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Bad Sarah Spent Unauthorized $50,000 Highway Funds On Personal Decorating Whim

Palin Unpopular At Home Series #2

Palin astounded a staffer by saying, "I'm the Mayor, I can do whatever I want until the courts tell me I can't."

The story of BS Palin ordering expensive red-flocked wallpaper and other illegal redecorating boondogles fits right in with the Spend-It-While-You-Can behavior she fell back into on the campaign trail. This article may tickle some memories, but it was soon buried under the avalanche of the Vice Presidential candidate's disastrous Katie Couric interviews. The devil herself is in the details here, as it is Palin's attitude about her role as an elected official, rather than her specific spending spree, which still has the power to shock. Red shades of a small-town Cheney - bet they both share a taste for bordello style. Click on title above for original post by David Talbot at Note: Pic above is from a fancy magazine featuring red-flocked style.

Sept. 17, 2008 | WASILLA, Alaska -- Sarah Palin has been touting herself as fiscal watchdog throughout her political career. But Palin's tenure as mayor of Wasilla, Alaska was characterized by waste, cronyism and incompetence, according to government officials in the Matanuska Valley, where she began her fairy-tale political rise.

"Executive abilities? She doesn't have any," said former Wasilla City Council member Nick Carney, who selected and groomed Palin for her first political race in 1992 and served with her after her election to the City Council. Four years later, the ambitious Palin won the Wasilla mayor's office -- after scorching the "tax and spend mentality" of her incumbent opponent.

But Carney, Palin's estranged former mentor, and others in city hall were astounded when they found out about a lavish expenditure of Palin's own after her 1996 election. According to Carney, the newly elected mayor spent more than $50,000 in city funds to redecorate her office, without the council's authorization.

"I thought it was an outrageous expense, especially for someone who had run as a budget cutter," said Carney. "It was also illegal, because Sarah had not received the council's approval."

According to Carney, Palin's office makeover included flocked, red wallpaper. "It looked like a bordello."

Although Carney says he no longer has documentation of the expenditures, in his recollection Palin paid for the office face-lift with money from a city highway fund that was used to plow snow, grade roads and fill potholes -- essential municipal services, particularly in weather battered Alaska.

Carney confronted Mayor Palin at a City Council hearing, and was shocked by her response. "I braced her about it," he said. "I told her it was against the law to make such a large expenditure without the council taking a vote. She said, 'I'm the mayor, I can do whatever I want until the courts tell me I can't.'"

"I'll never forget it -- it's one of the few times in my life I've been speechless," Carney added. "It would have been easier for her to finesse it. She had the votes on the council by then, she controlled it. But she just pushed forward. That's Sarah. She just has no respect for rules and regulations."

Carney, who comes from a long-established homesteading family in the area and once ran the city's garbage collection business, has decided to speak out for the first time since Palin's vice-presidential nomination. He is viewed as a longtime Palin gadfly, ever since he sided with her opponent in the 1996 mayor's race. After Palin won, she froze out Carney, refusing to call on him at City Council meetings and deep-sixing his proposals. "That's the way Sarah is," Carney said. "She rewards friends and cuts everyone else off at the knees."

Other local officials -- who lack Carney's acrimonious history with Palin -- share his dim view of her mayoral reign. When Palin ran for mayor, she dismissed concerns about her lack of managerial expertise by saying the job was "not rocket science." But after a tumultuous start, marked by controversial firings and lawsuits against the city, Palin felt compelled to hire a city manager named John Cramer to steady the ship.

"Sarah was unprepared to be mayor -- it was John Cramer who actually ran the city," said Michelle Church, a member of the Mat-Su Borough Assembly, who knows Palin socially. "As vice-president she'll certainly have to rely on faceless advisors with no public accountability. Haven't we had enough of that in the past eight years?"

Other officials in the borough government -- the equivalent of county government in other states -- point out that Palin actually had very little executive responsibility, since the borough oversees many of Wasilla's vital functions.

"After all her boasting about her executive experience, what did she do?" asks a longtime borough official, who, like many in local circles, requested anonymity because of Palin's reputation for vengeance. "The borough takes care of most of the planning, the fire, the ambulance, collecting the property taxes. And on top of that she brought in a city manager to actually run the city day to day. So what executive experience did she have as mayor?"

Sunday, December 14, 2008

BS Unpopular At Home? Sarah Palin Blocked State Rape Prevention Program

Why would a politician with a national profile be so quick to take the blame for a heinous act of local arson? Some claim BS Palin is a narcissist, something I'm inclined to agree with but that hardly distances her from most politicians. After all, pretty much every sitting President since JFK, with the possible exception of Jimmy Carter, could be nominated for consideration as a narcissist. No, this goes deeper than just everyday narcissism.

Bad Sarah quickly made a statement which shifted the "blame" for the torching of the local church to which she belongs to the national arena. The idea is "someone out there" in the big mean continental USA (or Hawaii?) must have decided they didn't like Palin's church. Her national profile brought this tragedy home to hurt the innocent locals.

But what about the idea that this was most likely a local crime, committed by, um...a local person? I think Sarah was so quick with statement because she doesn't want people to know how really really REALLY unpopular she is with some people at home.

So I will begin to document Sarah's image problem in Alaska, all the myriad things she's done or not done with her vested powers to piss off the good folks at home. Some are more important, some are less important, but all of them are dead wrong and some of them are chilling.

Palin Unpopular At Home Series #1

Palin No Friend To Women - Negative on Monegan's Attempt to Start State's First Rape Prevention Program

This buried story from early September is a nexus for SEVERAL Palin atocities:

    1. Recently Palin cited "executive privilege" in order to refuse releasing documents and transcripts of her testimony on Troopergate. Her spokesperson said BS wants to put the incident “behind her.” Sarah Barracuda, what are you hiding?
    2. Palin is already well known for her unpopular stand that recently raped women must pay $1000 for investigative kits the local police need to gather evidence. You know, 'cause Alaska doesn't have any money. Or oil revenues to pay for trivial crime solving equipment.
    3. Alaska leads the nation in reported forcible rapes. Surprised?
    4. Being the reformer she is, Palin fired Walt Monegan, by her own admission, not because he refused to go along with firing that pesky ex-relative, but specifically because Mr. Monegan SCHEDULED A TRIP TO SECURE FUNDS FOR A MASSIVE ANTI-RAPE PROGRAM to be started in Alaska, the first of it’s kind. What a cad. What a "rogue" as she calls him in official documents.
    5. Let’s not forget that BS is one of the few (only?) persons holding executive office in the US that believes a woman should give birth when they are pregnant after being raped and/or sexually abused by relatives. This is because of Sarah's own strongly held religious conviction that God says this is the only way to proceed in such a situation. This is an extreme position even for many Pro-Life advocates, and it comes directly from Palin's attendance at her Wasilla church. This congregation would like to see their personal religious convictions put into the civil legal code, so that all women (and men for that matter) regardless of their wishes, their personal history, and their individual religious preferences would have to conform to the Wasilla Bible Church's doctrine.
    6. So if you are a woman in Alaska, you are more likely to get raped, Sarah isn't helping you to prevent rape, she is firing those that do, and if you are raped, you must shell out a lot of money to help the police catch the guy, and if you are pregnant from rape, well, don't expect any help from the Christians at Sarah's church if you don't want to do things their way.
    7. All rather incendiary, don't you think?

The documentation for this story first surfaced in early September on ABC News, then was picked up by Click on title above for the original post.

An internal government document obtained by ABC News appears to contradict Sarah Palin's most recent explanation for why she fired her public safety chief, the move which prompted the now-contested state probe into "Troopergate."

ABC News: Exclusive: New Doubts Over Palin's Troopergate Claims (early September, 08)
alaska travel
Fighting back against allegations she may have fired her then-Public Safety Commissioner, Walt Monegan, for refusing to go along with a personal vendetta, Palin on Monday argued in a legal filing that she fired Monegan because he had a "rogue mentality" and was bucking her administration's directives.

"The last straw," her lawyer argued, came when he planned a trip to Washington, D.C., to seek federal funds for an aggressive anti-sexual-violence program. The project, expected to cost from $10 million to $20 million a year for five years, would have been the first of its kind in Alaska, which leads the nation in reported forcible rape. The McCain-Palin campaign echoed the charge in a press release it distributed Monday, concurrent with Palin's legal filing. "Mr. Monegan persisted in planning to make the unauthorized lobbying trip to D.C.," the release stated.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lest We Forget - White Supremicists Take Cues From Palin

This Newsweek sourced Telegraph UK report is about a month old, but unfortunately is still very relevant. With the historic inaugural ceremony of the nation's first black President in a few weeks, we can expect an unprecedented level of security in place, even though President Elect Obama wants it to be a "People's Inauguration." For this we give partial thanks to Bad Sarah. Once she was given a microphone and a national stage, she waged the war of personal attack politics with relish - to the dismay of even her own party. Although she pointedly spoke about her clothes and her interviews after the election, she has never shown remorse for the hatred she whipped up on the campaign trail, or even acknowledged her remarks. It is not enough for people to say, "It was a campaign, a lot of things were said. Let's put it behind us." This type of hate mongering should be put well behind us. Forever. That is done by remembering it, and never allowing BS Palin an opportunity to put hateful lies and insinuations "before us" again. (For original article in full click on "Lest We Forget..." title.)

Sarah Palin blamed by the US Secret Service over death threats against Barack Obama

Sarah Palin's attacks on Barack Obama's patriotism provoked a spike in death threats against the future president, Secret Service agents revealed during the final weeks of the campaign.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Blagojevich and Palin - Birds of A Feather?

I just couldn't help myself this morning when I heard about ol' Blackheart Blagojevich - first thing I ran a quick, innocent search on Google, "Blogojevitch, Palin" basically, and lo and behold, was there something to be found? You Betcha. It seems that Chicago Corruption King Rod Blago has sort of a thing for Palin...or at least he really, really understands her, down just below the surface, where it counts.

He sympathizes with her even. Who cares about partisan politics when big money and power are at stake? Palin is a Lady Governor after Blago's black heart...It seems that he had no problem with her qualifications to be Vice President, and his advice to the Democratic Senator from his own state Mr. Obama was something like, "Don't challenge her on her credentials, (like mine) she's more qualified than you because (like me) she makes a lot of decisions all the day long, while you just toss legislation footballs around with your Senate buddies and yap a lot. Did I mention that I'd like to run for President in 2016?" (What he actually said is "The reality is, governors every day have to make decisions for better or for worse. That's part of the job. It's an executive position. And it's a position that is like what you’re going to do when you're president. Legislators, they do different things. They debate and they pass their bills back and forth," he said.)

But that's not the real juicy gist of the love that could have been 'tween Black Heart Blago and Bad Sar
ah. He really dug the way she traveled in style on the public's dime, dragging her kids with her as she went, and he related very well to her expensive, expansive lifestyle, which required Palin to live outside the state capitol, just like Blagojevitch. Here' s the run down on how Blago deeply understood the inner diva that is BS Palin, and this also gives us a chance to remember the Fiscal Conservative-Not behavior that BS flaunted as Governor of Alaska, back in the good ole days when no one was looking... (Click on the title "Birds of A Feather?" for the original post.)

Blagojevich can feel Palin's pain over travel scrutiny

SPRINGFIELD -- A governor who spends a lot of time away from the Capitol, whose family travels at state expense, who is criticized for not showing up at crucial legislative moments - the scrutiny of the travel and work habits of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin sounds familiar in Illinois, where Gov. Rod Blagojevich has faced similar criticism.

Both the Republican candidate for vice president and Blagojevich, a Democrat, continued living in their homes outside the capital city after being elected to lead their states. And with reports that Palin took expense reimbursements while living at home and flies family members at state expense to events, both have been questioned about how and where they work.

As with Blagojevich, at least one tax expert says Palin's travel reimbursements raise questions about whether the Internal Revenue Service would consider some of them taxable fringe benefits. Blagojevich lives in Chicago, 300 miles from the capital of Springfield, and lawmakers have repeatedly criticized him for not spending enough time here, gathering support for his agenda. Palin, chosen by GOP presidential nominee John McCain in part for her reputation as a reform governor, stayed in her home in Wasilla, just north of Anchorage and 600 miles from the capital in Juneau.

She called the Alaska Legislature into special session recently, but didn't show up, prompting someone at the Capitol to make buttons that read, "Where's Sarah?" Spokeswoman Sharon Leighow said Palin is in Juneau when she needs to be. "Her job as governor of Alaska takes her all across the state," Leighow said. "She travels quite extensively."

So does her family. Newspaper investigations have found the state regularly flies Palin's husband and children to events around Alaska and elsewhere, either on a state-owned turboprop plane or commercial flights. Palin's husband and children have charged the state $43,490 to travel since she was elected in 2006. And the governor has received nearly $17,000 in daily expense reimbursements for 312 nights she spent at home in Wasilla. That's appropriate because her headquarters is Juneau and she was "traveling" outside of the capital and working in her Anchorage office near her home, Leighow said.

Blagojevich has been known to take daily round trips between Springfield and Chicago, working in the Capitol and returning home that night. Aides have said Blagojevich's headquarters is in Chicago, not the capital, so any trip to or from the Windy City is a legitimate business flight, even if he conducts no business while there.

But during an Associated Press analysis of nearly 1,000 state flights last fall, tax experts said that the IRS likely would consider Springfield Blagojevich's headquarters, so if the state pays for him to fly to Chicago and he does no work there, that's a taxable fringe benefit. Blagojevich also has flown his two daughters on state aircraft to events that experts said the IRS likely would consider not business-related and therefore taxable income to their father.

That could be the case for Palin as well, said Bob Kamman, a Phoenix tax attorney whose past work for the IRS included preparing tax returns for U.S. senators. On one trip to New York, Bristol Palin accompanied her mother because she was invited, officials said. But she was not on business and performed no work for Alaskans, Kamman said.

"Her expenses are taxable compensation to her mother, no matter how much lipstick is used to make it look like something else," Kamman said with a reference to lipstick comments that have roiled the presidential campaigns this week.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Palin Mired In Girlie Issues

The real-life headlines about Palin seem to have been lifted from a high school yearbook. The latest, PALIN DIDN'T SNUB OPRAH, follows weeks of headlines about whether TINA FEY WAS MEAN to her, BS's CLOTHING ALLOWANCE AND MAKE-OVER, her THANKSGIVING DINNER PLANS, certain SECRETS SHE'S KEEPING regarding Troopergate, her MOST POPULAR status at Georgia Rallies, and Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski's warning to Sarah Barracuda to KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MY SENATE SEAT, thank you very much.

Are we talking about a serious public servant here or the bitchiest, cutest and most popular girl in the Senior Class?

Friday, December 5, 2008

Bad Sarah! BS Palin's $30,000 "Diet Dr. Pepper"

Poor Sarah. Just can't catch a break. Instead of just being embarrassed about spending $150,000 for 3 months of campaigning as a "jes folks" hockey mom, now the bill has jumped $30,000 more, even though she has insisted time and again, she never "asked" for anything more than a Diet Dr. Pepper once in awhile. Well, the bill for those Dr. Peppers just came in...

Whether BS asked for someone to shop for her at Victoria's Secret or not, those that think Sarah is just a regular gal and a fiscal conservative to boot need to rethink that one PLEASE. In other em-bare-ass-ing revelations, Sarah Palin's own father reported that it was hard for her to account for all the clothes stashed "in the belly of the plane" because "the kids lose their underwear." Look Sarah, you have a megawatt smile, and the folks luv ya. Why not leave behind the mean, unfair world of politics and be what you truly are inside - a beauty queen with the heart of a country signer. That would allow you to wear all the spangles and fancy underwear your heat desired, while touring the country with your family and talking to folks that adore you. Doesn't that sound better, dear? If you'd give up the political circuit for the Nashville circuit, (don't worry, you could air guitar and lip synch, just like you do now) I swear I'll buy your first concert ticket. I could even turn into a fan.

More spending on Palin revealed
Posted: 09:10 PM ET

The Republican National Committee's total fashion bill for Sarah Palin's nine-week stint on the GOP presidential ticket is in: $180,000. That's $30,000 more than the RNC previously disclosed it had spent outfitting and styling the Alaska governor and her family, according to Politico and the RNC's latest filings with the Federal Elections Commission.

The latest filing, which includes the final 3 weeks of the presidential race, shows the committee directed close to $55,000 to Palin's fashion stylist, New York-based Lisa Kline. The RNC also spent close to $24,000 in several high end stores, including Ann Taylor, Bloomingdales, Brooks Brothers, Neiman's, Nordstrom, Macy's, Saks, Target, and Victoria's Secret.

The RNC has said all the clothes purchased will be donated to charity. Meanwhile, the McCain campaign paid a total of $110,000 on Palin's traveling hair and makeup stylists, according to the New York Times and the McCain campaign's latest FEC filing. News surfaced shortly before Election Day that Republicans had shelled out more than $150,00 on Palin and her family in clothing costs — a revelation that posed an unnecessary distraction for the struggling McCain campaign, and undercut Palin's hockey-mom credentials.

UPDATE: Since even this post, the spending reports have topped an additional $165,000 or so over the initial $150,000 reported.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sarah Palin - Thanks But No Thanks!: Sarah Palin Toxic Waste Dumped Billions of Gallons

Sarah Palin - Thanks But No Thanks!: Sarah Palin Toxic Waste Dumped Billions of Gallons

Bad Sarah: The Spend Hard, Spend Big "Fiscal Conservative"

Here is a bit of history to back up some of the information presented in an earlier post on Bad Sarah's ineptitude as the Mayor of Wasillia. She paints herself as a financial conservative, a public official who spends thriftily and works to "root out corruption." BS Palin's rhetoric is so thinly stretched over outright lies that it only takes a hobbyist blogger like me a couple of minutes online to find out the facts. Presented as part of the case that BS Palin is not fit for public office, here are some details about her spending as Mayor of a tiny town - even 8 years later, the town is struggling to pay off the debts she incurred. I'm sure the town will join me in saying, Bad Sarah! (article below was posted during the 2008 election on, click the title "Bad Sarah, the Spend Hard...etc" above to go there or click any of the underlines below for further detailed information.)

As Mayor, ‘Hard-Core Fiscal Conservative’ Sarah Palin Left Wasilla awash in $20 Million In Debt»

The campaign of Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) is presenting his running mate, Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK), as a reformer, fiscal conservative, and “tough minded budget cutter.” Other conservatives have latched onto this image - Phyllis Schlafly calls Palin “the total package” with “fiscal conservative credentials.”

Palin embraces the title, labeling herself a “hard-core fiscal conservative,” whose “agenda was to stop wasteful spending. However, as mayor of Wasilla, AK, Palin “was not always the fiscal watchdog she has since boasted of being.”

During her term in office, Palin cut property taxes and other small taxes on business. But as the Anchorage Daily News points out, “She wasn’t doing this by shrinking government.” During her tenure, the budget of Wasilla (population 5,469 in 2000) “apart from capital projects and debt, rose from $3.9 million in fiscal 1996 to $5.8 million.”

Palin also successfully pushed through a sales tax increase in Wasilla, which went to fund a $15 million sports complex. However, a land dispute over the sight of the complex led to “yea

rs of legal wrangling” and cost Wasilla almost $1.7 million, “a lot more than the roughly $125,000 the city would have paid in 1998 if it had closed a deal to buy the property outright.” Wasilla is still facing budget shortfalls from the case today.

When Palin left office in 2002, Wasilla had “racked up nearly $20 million in long term debt,” or roughly $3,000 of debt per resident.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Hey Doll Face, Who Loves Ya? - Sexism and The Palin Mystique

This post is in response to the current kerfluffle over whether Tina Fey was "mean" and "sexist" when she portrayed Palin during the election, as one TV reporter has charged. Elizabeth Snead's reporting on this and public comments in the LA Times blogosphere can be found by clicking on the title above "Hey Doll Face...etc."

Sarah Palin is a walking, talking, winking joke of a public official. There is no way she would have walked into the bright lights of national politics with her pecadillos, her past and her personality and not been the butt of comedians' humor and late night patter. It comes with the territory, and she practically demands to be spoofed. If not Tina Fey, then another would have done it. Sarah Palin has twice tried to punitively fire people she had power over - and was twice denied. If she ever gets into real power, I would not put it past her to spend a great deal of time and effort trying to get Tina Fey fired somehow - third time is a charm, right?

By the way, it is on record that Tina Fey was at first reluctant to play the part and also not looking to return to Saturday Night Live. She already had a very well established and lucrative career in film and prime time television. This portrayal was successful, but did not "make" Tina Fey's career by any means. It exposed her to a lot more Republicans basically, who probably did not become fans - sour grapes.

Those of you who feel that a doll-like version of Sarah Palin should sail through the political process untouched by satire are in effect, true sexists. Sarah Palin, for all her foibles is by all accounts a confident and radiant person. She has chosen a professional path that is characterized by media scrutiny. Those of you who believe she should get special kid glove treatment in her chosen profession need to re-examine who/what you are supporting. Perhaps you are cheerleading a dream or an idol, rather than a real politician very much involved in the gritty world of real politics.

Sarah Palin is a public official who saddled a small town with millions of dollars of deficit spending which they had not recovered from when she left as Mayor. She is an irresponsible leader whose only public works project - a hockey stadium - was begun on land that was not legally obtained, and was over-budget and mired in legal troubles from the start - another big mess. She is a lady Governor who spun heads with the unprecedented levels of government pork she fed on and she is NOT someone who believes in lean government if you go on her record, not her speeches. Palin is an idealogue who tried (unsuccessfully) to ban books and fire a small town librarian - and the town demanded that the firing be reversed, which it was.

Why does Palin get a free pass as far as answering for these events? I call it "The Palin Mystique". Male politicians don't want to be perceived as beating her up on her record. Also, she can be beaten without having to really go to the mat. Face it folks, Palin really is a lightweight with some incredibly heavy baggage. And I'm not even going to bring up "$150,000PopulistGate" There's too much other important material to cover.

For example, if Palin believes in the tenets of the church she professes to, she believes in teaching young children to fight Muslims through "spiritual warfare". I find this a perversion of spirituality and a disgusting world view. Palin is enough of a politician that she managed to lie her way calmly through her acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention. But she's still quite an amateur - during the campaign she created so many personal enemies in the McCain camp that the phrase "thrown under a bus" has enjoyed a new renaissance in the English language.

Wake up from the "Sarah Palin My Dollface Leader" dream folks. Please.