Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Palin's Katrina - Palin Gives Cold Shoulder To Alaskans in Crises

Around January 15th, while Bad Sarah was busy busy busy planning to sue the United States of America and getting ready for her round of interviews scheduled to ride the wave of media interest in the inauguration, a small town in Alaska was crying out for help for it's starving residents. In true "Katrina-esqe" style the Governor's office not only did not know about the crises, they have refused to acknowledge it in a timely manner and have yet to offer any aid - leaving the organization of emergency food and fuel supplies to bloggers and concerned individuals.

Forget about BS's narcissism, her snippy catty swipes at other professional women, her "Soccor Mom at Sak's 5th Avenue" hypocrisy, and her casual lies regarding her family. This type of incident illustrates why Sarah Palin is not fit to hold public office.

Palin Unpopular At Home Series #4

Few people outside the area had ever heard of Emmonak - including Governor Palin apparently. This winter three factors have brought the 800 residents of the rural Alaskan Yup'ik village to the brink of desperation. First the salmon fishing failed last year, then an early freeze caused the village to miss its winter fuel barge, driving what heating oil that was available to the price of $11 a gallon. Other nearby villages are hurting in the same way. Some families do not have enough to eat, and many cannot heat their homes during the long Alaskan winter.

A grassroots movement emerged to help these people, which has now reported that Palin was less than responsive to the city's plight. Will this be Palin's Katrina? According to the Anchorage Daily news, "A rural subcabinet appointed by Gov. Sarah Palin will review the Division's findings at a special meeting planned for Friday."

This may be a situation of too little, too late. This teleconference was scheduled only after repeated attempts to directly contact the Governor's office to ask for aid were rebuffed. The Governor has no plans to visit the area and no state action has yet been taken to relieve the immediate humanitarian needs of the isolated villagers.

To add insult to injury, the AVCP had asked the state to declare a "fisheries disaster" in the area last October. Tara Jollie, director of the state Division of Community and Regional Affairs was vague when asked about this, saying "I think we did do a review of it. I didn't do it myself, so I don't know that the numbers supported the claim." But, Jollie goes on to say that Palin is "very concerned" and "there's not anybody who doesn't care."

Another reason for the Governor's missing response may be that her Rural Advisor resigned in October, and has never been replaced. You have to wonder about the details behind that personnel problem.

According to the bloggers who demanded action for the rural Alaskans, the Anchorage Daily News declined to print the real story about how the Governor's office was unresponsive:

"And all day long we called the office of governor Palin, and were told repeatedly that they knew nothing about this village or of any crisis. In the meantime one of our bloggers, Dennis Zaki (who also freelances as a reporter for CNN), decided to go to Emmonak and get the crisis on film so that the whole world could see what is happening right under our Governor's eyes. In no time at all we had donate buttons on our sites, and the many wonderful visitors to our blogs had raised enough money to send Dennis out to the village with enough left over to make an additional contribution to help the people of Emmonak meet their food and energy needs. So that is the REAL story of how local activists, anonymous bloggers, and generous internet users helped to save a small village in a remote section of Alaska."

UPDATE: (1/24/09) Not to be outdone by the bloggers, BS sent 5 officials to visit the town of Emmonak on the same day that Zaki arrived with money, supplies and video gear for documenting the state of affairs. According to The Immoral Minority, this envoy brisky notified the city they'd be there just 60 minutes before they landed, but then ended up being disrespectfully late to their own rushed meeting by 40 minutes. Again, too little too late? The Department of Homeland Security hopped on the copter, but no one from Fish and Game - the long term solution to the "depleted fisheries" crises will fall to them, if they take an interest. The village waters are now commerciall overfished leaving little for subsistance fishermen. The village says it needs a fuel storage facility and a fishing pier. Let's hope the gal that lied about the Bridge to Nowhere can now find the funds for a much needed wooden dock.

This abruptly organized visit was little more than a photo op for the state of Alaska.


Lady Rose said...

Love your blog :)

I've added it to my blogroll list. I started my blog as a way to keep my sanity after Sarah Palin hit the stage - because everything about her was driving me totally over the edge.

Keep up the good work!

Dianne said...

Glad to see your blog. BS is an outrage and an insult to women. I agree with you - she is certainly unfit for public office. When I saw Joe Biden sworn in yesterday, it gave me shivers to think that could have been her, let alone her running mate in the place of our new President. Keep up the good work. She needs to be in obscurity and not in a place where she can do so much damage.

Notalib said...

ALRIGHT another PDS I love these blogs the entertainment the provide is invaluable, no substance but a ton of laughs.

Steve in Vancouver said...

Off topic

Helen, did you know that the word "discriminated" is misspelled in voting section?

Oops! Silly me. You probably left the "r" out in order to make the word shorter and easier for BS to read....

KaJo said...

Don't forget, Helen, that as far back as July 2008, Sarah Palin was warned that a coastal-village crisis might develop which might require emergency state aid.

This was a heads-up warning included in Walt Monegan's farewell letter to Palin after she fired him (using a variety of excuses that have been repudiated by subsequent events, including a budget increase requested by Monegan's second replacement [the first was hired despite a scandal]) last year.

Anonymous said...

Found your blog over on Gryphen's blog, will add to my daily must read places!

trish in SW FL said...

Helen, I found your blog too, on Gryphen's blog, and will add to my list of favorite places to read. Thanks!

To Notalib: Surely you can't think Sarah ignoring these crises in her own state is funny? What happened to your new leaf? Why are you even here?

Steve in Vancouver: I noticed the "disciminated" too, and thought it was either on purpose. Good thinking ;)

trish in SW FL said...

OOPS! Looking back, I see my typo or whatever it was!

It was supposed to say:

Steve in Vancouver: I noticed the "disciminated" too, and thought it was either a typo or a real word I just didn't know. Good thinking ;)

Not sure what happened there, but I promise, I am NOT illiterate....just sometimes make typos!

Helen said...

It's okay trish ~ we all make typos!