Saturday, January 24, 2009

Maybe It's Time To Call Linda Perez?

"The Palin Reality Show" recently aired its much anticipated "State Of The State" episode. While critics were taken with the writing, noting that Saturday Night Live couldn't have done a better job ladeling out Bad Sarah's trademark syrupy homespun homilies, the seriousness of Bad Sarah's message still managed to get through.

Alaskans are now in deep deep do-do, due to the fact that, well, all the money is gone. Now it is time for a hiring freeze, belt tightening and no aid to Emmonak.

Things are soooo unlike the high rolling days of last November, when the economy had just tanked, Emmonak was just starting to get hungry, and BS got a personal invitation to Georgia to do favors for her veteran bashing Republican crony Chambliss. (see Nov. 30 post below for a long report on Republican veteran bashing.)

At the time Palin was just the working-class-gal pictured above, and she made sure to say that she was traveling at the expense of Chambliss. However, Palin's working-class-gal personal aide Kris Perry traveled, as she did throughout all of campaign 2008, at the expense of Alaskans.

As explained on December 1st:

"The Chambliss campaign will pay for the Georgia leg of Palin's trip, McAllister said.

But the state will cover the costs for Palin's aide Kris Perry to join her on the campaign trail, he said.

Palin is always considered "on duty" and Perry's role is to serve as her liaison to state officials, McAllister said. The governor's family is not traveling with her. The hip detachment operations all went smoothly. (just kidding on that last bit.)

Linda Perez, director of administrative services for the governor, said she wouldn't know how much the trip cost until the travelers return."

Maybe it's time for someone to put a call in to Linda Perez to find out the taxpayer's tab on the Georgia excursion? In fact, it might be of some interest to find out how much the belt-tightening Alaskans actually paid for Perry during the entire campaign of 'o8. And Ms. Perez, please don't forget to total up Ms. Perry's air fare, nice hotel, dinners, lunches, breakfasts, midnight snacks, tips, taxes, taxis, personal phone calls and productive work days lost to home state business.

Perhaps we should look into any wardrobe expense incurred by Ms. Perry as well, just to be fair.

If BS gets her book deal, will Perry travel with her at Alaska's expense when she does interviews and appearances to promote the book? Stay tuned.

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