Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Red Monster Self-Cannibalizes On Palin

The "Country of Africa" story and the nasty backstage GOP infighting that spawned it is an embarrassment for the Repubs and the media outlets concerned. Except O'Reilly, who isn't fazed in the least, as it was from one of his legitmate McCain campaign sources, and of course he doesn't really understand embarrassment anyway. The whole ugly episode is a glimpse into the wrecked soul of the malevolent Red Monster ravenous for denied power.

Once again, while the media reports that Palin's ignorance regarding Africa was a media hoax, the same report mentions that Fox reporter Carl Cameron (who broke the story on O'Reilly) did NOT get the same information from the hoaxers. In fact, FOX news reporter Carl Cameron and O'Reilly NEVER RETRACTED THE STORY even when all other media outlets did. This is O'Reilly we are talking about. Under ordinary circumstances he would have ranted for days and weeks about how unfair everybody was to the poor Republican, talked on and on about liberal media bias, etc , etc...

But the truth is there were some sore and angry Republican players after the election was lost, and many of them were especially angry with/at Palin. And O'Reilly was more than happy to broadcast a story that he received from a legitimate source from within the McCain campaign.

Notice the last line in this report from today's Huff Post ~

Filmmakers Behind Fake McCain Adviser Discuss Tricking The Media (VIDEO)
Huffington Post | Nicholas Graham | November 30, 2008 12:27 PM

">Dan Mirvish and Eitan Gorlin appeared on CNN's Reliable Sources to discuss how they tricked the media by creating a fake McCain adviser named Martin Eisenstadt. The duo were able to fool such reputable news organizations as The New York Times, The New Republic, and, most famously, MSNBC, whose anchor David Schuster reported live on air that Martin Eisenstadt had been identified as the McCain adviser who leaked that Sarah Palin was unaware Africa is a continent. Schuster quickly retracted the report. (Fox News' Carl Cameron was the first to report on the Palin-Africa story, and he has said that his source was not the phony Eisenstadt.)

FOX not retract or vilify a story that insults a top Republican candidate and party member?

A logical conclusion to draw is that subsequently calling this damaging story a "hoax" was a carefully planned cover up - ordered at the highest ranks because the whole fracas made the party look really really bad - "Fix it!" somebody yelled (Rove, Cheney?) and somebody had to figure out how. Check out today's Doonesbury and you'll see the strip talking about being "thrown under the bus" if you are in the position that Palin was in - a political surrogate who gaffed, bucked the handlers and went "rogue".

End Result: Either it was true that Palin was this ignorant, and one of Palin's handlers loathed her so much they leaked it to reliable crony O'Reilly (I tend towards this view), or someone inside McCain's camp (handler, McCain himself) loathed her so much that they leaked it to destroy/insult Palin and take some type of revenge on her. Perhaps it was done to show her that if she didn't toe the line, she could be "unmade" as quickly as she was "made." Either way, the leak DID happen and the "hoax" is a hoax.

Some people might say who cares about this latest chapter in "The Palin Reality Show," but I think it has importance. First of all it is actually possible to believe that the Republican's 2008 VP candidate could be that uneducated - this is a permanent stain on the face of the GOP. For that fact alone, the story is important. Secondly, it illustrates the unprecedented level of internal dissension in the party, and third it is a textbook example of the kind of despicable politics they toss off like lawn tennis.

It's as though the Red Monster suddenly ran out of it's usual prey post-election, and turned on itself to feed.

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