Friday, January 30, 2009

Anything For A Drink? Palin Has A Date With Nixon CREEP Malek

There is a question about Bad Sarah this weekend that is much more important than - who designed what she'll be wearing and who paid for it?

It is - Who will she be apologizing to, and how much will it cost her?

An exclusive $200 a plate dinner will be held in Washington DC this weekend, and working-gal soccer-Mom Palin is flying in for it. Here are some facts about the Alfalfa Club Dinner she will be attending:

1. Founded in 1913, by 4 southerners one of whom was a Confederate veteran, the Alfalfa Club is extremely exclusive.
2. Club membership is made up of American politicians and business elites. It is traditional for the sitting President of the US to attend and say a few words.
3. 200 members belong - each may bring 2 guests to dine on the traditional menu of lobster and filet mignon at the event held each January.
4. Most members are white men. Women were allowed to be members for the first time in the '90s. Previous to that, women were honored with membership only after they were dead. No doubt this was a source of great amusement to the gentlemen.
5. Black men were not allowed in, dead or alive, until 1979.
6. The club's name is in honor of a plant known to do anything for a drink.
7. The Alfalfa Club was founded solely for the purpose of honoring the memory and the birthday of secessionist general Robert E. Lee. Lee's Confederate forces fought President Lincoln and US forces in the American Civil War. Thus, the club honors a man who killed to defend slavery.
8. Each year a mock "President" is nominated to speak the the Alfalfa Club dinner. Many times, this nominee has gone on to run for and usually win the US Presidency including Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, and John McCain.

Hmmm, a secessionist party? Now we know that the First Gentleman of Alaska, Todd, had strong secessionist tendencies in the past. Of course, no one would have cared much about Palin's "past associations" with secessionist sympathizers if BS hadn't used her considerable charms to vocally, repeatedly and purposely whip up anti-Obama hate by inferring that the future President was a socialist, charging him with casual terrorist friendships and attacking his patriotism to the point that she provoked a dramatic spike in death threats against him according to the US Secret Service.

Bad Sarah's campaign rhetoric could be extrapolated to have
cost the country millions of dollars in extra security costs for the protection of Obama as a candidate, the President Elect and at his inauguration. Aside from the financial costs, there are of course much deeper costs in terms of social division that still haven't been accounted for. This stuff didn't happen in the distant past, it was all just 4-5 months ago.

Do you think there might be a small moment at this dinner party where Bad Sarah will take the opportunity to personally and sincerely apologize to President Obama? Perhaps McCain is still due some kind of apology from the "rogue", and while they are lining up, Dick Cheney might want a "sorry" from her for making his dangerous expansion of VP political powers a national nightmare and ongoing joke at the same time.

Reports conflict regarding whether BS is invited to speak at this "roast" style affair which bars journalists. BS's aide McAllister says she's speaking, an Alfalfa Club member says she isn't.

Just in case you didn't notice, the pic that leads this post is one of Sarah Palin proudly displaying a 49 star flag.

UPDATE: Bad Sarah got a seat at the party as the personal guest of Fred Malek,
former deputy director of Nixon's CREEP (Committee to Re-elect the President), the operation behind Watergate. Unlike many of his former associates, Malek walked away unscathed by Watergate prosecutors, and stayed on in Washington D.C., to help elect George Bush/Dan Quayle. Despite his experience handling Quayle, Malek may have found his greatest challenge yet in promoting Palin.

Here's why it matters that BS Palin is now best pals with Malek. This chilling information is reported in detail here at dailykos:

"In the U.S. attorneys scandal, all eyes are on Karl Rove as the presumed architect. But, long before Karl Rove began plying his trade, Fred Malek wrote the manual for politicizing the Justice Department. Malek, a little known but influential Republican operative and "hatchet man," devised the strategies used to remove Democrats and whistleblowers from the civil service and to turn the federal government into a Republican Party headquarters. Malek's connections with President Bush may explain why the U.S. Attorney's office discontinued investigation of wrongdoing at Fannie Mae, where Malek was then a board member and was one of several individuals named in a civil suit. Rather than face criminal penalties, Fannie Mae settled with the SEC and OFHEO for a $400 million civil penalty.

Say "Watergate," and most people think of the 1972 burglary of Democratic headquarters sponsored by Republican operatives. But, another, less publicized, scheme exposed by a Senate investigation would have a greater impact on the nation. The scheme, known as the "Responsiveness Program," was a bag of ruthless tricks designed to use the "powers of incumbency" to retain control of the presidency [Senate Watergate Report, 2005]. Ultimately, though, the plan would accomplish much more; it would be used to destroy the competency of the federal government and, with that, the nation's security.

According to the Senate committee investigation report, the Program's activities were likely illegal, but the Senate committee declined to pursue the matter. As a result, Fred Malek, a Nixon advisor and chief architect of the plan, remained free to practice his black arts, which included aiding the Bush family's rise to power. The dirty personnel practices devised by Malek would spread from one administration to another; the Bush administration would embrace them with particular fervor. Political loyalty was emphasized at the expense of competence in carrying out responsibilities designated by law. Thus, the government incompetence exposed by Hurricane Katrina and the 9/11 attacks traces back to Malek and other Nixon aides who set into motion the Republican plan to make agencies "responsive," not to the people, but to political concerns. With Malek's manual available, Karl Rove did not have to be a genius; merely an eager student of The Master."


teal said...

bad Sarah,,,nice nick-name...LOL

Helen said...

ha, yes! or BS or BS Palin if you want to be more formal~

dianedp said...

ANother example of why we need to investigate ALL the illegal activities and Prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

WHy should the republicans continually get a free pass breaking the law?
They had no problem impeaching Clinton for a lie about sex.

If you think Rove is finished in the party, you're naive.
I'd bet my last dollar, if he is not investigated and punished appropriately, the next republican administration will have him on the payroll.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this information on Malek, as chilling as it is.

May the light of day be shown in every corner of their dark little world.