dangerous kind of politician because she doesn't acknowledge that there are many things she should know, but doesn't. She just keeps bluffing her way through. I thought the most telling indication of her lack of knowledge was when she stated during the debate that she might not answer/respond to the questions the way that she was expected to, and that it was ok to do so. As for SarahPAC, it is a joke. She fractured the Republican Party in 70 days and made a laughingstock out of herself and John McCain. Maybe Bill Kristol will donate to her PAC. He should because he helped McCain select her for his running mate and spent hours promoting her on Faux Nooz.

sally said...

Since it seems that Sarah Palin is judging her popularity based on number of friends on her Facebook page, we that aren’t her friends can now join a Facebook group and let the world know how we feel. If you currently have a Facebook account you can join this group and help the numbers speak for themselves at:
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Helen said...

Good idea Sally! Feel free to publicize again here in ongoing posts. Please link back too from the Facebook site if you like.

karen h. said...

Actually, Palin exhibited unthinkable ignorance for an American, period.