Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Maiden, The Mother and The Croneyism

Noun 1. cronyism - favoritism shown to friends and associates (as by appointing them to positions without regard for their qualifications)

New Year and a new life in the family with the birth of Tripp . Seems like a wonderful new beginning for BS, right?

Of course not.

The year has barely fired back up, and BS is out and about all over the media again, "unfiltered" and unable to shut up about her Katie Couric adventure, her Tina Fey doppleganger, and her mistreatment because of class warfare. Yes, she was treated so badly in the media because of her "class" while Caroline Kennedy is being treated differently, she believes. She even took a moment in her latest interview to snipe directly at Couric, snapping that Katie thinks she's "the center of the universe."

Catty, bitchy Sarah is BACK! Meow. Meow. Meow.

Meanwhile, she denies that her eldest daughter Bristol is a high school dropout - but she is. She is going to earn a GED sometime soon. No shame there, what's the problem? Why deny?

Poor beleagured Levi also left high school before graduating. That is a fact. He has now quit his job and training program as an electrician. Well, actually that job never really got started because he had all those gigs showing up in fancy duds on lighted stages all over the country last year, and then the holidays hit, and there might be a wedding to plan, you know how it is.

Local news in Alaska reported that strings were pulled to get him into that particular program, as he had not earned the required educational certifications to take the position. Now Levi's own father says that the boy quit in hopes that things (like the reports of favoritism) would "quiet down."

Fine. BS did what she could to secure employment for her maiden daughter's man, and in doing so gave him an opportunity he didn't deserve. An opportunity that other poor schlubs in Alaska have to muck their way through at least a couple of years of extra schooling to get - holding down a part time job to cover the bills and burning the midnight oil. You know - working. Like Sarah's "class" does.

And then the soon to be Governor-In-Law quietly offered poor Levi a chance to forgo all of that and get away from maiden and babe, his jailhouse mom and even the all powerful Governor-In-Law herself!! He could escape to the white cold dark wastes of Alaska's oil fields. No one had even talked about a wedding yet! Who could blame Levi? He must have jumped at the chance.

So BS's party line now is like this:

You've really got to feel for Levi, denied his opportunity because of those mean-spirited journalists who just happen to shed light on my cronyism, and my charade that these unmarried, high school drop out kids are somehow not that. And over the holidays too! I didn't count on that.

Before all the Christmas decorations are back in the attic, before the last New Year's sale is over, before anyone has really started to push the papers back at work, Sarah Palin has managed to generate another mini-scandal, and already figured out how to point fingers at everybody else as the cause of it. Just the same ol' same ol' up there in Alaska, Palin and her grand "reform" agenda on the march again.

'09 is going to be "just great."

Here's the real kicker. NO ONE seems to bring up poor Levi and maiden Bristol's substantial income change of late. It is a reported fact that they made $300,000 just last week selling little baby Tripp's image to People Magazine - just like all the big celebs do.

Perhaps this income stream had oh, maybe just a teeny timy little bit to do with Daddy's decision to give up the electrician program and kick it at home? $300,000 cash will probably pay Jailbird Grandma's legal bills with a tidy sum left over to set up house somewhere away from the sound of Governor-In-Law's voice.

So much for being victims of class warfare. Unfortunately, you really can't have it both ways, Bad Sarah. What working stiff, unemployed, high school drop out baby-daddy do we know of that rates a cool three figures for some pics of his kid? Sorry BS, but the string pulling and picture selling smacks of - upper class privilege.

Pssssssssssst. Levi and Bristol. Over here. Here's a hint - Key West is in the United States too. It's about as far from Alaska as you can get and still be in the lower 48. Just a thought.

(Link to the new complaining BS interview by clicking on the title The Maiden, The Mother, etc above)

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