Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Blagojevich and Palin - Birds of A Feather?

I just couldn't help myself this morning when I heard about ol' Blackheart Blagojevich - first thing I ran a quick, innocent search on Google, "Blogojevitch, Palin" basically, and lo and behold, was there something to be found? You Betcha. It seems that Chicago Corruption King Rod Blago has sort of a thing for Palin...or at least he really, really understands her, down just below the surface, where it counts.

He sympathizes with her even. Who cares about partisan politics when big money and power are at stake? Palin is a Lady Governor after Blago's black heart...It seems that he had no problem with her qualifications to be Vice President, and his advice to the Democratic Senator from his own state Mr. Obama was something like, "Don't challenge her on her credentials, (like mine) she's more qualified than you because (like me) she makes a lot of decisions all the day long, while you just toss legislation footballs around with your Senate buddies and yap a lot. Did I mention that I'd like to run for President in 2016?" (What he actually said is "The reality is, governors every day have to make decisions for better or for worse. That's part of the job. It's an executive position. And it's a position that is like what you’re going to do when you're president. Legislators, they do different things. They debate and they pass their bills back and forth," he said.)

But that's not the real juicy gist of the love that could have been 'tween Black Heart Blago and Bad Sar
ah. He really dug the way she traveled in style on the public's dime, dragging her kids with her as she went, and he related very well to her expensive, expansive lifestyle, which required Palin to live outside the state capitol, just like Blagojevitch. Here' s the run down on how Blago deeply understood the inner diva that is BS Palin, and this also gives us a chance to remember the Fiscal Conservative-Not behavior that BS flaunted as Governor of Alaska, back in the good ole days when no one was looking... (Click on the title "Birds of A Feather?" for the original post.)

Blagojevich can feel Palin's pain over travel scrutiny

SPRINGFIELD -- A governor who spends a lot of time away from the Capitol, whose family travels at state expense, who is criticized for not showing up at crucial legislative moments - the scrutiny of the travel and work habits of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin sounds familiar in Illinois, where Gov. Rod Blagojevich has faced similar criticism.

Both the Republican candidate for vice president and Blagojevich, a Democrat, continued living in their homes outside the capital city after being elected to lead their states. And with reports that Palin took expense reimbursements while living at home and flies family members at state expense to events, both have been questioned about how and where they work.

As with Blagojevich, at least one tax expert says Palin's travel reimbursements raise questions about whether the Internal Revenue Service would consider some of them taxable fringe benefits. Blagojevich lives in Chicago, 300 miles from the capital of Springfield, and lawmakers have repeatedly criticized him for not spending enough time here, gathering support for his agenda. Palin, chosen by GOP presidential nominee John McCain in part for her reputation as a reform governor, stayed in her home in Wasilla, just north of Anchorage and 600 miles from the capital in Juneau.

She called the Alaska Legislature into special session recently, but didn't show up, prompting someone at the Capitol to make buttons that read, "Where's Sarah?" Spokeswoman Sharon Leighow said Palin is in Juneau when she needs to be. "Her job as governor of Alaska takes her all across the state," Leighow said. "She travels quite extensively."

So does her family. Newspaper investigations have found the state regularly flies Palin's husband and children to events around Alaska and elsewhere, either on a state-owned turboprop plane or commercial flights. Palin's husband and children have charged the state $43,490 to travel since she was elected in 2006. And the governor has received nearly $17,000 in daily expense reimbursements for 312 nights she spent at home in Wasilla. That's appropriate because her headquarters is Juneau and she was "traveling" outside of the capital and working in her Anchorage office near her home, Leighow said.

Blagojevich has been known to take daily round trips between Springfield and Chicago, working in the Capitol and returning home that night. Aides have said Blagojevich's headquarters is in Chicago, not the capital, so any trip to or from the Windy City is a legitimate business flight, even if he conducts no business while there.

But during an Associated Press analysis of nearly 1,000 state flights last fall, tax experts said that the IRS likely would consider Springfield Blagojevich's headquarters, so if the state pays for him to fly to Chicago and he does no work there, that's a taxable fringe benefit. Blagojevich also has flown his two daughters on state aircraft to events that experts said the IRS likely would consider not business-related and therefore taxable income to their father.

That could be the case for Palin as well, said Bob Kamman, a Phoenix tax attorney whose past work for the IRS included preparing tax returns for U.S. senators. On one trip to New York, Bristol Palin accompanied her mother because she was invited, officials said. But she was not on business and performed no work for Alaskans, Kamman said.

"Her expenses are taxable compensation to her mother, no matter how much lipstick is used to make it look like something else," Kamman said with a reference to lipstick comments that have roiled the presidential campaigns this week.

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Kathryn said...

I live in Illinois. Old Rod. Sheesh. Whaddya gonna do. I swear, we are running out of cells for our ex-governors. I liked this thread. Nobody seems to understand what this nitwit and his wife (who really needs an investigation of her own) are like! Thank you!

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