Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Palin's Aide Scorns Inquiry Into Spending Amid State Budget Shortfall, BS Scorns Activist as "Falafel Lady"

All I can say about Bill McAllister's "let them eat cake" attitude is that he is in for a rude shock if he thinks that it is still fashionable or acceptable to misappropriate public funds to travel, dine and work for private interests these days - while neglecting your job. That goes for CEOs, that goes for Governors and that goes for you too, Mr. McAllister. Ms. Perry, in the back there, are you listening? (Please scroll down a few posts and read "Maybe It's Time To Call Linda Perez" for more background on this issue.)

Ethics complaint filed against Palin aides

January 27, 2009- UPI

Ethics complaints have been filed against two of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's top aides, alleging they used their positions to promote the governor politically.

The complaints were filed by political activist Andree McLeod against Palin's communications director, Bill McAllister, and Kris Perry, who directs the Republican governor's Anchorage office.

McLeod is asking the state personnel board to investigate the allegations, the Anchorage Daily News reported Tuesday. The complaints say the state workers worked on political matters on behalf of Palin, the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee, while on state time.

McAllister discounted McLeod's claims, saying they are just part of the former state employee's ongoing vendetta.

This is a person who I think was disgruntled because she wasn't considered for a (Palin administration) job, has some time on her hands, apparently, and wants to wreak havoc with people's lives and reputations, McAllister said.

Mr. McAllister, you work in a state that used to be wealthy and is now in a funding crises. If you think that an inquiry regarding your use of public funds for questionable travel and dining expenses could "wreak havoc" on your life and reputation, perhaps you should not have appropriated those funds in the first place? Just a thought.

Some estimates say that the tabs for Mr. McAllister and Ms. Perry's traveling to assist Bad Sarah in her campaigns since '08 could amount to $1000 per day apiece - or much, much more. BS already has a pretty poor record when it comes to fiscal conservatism. Details regarding this ethics complaint are reported here.

According to Mother Jones Magazine, McLeod was an activist that was formerly allied with Palin when BS campaigned as a reformer. These days, Palin scornfully refers to McLeod as "the falafel lady" because Andree had the bad taste to work selling falafel at one point. Way to go with that working-class-gal solidarity, Bad Sarah.

Mother Jones reports: Palin sent McLeod [emails] between 2002 and 2005, in which she praised McLeod. In one of these messages, Palin wrote, "You're all about accountability." In another, Palin said, "Thanks for working to instill the public trust." Palin also wrote her, "I'm proud to know you." And in one email, Palin hailed McLeod: "Holy Moly you are powerful regarding getting the word out to the press about questionable activity."

"I've known Sarah for years, " says McLeod, who moved to Alaska from New York in 1978. "When the finger is pointed at somebody else, she's all for accountability. When it's pointing at her, it's different. Sarah Palin was elected on the basis of providing open and honest government. She has failed miserably."

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